Answer Me 1997- Ep 15 Preview [UPDATED]

Omg omg omg omg … Ok I need to breathe…


*pinkblossom butts into whitecarrot’s dazed mumblings


Joon-hee: Yoon-jae said he likes you, too…

Yoon-jae: Hyung, the truth is —

Tae-woong: You like Shi-won, don’t you?  You’re the younger sibling I love most in the world…  But I will not give up a woman for you.

Yoon-jae: Hyung, I won’t give up either.  I can’t give up Shi-won.

pinkblossom screams in the background.  What, you can’t hear it in the video clip?



우연한 계기로 시원(정은지)을 향한 윤제(서인국)의 마음을 알게된 태웅(송종호).
하지만 태웅은 윤제에게 좋아하는 여자만은 포기할 수 없다고 단언하고,
윤제는 형과 시원 사이에서 고민에 빠진다.
한편, 시원이 담당한 방송프로그램에 초청된 게스트의 급작스런 불참통보로 모두 발을 동동거리는 상황에서,
해결사처럼 한 사람이 등장하는데…


Tae-woong accidentally (by chance) learns of Yoon-jae’s feelings for Shi-won, but he firmly tells Yoon-jae that he cannot give up the woman he likes.  Yoon-jae thus falls into a dilemma between his Hyung and Shi-won…

Meanwhile, the guest for Shi-won’s broadcast program delivers a no-show notice out of the blue, sending everyone into a panic, when someone appears like a miraculous problem-solver…



16 responses to “Answer Me 1997- Ep 15 Preview [UPDATED]

  1. Aaaaah that preview makes
    Me excited but actually I think Tae Wong has to face the truth that Shi Won only sees him as a loving older brother but not as a lover or like she said it “my heart doesn’t flutter because of you but of someone else.” How much do I love Shi Won for being her, standing her ground and being firm about her feelings.

  2. oh o the written preview….who’s thinking that Tae Wons gonna be the problem-solver at the broadasting station? I want it to be Tony but that wouldn’t make that much sense – although it would but I think the writers are really going to throw us into the loop again with our guessings and therefore it must be Tae Wong. Hopefully he’s not going to announce his love for her live on tv?!?! I dare you to do that! Grrrr….aaaaaaah why can’t it be Tuesday already!!!?!?!?!?

    • oh my GAWSH if tae-woong uses a public declaration to pressure her, he’s gonna get some SERIOUS flak from me.

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