Answer Me 1997: Thoughts on Episode 15


Gonna be honest. This week was not the same as last week. I would say episodes 13 and 14 were really the climax in the drama for me. But we all know we are glad the Tae-woong ordeal is over with. I’m forsure that Yoon-jae is the baby daddy now. No doubt at all.

Actually I do want to analyze that episode 16 preview. I think it will be largely fan service, since the main conflicts have been resolved (i.e. Yoon-jae/Shi-won/Tae-woong wannabe-love-triangle). However, I will be thankful for the fanservice. It will be so hard to say goodbye to this drama! I do agree with YCHASE007’s comment though. I think the scenes with Shi-won beating Yoon-jae up is because she’s was not prepared for the next step in the relationship aka S-E-X. I think we got a little prelude to this when Shi-won rejects Yoon-jae’s request for “coffee” in episode 15. It’s obvious Yoon-jae ready for more advanced business. But I’m glad Shi-won is taking things slow, I think . Although, if it were me, I would invite Yoon-jae up to my room myself (if you know what I’m saying). Of course, I’m sure we will witness that special moment when she’s finally ready (the kiss scene in episode 16 preview). Yes, I know it’s all conjecture, but this is the most logical scenario to me.

Ok, now please allow me to fangirl for a moment. I LOVE THAT YOON-JAE WAS THE ONE WHO CAME TO SHI-WON’S WORK RESCUE! Sorry, caps were totally necessary. I love how PDA he is with her, even in front of her work friends. He’s actually always been physical with Shi-won all through high school but seeing them in adult life and he being a judge, it is just too precious. I’m just swooning at having a boyfriend like Yoon-jae.

Anyway, I do love how the plot pulled the two parallel stories of brotherhood.  I think this is what 1997 does so well. They show that familial conflicts happen in any decade. Shi-won’s grandpa and granduncle’s was really touching. Oh, but I kind of missed Sung-jae in this episode. Need more funny moments!!!

But one last thought, right at the very end when Tae-woong sent that sorry text, I was really touched. But I don’t know if it was the timing of the background music, Yoon-jae’s heaving sobs totally cracked me up. This makes me sound heartless, huh? I do appreciate that Yoon-jae was finally able to tell Tae-woong his true feelings about Shi-won over the phone. His crying was probably his release at having bottled so much in for so long. It says a lot that his reaction was even more extreme than his those from his confession to Shi-won. But somehow the hysterical sobs just didn’t do it for me. I also wished Shi-won would go comfort him a little, even though she was shocked as well…

Either way, 6 more days. The countdown begins!



Close friends no longer trust my sad-meter.  I cry.  A lot.  Over everything.  So they don’t even bother asking me anymore if a movie or show is a tear-jerker, since they already know the answer (or at least my answer).  But Episode 15 really was a tear-jerker of an episode.  Really!  My sad-meter’s not being biased!  Well, perhaps it is, but for seriously, Episode 15 – or at least the last portion of it – was truly worthy of the precious and prized ‘Pinkblossom Tears Award’.  I said before that this show hits every one of my sweet spots, but the biggest asset of 1997 is neither nostalgia nor friendship nor even romance.  (Horrors – I actually value something over romance!)  What truly endears 1997 to me is family – whether it is defined by blood or by love.  The Sung family always brings a smile to my face.  Papa and Mama Sung + Tae-woong and Yoon-jae always warm my heart.  Tae-woong and Yoon-jae made me cry this week.  Or, Tae-woong did.

I love me my Yoon Yoon-jae quite a lotsa lots – just in case you didn’t notice.  But my heart could never quite push out Tae-woong to let Yoon-jae have full reign.  Part of it miiight have something to do with my tragic attachment to second male leads who are never to experience the sweet joy of requited love.  But aside from this malady that causes me much heartbreak and pain, I loved Tae-woong because of his sweetness and his love for his younger brother.  I always got the feeling that he loved Yoon-jae more than Yoon-jae did Tae-woong.  After the ‘rescue’ scene in Episode 11, I mentioned in our Episodes 11-12 Thoughts that I felt Yoon-jae’s first priority was Shi-won, but Tae-woong’s was Yoon-jae (and may always be).  That truth was unequivocally demonstrated this week.  I said in the recap and I’ll say it again: I give major props to Tae-woong for his little speech to Yoon-jae about fighting for Shi-won.  His desire for a proper face-off was in no ways selfish or unjustified.  He is just as entitled to a chance to win a woman’s heart as is Yoon-jae.  Even if events hadn’t unfolded as they did, I would not have held a grudge against Tae-woong, because he was honest and upfront about his intentions and desires.  Yes, some may find it ‘selfish’ since Yoon-jae immediately yielded to his brother.  Shouldn’t Tae-woong do the same?  No, he doesn’t have to.  Yoon-jae didn’t have to either.  In fact, though Yoon-jae ‘gave up’, he confessed to Shi-won (as he should have earlier) and that was the catalyst for their eventual meeting of hearts.

But back to Tae-woong.  Since this was really his episode.  Tae-woong made a fair statement and I was on board.  But when push came to shove, his love for Yoon-jae eclipsed his love for Shi-won.  I don’t know how much Shi-won’s apparent feelings factored into Tae-woong’s final decision, but the ultimate and underlying reason for giving up his love for Shi-won was his greater love for Yoon-jae.  And that’s what will forever make Tae-woong the owner of a piece of my heart.  Bros before hoes.  Seriously.  But this is even sweeter because it’s not loyalty but love that moves Tae-woong.

Even before the phone conversation between the brothers, even before his awesome speech, Tae-woong had made his decision and set everything up.  He told Shi-won (the night before) where to meet ‘him’ and he gave the blind date address to Yoon-jae.  Why, then, did he give that speech about not giving up Shi-won?  As my consultant whitestone said (yes, I have a consultant wannabe ^^ hee!), it’s because those were Tae-woong’s honest feelings.  As a man, as a person, he cannot give her up.  But as a hyung, he freely yielded that which he held most dear.  What he could not do as a man, he was able to do as a hyung.  He gave up Seoul National University to stay in Busan and teach high school – so he could raise Yoon-jae.  He gave up a lucrative career and donated all his wealth – so Yoon-jae wouldn’t be affected by any possible scandals involving his (Tae-woong’s) business.  (There are often scandals where business is involved, whether it be about bribery, lobbying, money laundering, etc.  If someone is involved in such a scandal, even if it’s a false accusation, the whole family is implicated/dragged through the mud – it’s just an aspect of Korean culture.  A federal judge being dragged through scandal is pretty much tantamount to the end of his career.)  He gave up his love – so Yoon-jae could be happy.  Aaugh, I just can’t say enough about it, so I’ll just say no more.  ’Cuz that makes lots of logical sense.

As for our OTP, they were absolutely adorable.  Seriously for seriously.  Eeee!  I love that Yoon-jae is starting to take possession of the relationship – he’s the one eager to tell the world that he’s Shi-won’s boyfriend, he’s the one asking her for a smooch.  He’s even spouting the “M” word bachelors avoid like the plague.  But Shi-won still holds the reins – or wears the pants, whichever idiom you prefer – and that’s what makes their relationship so cute.  He really is quite powerless where she’s concerned, and I love that the Iceman (aah, memories of Top Gun) is reduced to a puddle of goo in front of Shi-won.  But at the same time, Shi-won, too, is becoming increasingly feminine with Yoon-jae, even shy at times.  They’re both changing one another in ways they probably don’t even know, and I absolutely love it!  Most importantly, these two will treasure each other even more in the days to come, because they know at what cost their love came to be.

As for the others: Hak-chan is really stepping it up big time with each passing day, and I couldn’t be happier for this couple.  Yoo-jung deserves all this and more, and I can’t wait to see more of their happy times together.  Joon-hee, oh Joon-hee.  I don’t even know what to say, other than that he truly is a precious friend to everyone, but especially to Yoon-jae and Shi-won.  And I love that they treasure him just as much.  As for Sung-jae, I totes forgot about him ’til jports mentioned him!  Oops!  But he had a really good episode last week, so he can take a break.  Heheheheee.  I’m looking forward to hearing his incessant chatter next week, though!

Speaking of next week, it’s so hard to believe we’ve only got an episode left before we have to say goodbye to this precious gem of a show…  I hate this part of watching dramas!  It’s defs gonna be bittersweet to let these characters go, but I’m so happy to have had them find their way into my life this year.  And, of course, I’m so happy all of you have joined us here at Carrotblossom Patch to make this an unforgettable experience.  It wouldn’t have been the same without you all. 😀



28 responses to “Answer Me 1997: Thoughts on Episode 15

  1. you two are awesome!! I just recently found this blog of yours, and am so happy that mwah is not the only one who is soooooooo spazzing with this drama..A precious gem among all the dramas I’ve both are awesome and your comments are insightful and entertaining at the same time..keep up the good work you guys..and thank u for the recaps as well.. this person hoping the last ep will be daebak and blow us out of our minds..can’t wait for tues..kyaaaahh! ^_^

    • Totally agree. 1997 is really precious. but it has totally spoiled all dramas for me. I’ve never seen anything at this caliber. Thanks for joining us! hopefully we will still have decent dramas to talk about after 1997.

  2. such a great review… I just love every blog that you posted especially for 1997… Thanks to both of you, for the recaps and reviews … you two are AWESOME.. keep up the good work… mwah

    • And I don’t know how you two manage to do it but you echoed all the thoughts I had about this episode except of course, in a much more eloquent way than I could ever do.

  3. I soooo love this review! It’ so straight to the point!haha Thank for your insights! really DO HOPE/WISH that it would be Yoonjae and Shiwon till the end!! aaaaaccckkk can’t wait for how many more days!! im dying here already.. TT_TT

  4. @pinkblossom: No one ever explained the meaning of “bros before hoes” in such a moving way hahaha. But seriously, this episode was so moving and sad and sweet at the same time… Hope the last episode continues with the awesomeness…
    Thank you both (pinkblossom & whitecarrot) for sharing your thoughts and for the fast recaps.

    • Thank you for joining us! Pinkblossom definitely explained the meaning beautifully. She is always the more emotionally-in-tune/eloquent half of carrotblossom. 🙂

    • lolol bros before hoes was never presented so epically before, either hahahahaa!! & whitecarrot’s defs the better half of this madhouse! 😀

  5. Agree with you whitecarrot!! Answer Me has spoiled all dramas for me too! I normally watch 2-3 dramas at one time. I am a Lee Min Ho lover, but I stopped watching Faith all together and just watches previous episodes of Answer Me 1997 while waiting for the new one, LOL!! Oh yeah, and I search Youtube for videos of Seo In Guk too, hahaha! I’m now a fan!!

    Answer Me is SOOOOOO heartwarming, fast paced, no boring moments, really. And the characters? Oh, all of them are just so lovable! And I mean ALL of them, including the support characters.

    Lastly, yeah, I wondered why Shi Won didn’t approached and hugged Yoon Jae too while he was crying his heart out. That would have made the scene perfect 🙂

    • I think Shiwon was just as shocked at Yoonjae being there then TW. We have to recognize that she was preparing herself since the night before on how to break it to a dear friend, that six years of waiting was just not going to hack it… The man she has loved all this time is back and is willing to start anew. So within seconds YJ walks in and basically balls his eyes out without saying a word. I can definitely understand the moment of awkwardness, of recollect – what’s going on and what do i do in this situation.

    • welcome to the fold, Grace! i’ve been re-watching all the episodes, too, as i get myself ready for the finale… ^^ happy spazzing in a few hours! 😀

  6. First time commenting . . . Although I’ve been very grateful for all the recaps and thoughts.

    Don’t know if anyone else got this, but I didn’t really think Taewong’s speech about not giving up Shiwon at face value. I actually took Taewong’s speech in the coffee shop as more of a learning moment for Yoon Jae. I thought that he had already set up Shiwon and Yoon Jae to meet at the restaurant so had already decided to give up for his brother. After all he ends with reminding Yoon Jae not to forget about the dinner with the daughter of the one he values most (ie. Papa Sung).

    He was, with his speech, trying to get Yoon Jae to acknowledge that he shouldn’t have given up on Shiwon all those years ago. Once again the older brother teaching the younger that there are somethings that you fight for and what he should be saying.

    Which made the scene in the restaurant especially sad for me because it meant that Yoon Jae recognized finally, paralleling the story about the Grandpa and Grand Uncle. While he had been upset and mad at his brother all those years for having Shiwon and being so much better than him, his brother was truely sorry and loved him unconditionally.

    Not sure if I interpreted that right since it took the second watching to put all the pieces together.

    • Initially TW didn’t want to give up SW but at some time of the transit of the day when he finally texted the address to YJ he had already made his decision to give up. Because the way the episode is set up out shows TW setting up the”date” prior to him finding our in the staircase the truth. Obviously he had to wrangle with his own emotions and weigh his options before making this decision for the greater good. I like that realistic approach then noble idiocy on the part of TW.

    • hi hi hi, violeta! thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts — i can defs see the coffee shop epicness being a learning/teaching moment! all of these different povs and insights are what make this whole thing somuch fun 🙂 thanks again and welcome to our crazy home! 😀

  7. I wanted to re-watched all episodes this weekend BUT the app I used – PPS stopped my region from watching this show. I regretted not downloading the episodes and now I am awfully upset!! Where can can watch the last episode? Can anyone help me? I am able to read both Chinese and English. Please help me.

  8. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts about the episodes!! I always love reading these lol. Btw, are you maybe thinking of recapping Rascal Sons, Seo In Guk’s new drama? pretty please, with a cherry on top? Well haha thanks anyway! 🙂

    • i am for SURE gonna be watching rascal sons, since nearly every single actor/actress are my favoritestestest evers! lolol but for seriously, i am super excited to see a lot of my favs — at the least, i’ll be weighing in after the debut this weekend! 🙂

  9. I’m dying to say something about the ring. ~ can’t believe I’m writtin this in office lunch time….ha..ha..this drama has succesfully turn me back into fangirling.

    Maybe the rings ARE a couple ring. The one tha YJ gave to SW is the pair of what TW gave to SW. TW probably didn’t have time to buy a new one, so YJ gave his ring to TW. So it is fate….. (and TW might figure this out too ~ after the stairs incident).

    Aaah…. now back to work again *laugh.

    • feeding drama addictions during breaks ftw! ^^ i am SO looking forward to a verrrry good explanation about the rings in the finale!!! welcome to our madhouse, reveriepooh! 😀

  10. have i mentioned that due to my boredom over the weekends (and since i can’t re-watch AM19997 due to audio problem in my bro’s laptop) i just resorted to re-reading all recaps/reviews from epsidoe 1-15..haha ❤ ❤ ❤
    this is the first time i did this during my entire drama addiction..

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