Answer Me 1997: Ep 16 Preview [UPDATE]


Shi-won: [not quite clear what she’s saying, but it sounds like “I’m not doing(?) ___” or “It’s not ___”.  Not too important — main point is that she’s grabbing his hair and screaming at him as he says:]

Yoon-jae: What?  Why?!  What’d I do wrong?!?  I’m gonna report this to the police!  [His protests blend from the previous scene to this one]

Shi-won: I’M the one who wants to report you to the police!

Yoon-jae: Gashina, are you kidding me right now?  [Could also be interpreted as: Are you joking?  OR  Are you serious?]

Joon-hee: It’s because I don’t really know my heart (how I feel).  Let me first sort things out…  Bye…

Sung-jae: Wow, they always say that first loves never come true…




서로를 바라볼 수 있게 된 시원(정은지)과 윤제(서인국). 그러나 행복도 잠시, 남들 다하는 평범한 연애도 쉽지만은 않는데…

드디어 2012년, 동창회에서 시원의 남편이 공개된다.

Shi-won and Yoon-jae are finally together (the literal translation is: they are now able to look at one another).  But happiness is temporary/fleeting – it isn’t so easy having the ordinary relationship everyone else enjoys…

Finally, 2012:  Shi-won’s husband is revealed at the reunion.





36 responses to “Answer Me 1997: Ep 16 Preview [UPDATE]

  1. I love that the title is definitely refering to Yoonjae & Joonhee relationship – and I think that Yoonjae & Shiwon are fighting/discussing having “sex”. Being prepared heart, mind and body =)

    • the way they showed the pic of yoon-jae & joon-hee at the end makes me feel that way, too, but i don’t know if sung-jae would have found out… (unless he found out in ep 15, which i haven’t seen yet?) but anyhoo, the way sung-jae said the last line, syntax/grammar dictates he’ll fully say: “wow, they always said it wouldn’t happen, but it happened!” OR “wow, they always said it wouldn’t happen, and it really didn’t”… ARGH IT’S KILLING ME!!!

      • Since its Sung-jae making the statement wasn’t he into that girl in the colatech, who at the reunion is Married? – Couldn’t he just be saying that… I mean it is a voice over. Nothing to worry about lol

    • Yeah, I combed through the video like the obsessive school girl that I turn into with this show and its like he’s wearing different clothes in each shot. But that he slept over, he slept over – because that is her apartment and he is shirtless and shes wearing pj’s. — if they did consummate (doubt) their relationship, there is no way in HELL she would be with TW.

  2. the first thing Siwon said was: 내가 안 만진다고!! (I’m not gonna touch you!!). So Yoon Jae probably persuaded Siwon that he won’t touch her in order to sleep over at her place. Not surprisingly he probably did. We found that Sug Jae is not biggest fan of Hak Chan’s video. It was Yoon Jae. Which I completely understand since he had to hold onto his first love for how many years? He needed a way to let his stress and frustration out.

    • haahhah! Yoon jae is the biggest fan of Hak Chan’s videos! I never thought about it that way. It totally makes sense how he got through 6 years and no girlfriend. ahhahah

  3. AHHHHH that kiss o///////o >.<
    Seo In Guk just looks mighhhhty fine in that suite.
    And yeah, I think that they're talking about Joon Hee at the last line. I've thought that way since I first heard the title of the episode, and in the preview they even like pan over the picture of JH and YJ, which cemented my suspicions. And yeah, by now, I feel like any doubts that we had that it wasn't YJ can be compleeetely disregarded. I mean, they kiss in the last episode. They're not gonna pull a stunt to change the whole frickin main lead in the last episode. But still, even after I know who the daddy for sure, I still can't freaking about this show!! Arghhh its killing me!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    btw, thanks so much for posting the english translation!! 😀

  4. am guessing that TW’s wife is the one giving birth..and that papa ang mama sung are present becoz he-TW is their son too…TW is their family as well…on ep 14 last scene-the phone call with papa sung talking to his son-in-law, he mentioned that he has two sons-one’s a judge and the other a pres candidate, so am not surprised that they are as restless becuz they’re gonna be grannies to TW’s son…no??!! thanks for the recap btw…staying way past midnight reading this is all worth it. can’t wait for next tues.. ^_^

  5. haha, you can see that she’s wearing their couple ring in the first scene. so they probably fight alot even after marriage! XD

  6. guys, have you noticed in the first scene in the preview (where Shi Won was grabbing the hair of Yoon Je), she’s wearing a ring! Maybe, it’s their couple ring already? or am i just delussional? he he he.

      • hi, breadcrumbs! welcome to the fold — you may regret setting foot into this crazy spazz fest we’ve got goin’ on here! ^^ don’t worry about deleting your post — your input is just as welcome as anyone else’s, even if it’s an observation someone’s already made 😀 if you reaaaally don’t want it up, though, i’d be happy to delete it for you, but you don’t need to feel the need to do so 🙂 let me know! 🙂 thanks for joining us here! 😀

        • thanks, pinkblossom! if that’s the case, then you can keep it. he he he.

          i have been a silent lurker of your blog. i always check it multiple times daily. your insights and recaps have been helpful to us who are addicted to this drama. though it’s sad that it’s ending next week. : (

          yj & sw, ftw!!! : )

          • Hi! Can I join your group that spazzes over this drama coz ive been spazzing for the last few weeks already!!haha
            anyway, i was given a link for the screencap of this ep16 preview and it showed there a “shiny” thing on the yoonjae’s ring finger (just squint to see it well ^_^) as well as the ring you’re talking about on the first part of the preview..haha

            here you go!! ^__^


  7. IF you see the preview for episoIF you see the preview for episode 16,honestly i see some new lights for joonhee and yoongjae, i mean episode 14 was as we all know the end of joonhee first loved. BUt here two episode later we are shown again, ON THE LAST EPISODE lol. And plus what sungjae said :first love never last, at the end, it would be weird if it were directed at joonhee since none of them even know joonhee liked yoonjae. Even if they did, joonhee love was not just ”first love” but something far more pur and complex well as yoongjae is just pure ”first love” since childhood, i mean teh story has so many twist and it looks like next episode is going be centered around joonhee and yoongjae and come on it the alst episode. DIRECTOR! lol u already ended joonhee love at episode 14 why make it more heartbreaking ! UNless a twist yoonjae x joonhee??? (being delusional lol)

  8. ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! xD I love how you marked “say”, hehehe. FIRST LOVE ALWAYS COME TRUE!!! Lol. xD

    Anyway, you should also totally spazz this video, kkekke:

    This is a PERFECT summer. Watching dramas isn’t complete without spazzing with people around the world~ Hehehe. Thank you so much for writing~~!!! 😀

  9. I’m thinking maybe the order that the preview is shown is not necessarily the order that it will be televised. Maybe the scene where Joon-hee talks about sorting things will come out earlier since his leaving the same apartment as Yoon-jae’s will happen on the weekend after the heartbreaking scene at the restaurant where Yoon-jae weeps in 2005 in episode 15. (Sometimes I have to check myself on what year the scene happens because I get totally confused on the back and forth time jumps.) I guess I’m just trying to justify that scene regarding first loves. And then everything else shown in the preview comes after that weekend. When Shi-won freaks out I think maybe (like someone already said) she does so because she finds out she gets pregnant. I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed for a great ending.

  10. “Shi-won and Yoon-jae are finally together…But happiness is temporary/fleeting”. Me: WHAT??????!!!
    I really hope they mean that Shi-won and Yoon-jae realize they have to actually work to maintain their relationship, otherwise I will be soooo disappointed (and when I’m disappointed I become very aggressive, so just be aware writers, producers, PD, etc…)

  11. hmmm…when yunjae said are u kidding me,i think that was when he was flirting with siwon to get to sleep over at her house and the scene where yunjae was half naked was the after effect and siwon can’t believe they finally did it and she freaked out saying she will report him to the polie hahaha!And with the hair grabbing i think maybe she was pregnant then,,u know pregrant women can be crazy like that. About the first love thingy, i thing JH finally get to settle his feelings with Yunjae that’s why all their friends now know that he was his first love….

    • wow! I love how you analyzed the 30second preview for episode 16! i totally lurve your analysis! i do hope it would turn out just like what you have just said.. by the way there was a screencap in which you might see something shiny in yoonjae’s ring finger.. maybe he’s wearing their couple ring already just like what shiwon’s wearing in the first part..
      here’s the site by the way..

      i love reading all comments here (and might I say… I visit a lot of sites just to satisfy my craving for AM1997.. sigh Tuesday, what’s taking you soooo long?? TT_TT

  12. Have you guys given any thought to Hak Chan and Yoo Jung? Maybe the first love comment was made for them? After all, something must have happened, for them to be getting married in 2012 and not before? Maybe they broke up again and then got together when they met after sometime for YJ-SW’s wedding?

  13. What is up with the written preview… silly attempt to confuse the audience. This girl right here >>>Not falling for it<<< Yes, a relationship is never easy but that doesn't mean they are going to break up! Especially after getting over their biggest hurdle "Mr. TW, accordingly!" It's time for them to acclimate to one another and get into relationship swing. That includes all the minor and major stuff like mentioning to their parents their intentions, letting everyone around them know they are in a relationship (which by preview, I think having it in your face for Joonhee, is whats going to make it difficult per say) and of course when to go the next step (i.e. sex) – we all know their timing is horrible lol. I predict EP 16 will be chockfull of fan service – and I am so excited that its Thursday – only five more sleeps to my favorite SHOW!

  14. had been scouring the internet, looking for a site like this 😀 have been following silently. But i can’t contain it no more!!! i cannot wait to watch the last episode (well… i can’t but i’m so happy to find this site/blog)

    i’m sooo sooo glad that you post super fast !!! one way to feed my addiction~ this drama has gotten me hooked since the beginning!!! :’)

    and if YJ and SW dont end up together (which i dont think is even possible; they MUST be together) i might set the station on fire or something… 😛 seriously~

    (and i dont know how many times i’ve read your recaps while waiting for the following episode) 😀

  15. “Sung-jae: Wow, they always say that first loves never come true…”

    The finale episode will prove to its viewers that…”First Loves do come true…” And that saying fits Yoonjae for Shiwon. : )

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