Sweet Sweet Bodyguard: Taiwan Daily

Again a little thing I follow during this 1997 fever. This is the SETTV Daily that followed Ti Amo Chocolate. Again I’m not that big of a fan of dailies, but these show just has some sweet parts I like to watch. I fast forward through most of the 1 hour episodes that come on each day Monday-Friday.

Plot Summary: Zhen Ai Jia (Summer Meng) is hired as the bodyguard to a CEO He Zhong Qi (Alien Huang…better know as Xiao Gui). (Sidenote: Yah, Taiwanese people give themselves the strangest English names…) Raised up in by her military father since her mother died young, Ai Jia is all about responsibility, loyalty, and honor. She doesn’t know how to be feminine or how to attract a man. She  never had a boyfriend and desperately yearns to fall in love.

Thoughts: This drama doesn’t take much thought. It’s pretty ridiculous at times, you know, the typical unrealistic-ness. The grandma is the driving force for Zhong Qi to let loose and be himself (he’s a lead singer in an underground band secretly). She really is what keeps Ai Jia and Zhong Qi together, as she is a big supporter of Ai Jia. Summer Meng is a relative new comer to acting, and you can tell, since shes pretty stiff (although I guess since she is a military daughter, stiffness if a requirement). I’ve always liked Xiao Gui for some unexplainable reason. He’s a good talk show host, but as an actor, he’s ok. More natura than summer , but his character is not that riveting. This drama is good for passing time but not anything more. Also I doubt there would be English subs for this one since it should be a lot of episodes, maybe upwards of 50? So far they’re on episode 29 and the couple haven’t gotten together, so they’re probably halfway through. But I do enjoy the main couple’s interaction, especially Zhong Qi realizing that Ai Jia is really important to him. This parts just cute. Some of the other side characters are pretty cool as well. Like Ai Jia’s best girlfriend, the money loving Du Cai Jie. There is also the older Zheng Ya Lun, whom Cai Jie was spying on for part-time income. They end up dating and that parts pretty hilarious. They’re picture is below. The little boy is Ya Lun’s son. Totally adorable. But just thought I would share something to pass the time until Tuesday. 🙂


11 responses to “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard: Taiwan Daily

  1. Love it but agree that the length would shy one away from watching. The last one i saw was Don’t Hesitate and i marathoned it through Viki lol so good but damn 98 episodes – that was a long weekend

      • Another good long story to marathon is Loving you a thousand times on Viko as well. 55 episodes with a working premise of a woman who acts as a surrogate for this couple but the husband doesn’t know until he finds the wide with the fake baby bump and the kid was already delivered. Time passes and the surrogate mother ends up with the brother of the family she helped out and its some crazy goodness lol

        Dailies & TW dramas, I can wait till they are almost completed to marathon. If it hooks me in the first four eps we are good to go.

        • ohmygawsh, YCHASE007, you and i would never get out of the house if we lived together — dailies and weekend dramas ftw!!! hahahahahaaahaa! i LOVED the otp in “don’t hesitate” and for seriously wanted to bash everybody in with “loving you a thousand times” — particularly lee shi-young’s character. >__< you should totes hop on over to "an angel's choice" and "can't live without you" though the latter isn't quiiite ready for a good marathon lolol

          • Lmao… My sister begs me to put on cable and stop running offs the wifi. America tv had me so jaded, they are to quick push sex and not a story.

  2. @YCHASE007 don’t know why i cant respond to your last comment. but I totally agree with you about too much sex on american tv. I hate that the shows are kind of endless because there must be a next season. and everyone ends up sleeping with each other (for example, One Tree Hill/Gossip Girls). There’s just no romance and jumps to sex. seriously no decent story at all.

    • Its hilarious… I’m out at the nightclub with my girls but I’m actively responding to blog post lol i love it… Any who yes i, think the Last sitcom i watched was Greys Anatomy, it was great until it never seemed to end. I like… No i enjoy having a beginning, a middle and an end, God willing asap lol. I have always been a short story type of chick, so too much hoopla drives me nuts, especially if they treat the audience like they are developmentally delayed.

  3. i kno this is kinda late, but where can i watch this with subs? i’ve tried everywhere i kno and its a no go….
    on a completely different note, ur recaps/reviews are a great help in choosing what to watch ^^
    thx, and keep up the good work ^^

    • I don’t think you’ll be able to find subs unfortunately. Theres a lot of episodes and not enough crazy fans to sub. 😦 but theres still a lot of great taiwan dramas you should check out that are shorter!

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