9 responses to “Why do we love Yoon Yoon-jae?

  1. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! hahahahahaa oh my gawsh, i could NOT stop laughing throughout the entire SNL ep!! love it love it love it! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. haha!! I soooo love this scene! I have only watched the raw one but I never stopped laughing at the scenes and spazzing towards Seo In Gook!! He was really good here! I have already bookmarked the subbed one and I’ll definitely watch it later this evening! This really made my day!! fighting Seo In Gook a.k.a Yoon Yoon Jae!~ ❀ ❀ ❀

    Because I have watched the entire 15episodes, I have scoured youtube and found the behind the scenes footage.. I'll drool for tha while waiting for Ep16..

    Thanks a lot pinkblossom and whitecarrot for this super awesome video!! ^____^

    • You’re welcome. Please feel free to share some good videos too! I YouTube seo in guk and Jung Eun ji regularly now . Haha

      • oh, i’ll definitely will whitecarrot! but sadly the behind the scenes videos i found have no audio..dang!! but i’ll scour up youtube for some more videos..haha ^_^

  3. I freaking loved the spoof. I was marathoning protect the boss and it totally kept my complete attention for a good half hour once it hit my twitter feed as i searched and searched for some sort of translation. Though raw i caught the gist with the curry, pad and kiss scene, with this air of confidence. I blurted at high pitch to my sister he’s trying to come off as a playboy rule book pfft. Once i read it i was close lmao

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