Answer Me 1997: Episode 14

Episodes 13+14 hit a series ratings high with 3.7% average and 4.7% peak rating.  Yaay for lots of love for this special show.

As we did last week, whitecarrot and I will share our thoughts on these episodes in a separate post.  Thanks for all your patience and for sharing this special journey with us.


Episode 14: “The Heart Orders One to Love”

Sung-jae is busy at work, despite it being so early in the morning, and it looks like he’s been visiting/checking in on the grandma we met in Episode 13.  Awwww, you big ol’ softy.  Hak-chan and Yoo-jung drop by on their way to a hiking date to ask for directions.  These two are so lovey-dovey it’s almost – aaaalmost – nauseating.  Hahahaaha.

Tae-woong the workaholic can’t let go of the reins, even in a hospital bed.  Joon-hee chides him and expertly sticks him with a drip, much to Tae-woong’s surprise.  “What would you have done if you’d attended the Air Force Academy?” Tae-woong jokes.  Joon-hee’s response is laden with emotion: “I should have gone.  If I had, I would have put things in order sooner.”  The term he uses here for ‘put things in order’ is often used when someone breaks up or whatnot and puts their heart/emotions ‘in order’.  Joon-hee explains that the surgery shouldn’t take too long and marvels that Tae-woong really must be a VVIP – their department head is performing the surgery himself!  (Oh, Koreans, you and your VVVVVIP’s.)

Yoon-jae sits in his clunker, recalling all the times he hung out with Joon-hee.  He now sees everything in a different light…  Shi-won calls him but he doesn’t pick up.

Yoo-jung and Hak-chan enjoy a beauuuutifully scenic date.  Hak-chan keeps offering different things to Yoo-jung, all of which she declines.  He finally works up the nerve to ask, “Did you miss me?  I missed you.  I missed you a lot.  I’m sorry I’m so late.  It took me a while to graduate because I’m so dumb.  If I want to appear before you in style, I needed to have a diploma, at least.  I was late because I was getting my diploma.  I’m not going anywhere anymore.  Even if we’re selling boong-eo-bbang (fish-shaped pastries) together, I’m going to be at your side.  I love you.”

Eeee, so cute!  Yoo-jung asks him to say it again, and he bashfully looks anywhere but at her as he says, “I love you.”  She grins and asks him to say it again, this time looking at her.  He lets loose an adorable smile and says with confidence, “I love you.”  Eee!

Tae-woong is at it again, reading some kind of fat textbook, and he drops his pen while twirling it.  He gets down to retrieve it… when a lady clad in a white gown walks into the room.  She plops down on the sofa and rolls off her tights, then passes gas for good measure.  Stretching herself out on the sofa, she turns her head – and sees Tae-woong staring right back at her.  Hahaha aaaaawkward.  He assumes she’s a tired resident and offers his room, stepping outside.  She just looks bemused.

Yoon-jae talks on the phone with Sung-jae, telling him to be careful about spilling the beans to Yoo-jung – she thinks her porn-loving Hak-chan is as innocent as an angel.  Ha!  Yoon-jae says his “stuff” is a Russian series, safe from prying eyes thanks to his password.  But guess who overheard the phone conversation?  Yoon-jae’s master  Shi-won, of course!  He’s shocked to see her in his office and she blithely tells him she bribed the secretary with 10 autographs from singer Bi (Rain) and 2 tickets to Yoon Do-hyun’s Love Letter.  Hahahaahaa!

Yoon-jae tries to kick her out, telling her he’s too busy to play with her.  But when she coughs, he grudgingly asks whether she’s taken any medicine.  Hee!  Shi-won turns to Yoon-jae’s laptop, asking if the Russian Unni’s are in here, and Yoon-jae jumps out of his chair, yelling for her to stop.  He sees that he’s logged out and breathes a sigh of relief.  But Shi-won promptly types in the correct password and Yoon-jae desperately offers to buy her dinner.  Oh my gawsh, these two just crack.  Me.  Up.  Yoon-jae is absolutely powerless where Shi-won is concerned.

He asks how she knew his password and she answers that he’s so obvious.  It’s his parents’ memorial date.  Awww.

Tae-woong is prepped for the surgery and tells the hospital staff that he’ll gladly give a lecture to the interns and residents.  His world comes crashing down when he learns that he won’t be lying on his tummy for the surgery, but quite the opposite, rather.  Ha!  And then, his surgeon walks in: the woman he’d mistaken for a resident earlier in the day.  Sooo cute how Tae-woong just dies of embarrassment.  Joon-hee suggests the Chair of Truth – it should be quiet and empty this time of the night.  Heee!

Shi-won and Yoon-jae eat dinner together, with Shi-won sniffling all over the place.  Yoon-jae disgustedly tells her to cut it out, and she tells him she’s only stayin’ quiet because she committed a crime.  He asks her what her crime is, and she answers, “The crime of not even knowing who I liked.”  Awww.  She tries to lighten the mood by asking what the sentence is for such a crime, and Yoon-jae answers, “Life.”  She protests that a life sentence is too harsh – she didn’t kill anyone or lead a coup d’état.  But he says,

The sentence isn’t for you, it’s for me.  I’m living in prison my whole life because of you.  Without an end date.  Alone.  ’Til I die.

Oof.  And at the same time SO sweet.  He wubs her so much!  He leaves, telling her to pick up the tab – it’s her sentence.

Tae-woong’s physician, Dr. Lee Ju-yeon, drops by his room and offers him “the opportunity to have dinner with me.”  He says he won’t be able to take hold of that opportunity and asks that she offer it to someone else.  Flustered and embarrassed, she hightails it out of there, and Tae-woong laughs.  Ooh la laaaa.

Joon-hee wakes up Yoon-jae the next morning, having prepared breakfast.  He tells Yoon-jae there’s something he needs to tell him…  They awkwardly sit across from each other eating breakfast, and Yoon-jae asks about his brother’s special lecture at the hospital.  Joon-hee recovers quickly (having feared Yoon-jae found out about the surgery) and answers that Tae-woong is indeed a great lecturer.  He’s great at everything.  Yoon-jae says that’s why he likes his Hyung, but it’s also what scares him.  “My Hyung has never made an incorrect decision in his life.  Even in work, even in love.”  Eeeek.  Joon-hee asks if Yoon-jae is rebuffing Shi-won because of Tae-woong, because Tae-woong chose Shi-won.

Liking someone is not an issue of choice.  It’s what the heart orders.  Shi-won likes you, and you do, too.  I understand the reason you’re avoiding Shi-won, but what did she do to deserve this?  You and your brother liked her as you guys pleased, so why should she pay the price now?  You liked her since long ago, and she didn’t know it – what sin is that?  It’s possible to not know.  It’s possible to not know who likes me.  You like Shi-won a lot, don’t you?  Then it’s ‘game over’.  No matter how much you agonize over it, there is no answer.  You already like her –what choice is there to make?  What decision is there to make?  Don’t regret it later, don’t blame your brother – do what your heart orders.

Wowzas, a much-needed wake-up call for Yoon-jae.  As he leaves, the phone rings, and Joon-hee tells Yoon-jae to stop ignoring Shi-won’s calls and pick up.  “At least she does what her heart orders.  She’s better than you.”

Dr. Ju-yeon comes in to check on Tae-woong, who is still asleep after the surgery.  She spots Shi-won and asks if she’s Tae-woong’s girlfriend.  Shi-won gives a grimace of a smile and answers, “No.  I’m his younger sister.”  Eeeeek!!  Ju-yeon’s face lights up like crazy and she offers the coughing Shi-won medicine.  Hahaha this girl is soooo gonna be Tae-woong’s wife.  I can see it already.

Shi-won calls Yoon-jae, telling him to pick up some fruit – her mom sent three(!) boxes and it’s gonna go bad if they don’t eat it soon.  He says he’s too busy and tells her to give it to his brother.  Shi-won answers that Tae-woong can’t eat because of his surgery – oops!  Let the cat out of the bag~!!

Cut to Yoon-jae sighing over his brother’s sleeping form as Joon-hee tries to explain that it really wasn’t that big of a surgery.  Shi-won tries to add her two cents, but both are quickly shut up by Yoon-jae’s glare.  Hahahaa.  On this, Yoon-jae is no pushover.  Ju-yeon asks Yoon-jae who he is – surely not Tae-woong’s son, right?  Oh my gawsh, this girl is hilarious.  At the question in Yoon-jae’s eyes, Joon-hee introduces the lady as “The department head and Hyung-soo – I mean, the woman who person who performed surgery on your brother.”  The slip-up doesn’t translate into English, but in Korean Joon-hee was attempting to say, “Hyung soo-sool…” (lit. brother’s surgery) but switched “soo-sool” (surgery) to the weaker word “shi=sool” (medical procedure).  The two syllables he did get out, though, (hyung-soo) form the title for an older brother’s wife.  Hmm, getting the hint, people?? ^^

Yoon-jae introduces himself as Tae-woong’s younger brother, and Ju-yeon mutters to herself, “Younger sister, younger brother… this won’t be that easy.”  Hahahaa she’s still got designs on Tae-woong and thinks she’s facing the wall of siblings-in-law.  Ha!  She takes off for the night and Joon-hee, too, slips out.  Shi-won, however, isn’t so fortunate in her attempt to escape despite the extra couhgs.  So.  Cute!

Shi-won takes Yoon-jae to the Chair of Truth, seating him on it.  When she tries to sit down next to him, he stops her and shrugs off his jacket, laying it down on the stair for her to sit on.  AAAWWWWWW.  She reassures him that the surgery only took 30 minutes and really wasn’t anything to worry about.  He thanks her and says Tae-woong must be more comfortable with her than him.  “Shin-won-ah, Hyung still likes you.  You know, right?  He’s waiting for you right now.  He’s waiting until you come back.”


I know.  But… You.  Not Hyung, what about you?  I’m sorry to Tae-woong Oppa, but I don’t even care about that right now.  To me, Tae-woong Oppa is the closest person in the world – as close as you.  But the person who concerns me the most in the whole world is only you.  What about you?  What do you feel?  Forget about all the other people in the world.  Do you still like me?

If you don’t answer in 3 seconds, I’m gonna kiss you on the cheek 10 times.  You know I do it if I say I will.  One…  Two…

Heart stops.


Shi-won hands him a packet of medicine, telling him to take it 30 minutes after a meal.  “I’m aaaall better, now.”  OH MY GAWSH WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO CUTE?!?!?!?!!!!!

And then they just rip my heart out of my chest and fling it ‘round the world.  I’M DYYYYING HERE!!!!!

Joon-hee fumbles through his explanation to Yoon-jae, making up ridiculous excuse after another for his moving out.  Yoon-jae coolly says he believes him, since Joon-hee never lies, and tells him he may or may not be around to help him move.  Joon-hee is disappointed in Yoon-jae’s lack of sadness at their parting, to which Yoon-jae replies, “Are you not gonna see me after you move?  Why are you disappointed when we’re gonna see each other frequently?  Even if you run away because you don’t want to see me, I’m gonna follow you around forever, so be prepared.  We friends, aren’t we?”

Awwww.  The sadness in Yoon-jae’s eyes…  Can I just say, purely from an aesthetic perspective, that Yoon-jae’s haircut looks fab on him today?  Okay, back to story.  Yoon-jae looks at Joon-hee with a mixture of sadness, love, regret, and any other adjective you can think of, and he suddenly starts coughing.  Ooh la laaa looks like someone caught Shi-won’s cold~~ 😀

Joon-hee comes into Tae-woong’s room with a tray of food, but the teacher’s not in.  Joon-hee gets a call from Shi-won and heads out to the Chair of Truth to take the call:

He accepted my explanation more readily than I’d expected.  He’s unexpectedly dense.  Yeah.  Really?  That’s good news.  Yoon-jae said he liked you, too.  Then was it the first in eight years since your guys’ first kiss?  Hahahah, Yoon-jae tells me everything.  Okay, okay.  Shi-won, I’m getting a call.  I’ll call you later.

Exit Joon-hee.  And guess who heard it all this time in The Stairway of Revealed Secrets?!?!  Dun dun duuuun!!!

2012, Seoul: Shi-won is getting an earful from her dad for giving him a measly 100,000 won (~$100 U.S.) for spending money.  Hahahaa.  Both Yoon-jae and Tae-woong watch with worried expressions.  Papa Sung demands to talk to “Yoon Seo-bang” and she hands off the phone to… the mystery man we’re all dying to meet.  Parents usually call their son-in-law “___ Seo-bang” (fill the blank with the guy’s last name), so Papa Sung is asking to talk to Shi-won’s hubby.  A break, finally?!

But no, of course, we get another good yank on our leashes.  Both Yoon-jae and Tae-woong talk on the phone, and both of their responses fall in line with Papa Sung’s conversation.  But could neither man be her hubby?!?!  Papa Sung tells Yoon Seo-bang that his older son is the presidential candidate and his younger son a judge.  After airing his grievances, he tells Tae-woong to raise the wages of broadcasting company writers (aka Shi-won) once he becomes president.  And then he tells Yoon-jae to tear apart the law, if necessary, so that writers can rest and go home on days they’re not working.  “What kind of idiot(s) are you, that you can’t even care for Shi-won after getting to a high position?!”  Hahahahaaa!  The two brothers grin at each other, and we are left to stew in conjecture and speculation for another week.



12 responses to “Answer Me 1997: Episode 14

  1. i bet that lady doctor is taewoong’s future wife hahaha. hyungsoonim~ x) thank you so much for writing this recap! i felt that there’re tons of joke i’ll miss from the sub, so your recap is really helpful~ and that kiss is so freakin hawt xD

  2. Thank you for the recap. Any thoughts why Shi-won never approach Yoon-Jae before they accidentally met in the cafe? She’s a girl who do things that she wants.

    • It could be that just life was evolving and one day turns to a week, a week turns to a month, a month to a year, and a year to six. Life has away of getting in the way – plus she could have just easily waited for times like graduation reunions to speak with him but Mr. Yoonjae was actively avoiding her for all that time. The timing was off and lo and behold. Fate stepped in and said, this is it – try or die time. =)

  3. I bet Dr Lee’s gonna be a part of Yoon’s family, & one of the Yoon brothers plays a dual role in Sung’s family 1) as a son since they’re his guardian, 2) as a son-in-law since he marries their daughter

  4. OMO… I love the introduction of the doctor – when you wrote that she took of her stockings and farted… I was like that’s his future wife. Forget about it and the fact that she has her meat-hooks into him already – I love it. We have gotten the way out of the whole Shiwon/Taewong/Yoonjae triangle from hell. I am glad that this red string of fate has begun to straighten itself out – yes they will have to approach the situation with Taewong and clear his expectations regarding Shiwon but at the fly – Shiwon and Yoonjae have decided to be together – they are on the same page at the same time – they have made a choice, now they must iron out the details. When the ring fiasco happened and Yoonjae mentioned – I thought she would of lost/thrown out the ring. I am pretty sure Shiwon has been wearing that ring all this time – there is no way after all these years she would take it off to wear the brothers. Pish Posh. Cant wait for Ep 15 next week. See ya’ll on the flip.

  5. Eeeeee!! Thank you so much for your hard work ladies, can’t wait for next week! We really appreciate your efforts xxxxx

  6. Does anyone know how many episodes Jooyeon is scheduled to appear in? I was really pleasantly surprised by her performance, and I found myself laughing out loud in most her scenes!

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