Answer Me 1997 on tvN’s Taxi

A bazillion thoughts are running through my head right now as I both dread and eagerly anticipate the finale of our collective spazzmaniasdfhjkl@#$%^&*, aka Answer Me 1997.  There are 15 hours and 18 minutes left before the last episode airs.  No, I’m not counting down.  What gave you that idea?

We got a request last week asking us to translate a clip from an episode of tvN’s talk show Taxi, featuring Seo In-guk as a guest.  (The episode, #248, aired on July 19).  Things have been a little busy on our end, hence the delay, but I figured it was most fitting to send off this darling of a show with as much madness as possible.  So, if you haven’t re-watched the Episode 16 Preview for the 30th time yet, I advise you do so now.  Oh, and you may wanna catch Yoon Yoon-jae on SNL.

A brief foreword, if you will: The two hosts are Gong Hyung-jin (the man driving the taxi in the pink-striped shirt) and Lee Young-ja (the lady in the passenger seat in the green-striped shirt).  Seo In-guk is the main guest, but they stopped to pick up Eun Ji-won on their way to Seo In-guk’s favorite restaurant/bar.

I’ll use people’s initials instead of writing out their full names each time (e.g., LYJ for Lee Young-ja).

For captions (that are added by the producers, not what the people actually said), I’ll use double square brackets [[xxx]].

Okee dokes, here we goooo!

Credit: 19880218TT

LYJ: Seo In-guk’s costar is Pink Day?

GHJ: It’s A Pink.

EJW: Oh my gawsh, the atmosphere(!!!) isn’t not even funny.  [[Ji-won looks like he has something to say]]

GHJ: What is it this time?

EJW: Ah… these kids… really… [asks SIG] Is it okay if this airs?

*Cuts to the scene in Episode 1 where Yoon-jae asked Shi-won whether he should/n’t date Yoo-jung.

[[In the story Yoon-jae (In-guk) and Shi-won (Eun-ji) are childhood friends.  But Yoon-jae has unrequitedly loved Shi-won for 18 years.  “Only Tony” Shi-won’s heart also flutters for Yoon-jae.  What will happen to the two people’s love line?]]

*Back to the taxi

EJW: In the story, a love line forms between SIG and JEJ.

GHJ: In the story?

EJW: Yeah.  But I think it’s forming in reality, too.

SIG: What are you saying?!  [[becomes serious/his face changes]]

[[SIG, JEJ’s Love X-File]]

LYJ: Don’t kid around.  This is real?  For real?

EJW: Yeah, for real.  I’ve lived for 35 years [[35-year-old Level 9 Noonchi Master EJW – it means he’s fast on the uptake]]… And the atmosphere is…  [[He can understand the mood/atmosphere because he’s Noonchi Level 9]] They work so well together (aka they match together really well aka they have incredible chemistry).  We all do Ka-Talk together (short for Kakao Talk, a texting/video-chatting/everything app that everyone uses in Korea).  In-guk left a voice message on it.

GHJ: What (did he leave)?  Where?

EJW: On the group room.  ‘What is this?’ I thought.  And so I opened it.  “I love you, Eun-ji-yah!  I said I love you!  I love you, Eun-ji-yah!”  I got so annoyed, I left the (Ka-Talk) room.

GHJ: You should send that to the individual!  Why’d you put that in the group room?

[[That message… was it an ardent confession to her?]]

EJW: Eun-ji, too, has something for In-guk.  For example, “Eun-ji-yah, are you okay?” he’ll (SIG) ask, and he’ll hold her hand like this.  Then Eun-ji turns RED, all the way from her neck on up.  She can’t even meet his eyes.

GHJ: What are girls normally like?  Even if it’s a fellow colleague, do they –

LYJ: I don’t turn red because a person touches me.

GHJ: Hahaaha.  Then what?  What?  What has to touch you to make you turn red?

LYJ: Grilled (charcoaled) beef.  (LOLOL  Lee Young-ja’s known for loving to eat.)

EJW: Explain it (make excuses) or something.  What is this?

[[Explain it or admit it!]]

SIG: No, ah, this is –

LYJ: Don’t try to make a lengthy explanation.  What is it?  Are you gonna explain yourself or…?

*As SIG ‘beats up’ EJW [[In-guk, who’s been put in an awkward/uncomfortable situation]]

SIG: Ah, the thing is…

GHJ: SIG-sshi, I’ll ask you point-blank.  As a man, do you have feelings for her?

SIG: Reaaally, truthfully, I didn’t in the beginning.  But right now, there’s a little bit of something.  [[In-guk, who was so truthful]]

[[The woman Eun-ji…  The man In-guk…  Can the love line within the drama really become reality…]]

SIG: But, the thing is, I don’t know how Eun-ji-sshi feels.  [[He’s hesitant because he doesn’t know how she feels]]

GHJ: Try calling her.

LYJ: With Eun-ji-sshi.  [[It finally leads to a phone call]]

SIG: Me?  You want me to really try?

EJW: You know her number?

SIG: Of course I know it.  You don’t know it?

EJW: No, I don’t know it.

SIG: What should I say?

GHJ: Tell her you finished (the Taxi) filming early and want to know if she has time to meet up.

SIG: [[flustered]] Things are progressing towards me liking her…

[[What will be the conclusion of this love line?]]

JEJ: Hello?

SIG: Eun-ji-yah~

JEJ: Yeah?

SIG: What’s up?  (aka What are you doing?)  [[An affectionate, everyday conversation]]

JEJ: Me?  Right now?  The studio.

SIG:  You’re working in the studio?

JEJ: *giggles*  Yeah.

SIG: [[The setup begins]]  I’m all done filming…  I wanted to see you if you’re not busy.

JEJ: Right now?

SIG: Yeah.

JEJ:  I can’t right now.  I can’t because I’m bare-faced (make-up free).

SIG: You can’t because you’re bare-faced?

JEJ: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.  (No, no, no.)

[[SIG: embarrassed  //  EJW: tell her to come here]]

JEJ: Why are you acting like this?  (Out of character, unlike his normal self)

SIG: Okay, then.  [[He tries to just hang up]]

JEJ: Okay~

LYJ: Just a second!  Just a second!  Just a second!  Just a second!  Hahahaha!  We’re not done filmiiing~~  [[SIG: dies of embarrassment]]  We’re still on the taxi.  Ji-won Oppa’s here, too.  Just a sec!

EJW: Eun-ji-yah, hi!  You don’t wanna see me?

JEJ: Hahaha, I want to see you.  I want to see you!  (The way she said it, it means I don’t want to see In-guk but I do want to see you.)

SIG & EJW: Yah! (Hey!)

EJW: Why do you want to see me?!  Eun-ji is interested (in In-guk), too, right now.  She said she doesn’t want to show herself (to In-guk) because she’s bare-faced, but she says she wants to show me.  [[Noonchi Level 9 EJW’s sharp analysis.]]  It’s because she doesn’t have any feelings for me.

[[Is it perhaps her desire to only show her pretty side?]]

LYJ: Eun-ji-sshi!  SIG-sshi said he thinks he has feelings for you beyond that for a colleague.  EJW said you have feelings, too.  He said that when SIG-sshi talks to you or something, you turn reeed.

JEJ: Ah, no, the thing is In-guk Oppa will suddenly hold my hand or put his hand on my shoulder.  What girl wouldn’t turn red?

LYJ: Do you really have absolutely no feelings above or beyond that for a colleague?  Any feelings?

JEJ: [[immediately]] Yes.

SIG: Yaaah~!!

LYJ: What is your ideal type?  It’s not SIG-sshi?

JEJ: [[again immediately]] Yes.  (Yes to the question aka No, SIG is not my ideal type.)

LYJ: Then what about the Ka-Talk message?  Did you hear the “I love you, Eun-ji-yah”?

JEJ: Yes, I heard it before.

LYJ: How did you feel?

JEJ: It feels totally super burdensome (uncomfortable)!  [[It’s completely panic mode inside the taxi]]

LYJ: Are you afraid that there might be a scandal?

SIG: My heart really hurts.  [[A hyung’s warm comfort/consolation]]

*JEJ keeps talking to LYJ in the background, saying she’d like SIG to now refrain from saying he loves her

LYJ: Ah, refrain?  [[EJW is dying of laughter]] Oh, okay.  Eun-ji-sshi, we understand.

GHJ: Anyway, Eun-ji-sshi, thank you so much.  We’ll look forward to Answer Me 1997.

JEJ: Thank you!

LYJ: A pink,fighting!  1997 fighting!

SIG: Eun-ji-yah, I love you!

LYJ: She asked that you refrain yourself.

EJW: Just put in a caption saying, “Imaginary Pregnancy.”  (LOLOL – his way of saying the whole feelings thing was imaginary on his part)

LYJ: SIG-sshi’s heart is like this tunnel right now.  (daaaark LOLOL)

GHJ: SIG-sshi, Eun-ji is so resolute.

SIG: This is so funny.  This is really funny.

GHJ: [[you just got dumped/rejected]]  What’s so funny?!!  But this is real honesty.  It’s meo-sshis-suh (cool?  This one’s a hard word to translate, though it’s used aaaall the time).  You can have a wonderful relationship…


The end!  Hope y’all enjoyed the little clip! ^^  SIG used such a sweet tone with Eun-ji when he called her – so different from what they usually use with each other!  Hmmm, I wonder woooonder what’s in the Wonder Baaaall~~~  Oh my gawsh, I can’t believe I just sang that song.  Way to date myself.

Anyhoo, there are now only 13 hours before the finale begiiiinsss~~~  As whitecarrot said five whopping days ago: The countdown begins!

17 responses to “Answer Me 1997 on tvN’s Taxi

  1. AHHH thanks soooo much for subbing this!!! I was dying not knowing what they were saying!!! Haha but i feel like maybe EJ’s answer could have been different if they didn’t call her on a program? Cuz hell if anyone asked me when they were broadcasting on television, I would have flat out denied anything and everything. Well, then again, he is 7 years older than her in real life. I guess I’ll just have to leave my YJ & SW spazzing to just AM1997 sadly. Oh well.

    • i totes agree — defs feel like eun-ji would’ve given the same response even if she did have feelings for him, just bc it’s on tv~~ xD she’s still young right now, so i say we give ’em a few more years — maybe we’ll hear good news down the road!!! 😀 😀 😀 eeee!

  2. cuuutttteee! I really love this couple! Thanks for subbing! I really want to watch this whole episode with subs but can’t find any, I’ve been waiting for TVN Asia to air it but with no luck. Hope you have any
    recomendations where I can find it. I’m a really big fan of Reply 1997. 😀 I love your blog btw. Reply 1997 brought me here!

    • hi, enzyzai, welcome to our spazz fest!! 😀 i haven’t seen a fully subbed vid anywhere 😦 but if i do find one, i’ll defs let you know! 🙂
      thanks for joining us heeeere! 😀 looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the finale tomorrow! 😀

  3. ,am not really into the real life shipping business. The only ones I had shipped I think was Andy and Solbi from their WGM days.. Anyways, camping here to wait for this finale recap… 🙂

    • ohmygawsh, i LOVED andy and solbi!!!!! i was so mad when he said that he started developing feelings for her and so he began treating her like a younger sister x___x i miss the old wgm couples~ now you’ve made me all nostalgic, oozzeee!!! ^^
      thanks for all your support — this 1997 business has seriously taken us by storm! the recap will be up as quickly as humanly possible! ^^

  4. wow!!i totally lol’d when I watched this part in the interview!thanks so much for the subtitle.. it doubled my laugh as I udnerstood what they are saying!haha ^___________^
    btw, i hope someone will give us a link where we can watch the entire TvN Taxi interview of In Gook with subtitles.. i’m really looking hard for this but ca;t find any in youtube..T_T i even asked our office’s IT manager to find me a link..haha

  5. It’s been a while since the AM1997 fever – but I wasn’t on that bandwagon till a lot later on (aka NOW) so I loved the vid and subs 🙂 I love you and sajkhcklajsdkfjgs SIG is the cutest little hamster ever :3

    • weeeelcome to the Patch, tanaya14!!! 😀 😀 😀 it’s never EVER too late to fall in love with this GEM of a cutie drama! ^^ sososo glad you joined us here! welcome again to the family, and we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

    • welcome to the Patch, ori!!! 😀
      gah, i just keel over every time i think of what could have happened if reel had gone real… 😉
      hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  6. I’m kinda late, I know. Ha! I just finished watching the reply 1997 yesterday. It’s my new all-time favorite! It’s surpassed Nobuta Wo Produce which was my top 1 for 8 years haha! And because of Reply 1997, I now love SIG more than evah! He’s so talented! And so is Eun Ji!

    I don’t know if it’s because she was on TV and flustered so she rejected him coldly or simply because it’s the truth (during that time). And I have to agree, I don’t understand Korean, but I noticed his tone really changed while talking to Eun Ji on the phone. He’s so cute! I love it! XD

    it’s almost 4 years? since the drama, but I’m still Reply 1997 high (coz I just finished watching it yesterday haha!). And I think I am going to for a long long while. heart heart heart

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