Answer Me 1997 Gets An Extension

Oh my gawsh this show is driving me CRAZY.  ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.

Nearly all the filming has apparently wrapped up for our currently favoritest ever drama Answer Me 1997 (aka Reply 1997).  Actor Lee Shi-eon, who plays uber talkative Sung-jae, recently posted photos from the set on his Twitter account, expressing sadness over the arrival of the end of this sweet drama.  You’re not the only one on the verge of tears, Shi-eon.  Me wanna cry, too.

As kindly shared by YCHASE007, Episodes 15 and 16 will not be airing back-to-back as usual next Tuesday, September 11.  Instead, each episode will air separately, so Episode 16 will be pushed back to September 18.  The reasons being given by the director: They have a lot of ground to cover and would like to fully – and satisfactorily – delve into the characters’ post-college lives.  New characters are going to be introduced, and the 1997 team felt the usual 45-minute episodes were too short to do all they wanted to do.  Long story short, we’ll still get the full hour-and-a-half’s worth of our cuties each week, but we’re gonna have to wait a full extra week for the grand finale.  Extensions usually make me wary, but this show has done such a wonderful job until now, I’d like to trust them to finish in the same manner.

Now what has me in a TIZZY, besides the one-week pushback, is the newly revealed title of Episode 16: “Why First Loves Never Come True.”  WHAT.  THE.  HEEEEEECK?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!  They BETTER be pullin’ my leg like NO OTHER on this one.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE.  If they think to make up some kind of lame excuse for Yoon-jae + Shi-won not happening, I’m bookin’ me a flight to Seoul.  Stat.

Episodes 13 & 14 will air this Tuesday evening (Seoul time), and their respective titles are: “Next time… No, Now” and “The Heart Orders One to Love”.  Episode 15’s title is “While You are Loving…”  Somebody get me into a time machine NOOOOOOWWWWW.

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14 responses to “Answer Me 1997 Gets An Extension

  1. oh goshhhhh!!! “why first loves never come true?”?????????????????? i’m freaking out now!!!!
    hmmm… or maybe the banjun of this drama is to show the exception of this phrase? they can NOT separate our OTP like that..

  2. oooooh these titles….even they are great…
    hmmm technically Shi Won’s first love is Tony, so I hope the title refers to her and not to Joon Jae… I want my pairing!!!!! I don’t want the Baby’s daddy to be Tae Wong!!!! This show is really driving me nuts, I love it to pieces!!! I can’t even say how many times I’ve watched all episodes till now….aaaaah this really is my drama crack of the year and possible of all times!!!!

  3. SHOW if ShiWon and YoonJae does not end up together. We will have words do you hear me? Like I’m going to fly S.Korea and petition at your broadcast station and demand to speak to whoever is responsible for separating the two love birds. Spazz spazz spazz WHY IS TUESDAY NOT HERE YET?!?!

  4. Ok. My thoughts on Episode 16 Title…. “Why First Loves Never Come True.” I think its more of a statement of the “rule” and not a proclamation of an exception (which is what everyone is praying for YoonJae and Shiwon together). We crave the exception to the rule, we are invested in the total story of Yoonjae & Shiwon – with the monkey wrench of the brother dearest thrown into the mix. I truly do not believe that in this whole time skip, she’s been schlepping up & down with the brother if she was— then she would of run into Yoonjae sooner than later. So the same amount of time has passed between the both possible couples – She has more connection/history with Yoonjae and by parting in 99 with Mr. Taewong which she clearly views in a more brotherly light. Her statement, that her 90’s returned with the emerging of Tony back into her life. I think she’s going to re-live/experiences those choices/moments but with a mature mindset. Will she make the same choice again, doubt it – very unlikely.

  5. i dont care… if it says that ‘first loves never come true’ then Tae Woong would be her first love then.. since she dated him for a short time… AHHHHHHHHHHHH whatever! I DONT CARE! cause if she doesnt end with Yoon Jae i will set fire to something!!

  6. Its a long shot but I prefer it to the alternative lol it could also mean from shiwons perspective that her first relationship with TW but that’s another long shoot lol I’m going to stay with a statement of the rule however we get the exception to the rule

    • hi, chienna, welcome to carrotblossom patch! 🙂 i enjoyed your review! 😀 thanks for joining us here! happy spazzing!!! 😀 😀 😀

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