Answer Me 1997: Thoughts on Episodes 13-14


These two episodes were just too good. Shi-won and Yoon-jae. This couple is just undeniably perfect in every way. As pinkblossom puts it, Shi-won is truly Yoon-jae’s master. She just hits that spot in his heart every time. These scenes just speed up my heart beat and make me go 120% fangirl moment! I just LOVE Yoon-jae’s reaction each time.

1. Shi-won calls him out on his fake girlfriend, when they meet for the 1st time in 6 years. His face is priceless when she calls Joon-hee. And later, he goes nuts and gets mad at Joon-hee. Did you see the fit he threw after he realized he outed himself? LOL

2. Shi-won asking him if he likes her. Then confessing to him. He looks like he can’t breathe. Pulling over to the side. And the voice-over just puts me over the edge. His frustration at his own hesitation.

3. The Kiss. No explanation necessary. Perfect in every way.

But most of all, I think we forget how good the other characters are because we get drawn in by the main couple so much. It hasn’t been often where I watched a drama that have such a strong ensemble of secondary actors/actresses and plot line/character growth for each of them. I mean remember that drama called Big? And how NONE of the secondary characters matured or even did anything useful? Yah. Answer Me 1997 is so good in this aspect. See examples below. (Yes I love numbered lists. It’s easier for me to read.)

1. Yoo-jung. You really blew me away with your acting. When father passes away, Yoo-jung tells her friends to value their time with their parents. That crying was so genuine, so touching. I felt a little guilty I’m not nicer to my parents.

2. Hak-chan. When you climbed onto that bus, I felt like the story was complete. You were a MAN. Then Yoo-jung bursting into tears. Another unforgettable moment. You were there for her.

3. Sung-jae. Often in this drama, I forget you’re there. I don’t like talkative guys. But like pinkblossom said, you’ve got a heart of gold. I respect you. You really helped that halmoni out. I was touched.

4. Joon-hee. You have the biggest heart of anyone ever in drama land. Your strength and maturity is much needed in this drama! My heart can’t break anymore for you than it already has. I hope you will find someone who is completely and totally as amazing as you are.

But one gripe I do have is Tae-woong. I just can’t get that such a successful mature man will wait around for Shi-won, the high-schooler then college-girl for SIX YEARS. It makes sense for Yoon-jae cause they grew up together, and that he obsessed about her for a good long time before that. But Tae-woong, you’re the oppa (not the lover oppa) but the guy/teacher that watched Shi-won grow up. Like you probably helped change her diapers, dude. This is kind of weird don’t you think? I mean you are seriously the nicest guy ever, and I don’t dislike you. But are you a straight hot-blooded male? Tons of hot girls be throwing themselves at you, and you like Shi-won? The girl who straight-up rejected you? I don’t know how to explain my disbelief in this part of the story. But I guess this is a drama…and there must be some unrealistic parts…

Anyway, these 2 episodes really made me uber-happy. I am looking forward to more Yoon-jae and Shi-won couple moments. Particularly them telling Shi-won’s parents that they are together. I wonder how that conversation will go! Please episode 15, 16 be good to me. I don’t want to cry in a corner because of a bad ending. Thank you! Omg I’ve talked too much. Will shut up now…



Wow.  *pinch myself*  Wow.  *pinch myself again*  Whitecarrot, I think you need to come over here and pinch me.  Preferably where I didn’t just pinch myself twice – it kinda hurts.  Come again, whitecarrot?  You don’t know what I’m saying ’cause no sound is coming out of my mouth?  Oh.  Maybe all that screaming at the computer screen did in my voice.  And the additional screaming as I hit ‘rewind’ twenty bajillion times at the end of Episode 14.  Can’t forget the ‘rewatch’ on the Youtube clips you so kindly provided.  Yeah, maybe my voice will come back in a week or so.  Just in time for another spazz session for Episode 15.

Since I can’t scream and shout at – or perhaps with? – y’all, I’ll just stick to words on paper.  Or a computer screen.  Same difference.  Aaanyway, Episodes 13 and 14.  I’ve said this already, but this show is driving me CRAZY.  ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.  Answer Me 1997 was originally introduced/promoted as a sitcom, which kinda corrrnfused me.  Sitcoms don’t usually follow the path this show has taken.  But the more I watch this show, the more I see why it may indeed be a sitcom.  It’s definitely muuuch more than the usual sitcom – American or Korean – but at its core, Answer Me 1997 is a situation comedy portraying the lives of a group of friends.  This show has ‘drama’ in spades: you can’t get any more dramatic than every single character pining for their first love, than star-crossed lovers doomed (well, hoping for not doomed!!) by the ties of family, than enduring the pains of separation and maturation.  But this show also has ‘comedy’ down to an art, and it was so beautifully done this week.  We had quite a bit of tears and heartbreak in these two episodes, enough to rival the agony of separations last week.  But each time, there was a touch of whimsy or a well-turned phrase to lighten the sadness pervading the Answer Me 1997 world.  And for that, I elevate this show to more than mere entertainment.  It’s more than fluff used to pass my time.

Many were worried about the time jump, for a variety of reasons, and nearly all were supremely satisfied with how that six-year jump was handled and executed.  Yes, the characters have the same hairstyles.  Yes, they don’t look a day older than when they went off to college.  But the writers and directors used accents, attire, and, most importantly, attitudes to clearly differentiate these adults from the teens we came to love the first 12 episodes.  You could palpably feel the changes time had wrought on the group of friends.  And perhaps those changes were what made it all the sweeter when Yoon-jae was so easily “reset” to his ’90s self.  Seriously?  I just died watching this man-child.  He is SO whipped, it’s not even funny.

As I mentioned after Episode 12, the separation and 6 years finally gave Shi-won the opportunity, if you will, to come to terms with her feelings and pursue Yoon-jae.  He is still so desperately in love with Shi-won, but he made a conscious and determined effort to rebuff her overtures, which was refreshing and, even, needed.  Shi-won can’t just passively ‘fall into’ a relationship with Yoon-jae as she did with Tae-woong.  Tae-woong declared his feelings, Shi-won liked him well enough as an older brother figure, and so she went along for the ride.  It wasn’t until the rude(?) awakening, courtesy of Yoon-jae, that Shi-won realized what was going on.  So this time, if she chooses to love Yoon-jae, she needs to be sure of it – and I think Yoon-jae both needs and deserves actions/words clearly declaring her unequivocal desire to be in a relationship with him.

As for Tae-woong, I was a bit surprised that he was still waiting for Shi-won to come back to him.  He did tell Yoon-jae that he was serious about Shi-won, but I didn’t think the feelings ran deep enough for him to wait six years.  Six years is a long time to further develop feelings, and if they were repressed (which they were), they’re probably even stronger than before.  It does set us up for a nice conflict next week, when both brothers go head-to-head, and for once I’m not too worried about this brothers/relatives-fighting-over-the-same-girl ploy.  It’s kinda outdated – sooo early 2000s with Lovers in Paris and Goong being popular examples – but this whole show is about earlier times, so *shrug* I say we continue with the theme. 🙂  I still think Joo-yeon is gonna end up as Tae-woong’s wife, but you just never know with dramas, especially sitcoms.  Ugh, Highkick 2 still gives me rashes.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with Episodes 13-14.  Yoon-jae + Shi-won made me swooooon like the airheaded trio before Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, but I console myself with reassurances that Yoon-jae is much more worthy of swooning than Gaston ever was or will be.  And though all the love lines were spazz-worthy, I think my 2 favorite moments were (1) Papa Sung lighting into Shi-won and Yoon-jae after discovering the cigs; and (2) Sung-jae and the Granny.  So.  Sweet.

Answer Me 1997, you are more than welcome to my voice.  I just need it back next Tuesday, please.



41 responses to “Answer Me 1997: Thoughts on Episodes 13-14

  1. “I mean you are seriously the nicest guy ever, and I don’t dislike you. But are you a straight hot-blooded male? Tons of hot girls be throwing themselves at you, and you like Shi-won?”
    hahahaaa ohmygawsh, whitecarrot, you make me tickle ^^

    • pinkblossom, why are you so eloquent? this is totally becoming our personal conversation…hahaha. but love the lovers in paris and goong reference. angsty love triangles!

      • i ain’t no eloquent! <– see that?! hahahahaa i say we just keep this conversation going. heeee! for seriously, remember that time period when EVERY drama EVER was about brothers/cousins/whoever loving the same girl?! and that craziness had to compete with lovers finding out they were siblings. oh, kdramas, y'all are just wooonderful. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Loving the POV’s… Yes the Dr introduction was super cute and think that she’s TW better half, he just needs to get over a pesky one-sided obsession.. This story thus far has been a great ride with all the right mechanics to keep us invested through all the hoops.

    My belief after such a great kiss & declaration scene. Shiwom & Yoonjae are in it to win it.

    • “pesky” is soooo the right word. yeah, YCHASE007!! 😀 😀 😀 and yeeees, if those smooches and confessions are all for naught — oh my gawsh, there will be no tomorrow. i guarantee it. ;D

      • Yes. All of us on the Bungle live recap feed are to the point that if this does not meet expectation, we are booking it to Seoul and organizing a million man march — the cheaper option is to go viral on twitter with a snazzy catch phrase lol

  3. Oooh here I am again. What this show done to me. I’ve been watching k dramas for nearly five years now and I’ve been swooning and gushing for a lot of shows but this one is love meter wise soooo high above the rest. I go crazy all because of it. You guys/ girls put all my thoughts about this show in here. Thank you so much!!!!
    I freaking love yoon jae and shi won and al the other characters even Tae won although I don’t want him to be with shi won and I can’t understand well that’s wrong I do understand his point of position even after all these years but I don’t want to understand it. I’ll just blissfully going to ignore it. I want him to find his own happiness with the doctor or someone else as long as its not shi won.
    It’s so cute that yoon jae is just like a perfect guy with no faults at first sight and then he’s all over his head when it comes to shi won. She just pushes the right buttons to turn him into this helpless guy and it’s sooooo cute. I was laughing so hard when he said he’s got a girlfriend and she just called joon hee and waited to see his reaction to it and he really fell into this trap to take the girlfriend back. Haha so funny and his reactions were priceless both in front of shi won and later joon hee.
    And the porn part had me laughing again as he went from this assured guy into panic mode literally in seconds. Hee
    But the best thing was the conversation on the stairs and the kiss that followed. Swoooooooooooon
    My boy joon hee is just a great friend I really wish I’d have in real life. Love him to pieces!
    I’m so glad I found this site, thanks for being just as crazy bout this drama/sitcom as I am.

    • thank YOU for spazzing with us! as i always say, it just ain’t as fun by your lonesome self ^^ i lovelovelove your love meter! mine’s gotten kinda dulled by all the dramas i’ve seen over the years, but it woke up bc of this one!! 😀 and YESSS i totally DIIIED when he went from cool/nonchalant to begging in a matter of seconds bc of his naughty laptop. hahahahahaaaa!!

      • Yeah the naughty laptop…heeee Gosh I can’t even stop thinking about this show when I’m at work, I have to look for news on my phone for it…I think I’ve never been that addicted before, which is so strange, because there are so many dramas I loved when I saw them, but when I think about how often I post or comment on this site and on soompi..I’ve never done that actually. Of course occasionally I left a comment on my favorite blogs but I can count these comments by hand…and this is what I mean, this show makes me do these things!!!! 🙂 I so love it, adore it and oh wholeheartedly embrace all the craziness it makes me do…sigh
        I’m all in for the heartbreak when it ends and there are no new episodes to feed my addiction…so sad…it could go on forever… I could watch this cast and the series going on for years…lalala

        • ohmygawsh, don’t talk about the eeeend! it’s the hardest part of watching any drama — i would love for korean shows to have a million bajillion seasons like american shows, but i prefer the cohesiveness of a miniseries… aaack! i’m gonna have major withdrawals with this one T_T i’m sooo with you on the the crazy antics this show is making me perform — it’s all i think of all day long! xD hahaha!! 😀

  4. Hi, I join y’all with this obsession! I am soooo crazy and addicted. I lurve your blog and your ‘from the heart’ writing and thots. I am not good at writing but you all have said what I am feeling. 🙂
    @whitecarrot, I was following Rich Man, Poor Woman and Miss Rose just like you until I ‘found’ Answer me 1997 last week. But now I can’t even watch ep9 RMPW or ep6 MR. I have no interest at all! Now I just read and search every single thing about this drama, the song Just for You is on repeat all the time. Much as I want and feel that YJ and SW will be together I am still so anxious. 😦


    • hi, simplesim!! thank you so much for joining us in our collective madhouse!! 😀 ^^ 😀 everyone has room for improvement with respect to writing skills, so don’t ever think you’re “not good” — just keep writing writing writing! 😀 😀 😀 pssst! it’s a lot more fun if you write about things you like! hehehehe!

  5. So excited for the next eps. I have watched the kiss scene so many times hehe. not to mention apparently on their filming of GO SHOW they seemed really close to each other… it is my secret wish to have them date in real life like Queen In Hyun’s man. ahhhh Yoon Jae and Shi Won you are driving us crazy.

    • Well prior to show airing Mr. Seo in Guk was featured in a little ditty that’s almost like a taxi cab confession lol he said he liked Ms Pink darling lead singer so they called her on the line and she just ended up bitching him out for doing something stupid. At first it was written off as promotion for the show. But in hindsight looking at the earlier episodes that were already in the can prior to “confession” how this young actor could have been blurring the lines between work and reality. Heres Hoping o_O

    • i feel like such a voyeur replaying their confessions + kisses, but *sigh* what can we do~ hahahaha!! they seem uber comfortable with each other, and i still think seo in-guk might have a crush on eun-ji but she doesn’t seem to replicate T_T someone needs to find a love potion stat!

  6. yeah thanks so much for your recapss ^^….and just copy your sentence : “Please episode 15, 16 be good to me. I don’t want to cry in a corner because of a bad ending.” i hope it would be a happy ending )i mean yoon jae+shiwon)

  7. I kind of agree with you about Taewoong. I have pretty much been on the defence with him to others whilst trying to understand him but I don’t know 2005 Taewoong is definitely harder to like that 1997 Taewoong.

    I tried to put it down to need; rather needing to be needed by someone. Yoon Jae is all grown up and suddenly Taewoong is feeling as though he isn’t anyone’s guardian anymore WHICH he had been for such a long time. Even with Shiwon, he’s been there for her, a guiding light, encouraging her to be more than even she ever hoped for. AND I do understand why he loves her so much, since his first love was a type of ‘protector/guardian’ or oppa role too. He likes looking out for Shiwon which is why I think that her saviour at work might indeed be him. Sometimes we just liked to be needed; something essential in another person’s life.

    Also, speaking as an ahjumma, someone who put her family first and love life last so that now in my mid-thirties when myself watching way too many noona romances. It isn’t that I find myself attracted to younger guys, on the contrary, I prefer my men much older than even myself, but it is about wanting that first love, with someone who is feeling it for the first time too. Someone who won’t have certain expectations of experience because of my age. It is about seeing the person past their shell; an affinity of the souls.

    BUT (spoiler) That ‘I won’t give up the woman I love for you,’ line really threw me. It kind of came out of left-field and I didn’t expect it of Taewoong at all. Still, I have never doubted that Shiwon and Yoon Jae wouldn’t get together which was cemented as concrete for me after Shiwon’s confession. Now what is left for me is seeing how the situation is resolved so that they are all ‘happy families’ as seen in 2012.

    • Love your interpretation of tae-woong. There’s a gaping hole in his heart he’s desperately trying to fill, huh? And he’s mistakenly thinking its Shiwon

      • Yeah, as much as I love Taewoong and empathize with him, I just can not comprehend how he thinks he would ever ‘persuade’ Shiwon into being with him when she has finally realized to whom her heart belongs. Sure, I could even understand how he feels that he can’t betray his feelings by giving up so easily BUT what can he, or will he say to her when she tells him she loves Yoon Jae? It just seems beyond my understanding. There is also this niggling thought at the back of mind about his future in politics and something noted in Vampire Prosecutor that people readily give their hearts to politicians because they provide the popular opinion that they crave. Maybe Shiwom might be persuaded towards something ‘reassuring’ or even ‘self-sacrificing’ afterall?

        Still, as I said, I have never doubted that they wouldn’t end up together mainly because TvN always, just always gets their OTP together. I am just curious to see how they all end up being happy together in the aftermath of this complexity.

        • ohmygawsh, no politician potions, tae-woong! don’t dooo it!! i can’t see shi-won being the type to settle, especially considering how much she’s grown. she’s not the passive type of heroine, so i’m hoping she continues to act upon her newly found understanding of herself. i just worry that tae-woong will pull a standard 2nd lead fiasco — i want to keep him in my “love you” category T_T
          as for tvn, they’ve been pretty good about their otp’s, but the original “i need romance” did NOT go over well with me xD

          • Argh, don’t remind me about INR1 AND I can’t say I was happy with the ending of INR2 either.

            I really do love Taewoong, since I have a kind of affinity with him but I find myself his recent actions a little puzzling. I think for me, it is like when Shiwon asked Yoon Jae if they could still be friends after his confession; she was trying to hold on to something comforting in her life AND I think that is what Taewoong is doing now too.

            Still, that is just my own interpretation and I know that for many people it is easier to cast Taewoong as the villain of this piece but people are of many shades and colours and I think one thing that AM1997 has done well is create depth of characterizations so that just like in real life, you really don’t know how they will act or react because they live and breathe beyond the surface of their skin.

            Let’s just say, I am confident, I will get the ending I want BUT I still have butterflies in my stomach.

        • In my case that “niggling thought “ that you mention comes not so much from the behavior of any of the characters in the last episodes, but from the nostalgic atmosphere of the show itself. Somehow I’m afraid this drama will end up with a life lesson along the lines of “yes it was wonderful while it lasted, then it was painful, but all of those experiences made me the person I am today”. And yunno, if that’s the case then Yoon-Jae and Shi-won don’t have to end up together necessarily.
          Still, I’m a little comforted by the fact that no OTP means a lot of angry fans, and I don’t think the writers would take that risk right? RIGHT????

          • I get what you are saying, as someone else said, ‘is this a story about first loves OR final loves?’ I agree, this production hasn’t missed one beat with me and in truth, they have earned my trust that no matter how it ends, it will be done right, by which I mean that it will make sense; there won’t be sickly sentiments or melo drama.

            I have always been about the journey more than that destination so around episode 12 before Shiwon’s confession, I really didn’t mind who Shi won ends up with just as long as they did it right. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see Shiwon’s development unfolded so that finally her and Yoon Jae had a moment together where they were in the same place in their lives. Now that has happened, I am rooting for Yoon Jae and Shiwon.

            As you stately correctly, this production is more real life than reel life so heart breaking as it might be, the ending could be about bravery rather than love; not just for the characters but the viewers too. As I said TvN has a good record for getting their OTP’s together and they know their target audience and their desires. However, maybe the writers envisioned something different all along.

            In that case, my best advice to you, is that of gratefulness. Let us just be grateful that no one dies. As long as no one dies then I am happy. I would rather that everyone lives and they all find a way to remain friends than a mishmash where the OTP gets together with a death along the way and many questions left unanswered.

          • @a little faith:
            You expressed beautifully: “…this production is more real life than reel life so heart breaking as it might be, the ending could be about bravery rather than love”. I couldn’t have said it better myself…
            And I agree with you, I guess if the ending is done right I’ll be satisfied. But still, I’m rooting for our OTP…

          • Agreed. Let us be brave before and after. Though disappointment is a possibility so is happiness and it is that happiness that is worth risking our hearts over. So let us be brave, both in real and reel life. : )

  8. Even if Shiwon could be persuaded. Which I highly doubt – the show has prepared precedence to the point of obvious. Can we truly fight with what see in front of our eyes. Even though Mr. TW was a contender did they allow us as an audience to fall in love & root for their story. NOPE. There is nothing that they can do in one episode that would allow a game changer – even if YJ cheated on her – she would still not go TW because she has been shown/depicted as someone that is completely invested in her own emotions – even if people call her crazy. (Seriously the things she did for Tony were beyond comprehension). Though Mr. TW can do his last ditch efforts to feel that he had done his all… The fact of the matter is that in six years she didn’t develop romantic inclination (ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH) it ain’t going to happen overnight – EVEN WITH with the worst case scenario game changer (its not logical). The production has kept us entertained, with fun, cute and a common sense approach – I doubt they will go off the rails now. This train is pulling into YJ & SW as the endgame and they are doing a beautiful job in doing so.

      • I understand that when you fall in love with something, emotions run high. HOWEVER, there is an etiquette to disagreement.

        @whitecarrot. I really love your website, it is beautifully done and I truly wish you much success and prosperity. God bless you and I am indebted for the good thoughts I have had here.
        @YCHASE007. I wish you too, much success, to paraphrase Dr Seuss, I hope that life keeps you awake because it is better than your dreams.

  9. regarding taewoong, he loved siwon, for whatever reason he has, and i felt like he already know that siwon didn’t share the same feeling from the very beginning so he decided to wait. he still wait because he probably think siwon is just being immature. he thought once she matured, she’d love him back thus he waited for six years as her “daddy long legs”. that’s just my thought, but i think him thinking about siwon like that is what i kinda dislike about him. and is it just me who think yoonjae is much more mature than him? idk why but i felt like that. taewoong’s love is too innocent, too blunt, too child-like… so despite him being perfect and such, i couldn’t help but to dislike him a bit. and it’s not just because he’s a threat to my otp… well, sorta. anyway, personally i don’t like that young doctor, and her acting made me cringe so much, but she looked compatible with taewoong so i hope both ended well ^^

  10. No other show has ever driven me more crazy than this show…This show has created a new trend amongst viewers. I can’t believe how much buzz this drama is because of the way the story was written. I have never seen this much fans speculate about how this drama is going to end. Seriously! I spent a 2 hour car ride with my friend just talking about the show itself and who SW’s husband is.

  11. whilst im suffering from sever withdrawal, does anyone where there is subs for the GO show ep that has eunji and seo in guk in it?

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