Answer Me 1997: The Case for Baby Daddy Yoon Yoon-jae

Okay, so I knooooow all of my re-re-rewinds and pauses and speculating and analyzing ain’t gonna make a difference at this point – or ever.  I mean, the writers write what the writers wanna write.  And I don’t have their phone numbers, so pulling a Mommy Sung ain’t gonna happen.  But I just.  Can’t.  Heeeeelp it!!!  So here are my additions to the fantabulous Baby Daddy tally-up by whitecarrot.  Call it: Exhibit B – The Case for Yoon Yoon-jae.

1. Episode 1: Shi-won introduces the 4 guys of her high school life as they get the slow-mo walk envied by us mere mortals.  Tae-woong didn’t get no such intro, and Shi-won calls the guys her “everything” during her schooldays.  Hmmm, Mr. Oppa not included in her “everything”??  As soon as Yoon-jae sits down, the first person he notices and talks to is Shi-won.  Someone’s got a hyperawareness of the lady, eh?  Yeah, he teases her about her preggers weight, but that kinda dynamic is nothing new between these two.

2. Episode 2: Yoon-jae notices Shi-won’s bra strap is showing and gently rearranges her shirt.  He notices!!!  Notice being the key, here!  If she wasn’t his woman, he wouldn’t pay that kind of attention.  And that little smirky smiley smirk?!?  Aaack!  ADORBS and SO shmexy.  I do love me some possessive men.  Caveman stuff can be haawwtt: I got no complaints with “Me Tarzan, You Jane = my woman”.  Even after arranging her shirt, Yoon-jae just can’t take his eyes off Shi-won…

3. Episode 4: Tae-woong joins the crew for their reunion.  The person he clasps hands with and greets is Yoon-jae; Shi-won merely waves her hand at him.  Both brothers face Shi-won, but Tae-woong looks at her fondly, as he would a younger sister.  His head rub, too, is more befitting a sister than a preggers wife.  It’s indulgent.  Yoon-jae, on the other hand, looks upon Shi-won with love and a kind of possessiveness.

4. Episode 7: Shi-won calls Tae-woong “Oppa-ya” and when ‘scolded’ by Yoo-jung, answers, “What, should I call him ‘Senator,’ then?”  In Episode 6, she had called her hubby “Jagi-ya” (a term similar to “Honey”), and some people do go back and forth between “Jagi” and “Oppa” (especially if the hubby’s been an “Oppa” for so long).  So it’s not impossible that Tae-woong is her hubby, but here Shi-won makes clear that the two options for Tae-woong’s title are either “Oppa” or “Senator.”  Plus, Yoo-jung says, “But for someone who’s going to become the president, isn’t ‘Oppa’ kinda inappropriate?”  No mention of “Jagi,” so “Jagi-ya” must be for Yooooon-jae!

5. Episode 7: This particular line by Sung-jae has become THE defining phrase by Korean media outlets for describing Answer Me 1997.  Sung-jae notes how vastly different Tae-woong and Yoon-jae are: “How can two brothers be so different?  Are they a water dispenser or something?  His hyung is warm water, and this kid is ice cold water, the kind that makes your heart ice over.”  But after seeing Shi-won roughhouse Yoon-jae for breaking her phone case: “So much for ice water.  To Sung Shi-won, Yoon-jae’s just room temp water.”  As I said before, a cold guy who’s helpless in the face of love – I love it!  And to top it off, he visibly flinches each time Shi-won reaches her arm out near him.  So much for Judge Iceman.  Heee!

6. Episode 8: Tae-woong introduces everyone to his campaign aide.  Yoon-jae humbly aw-shucks off the aide’s compliments/flattery and says, “Hyung-soo-nim would be hurt if she heard that.”  The term “Hyung-soo-nim” is what a guy calls his older brother’s wife, and I just can’t see Yoon-jae using that term for Shi-won, in light of all we’ve been shown so far.  Tae-woong introduces Shi-won as “The ___ that I love,” and that blank can be filled with “wife” or “woman.”  But Korean tradition/custom/language almost entirely rules out that possibility.  It’s almost unheard of for a man to introduce his wife as “___ that I love.”  It just doesn’t work that way.  That Tae-woong included the words “that I love” makes it almost certain that Shi-won is not his wife.  That blank, instead, is probably filled by “dong-saeng” (younger sibling) or “jae-soo-shi” (younger brother’s wife).  [For those of you confused, yes, it can get quite complicated knowing who to call what title. ^^]

7. Episode 9: Can anyone get enough of how sweetly possessive/protective Yoon-jae looks, watching Shi-won eat?!?!  Tilting the bowl for her was just icing on the cake.  No matter how close they were as children, Yoon-jae wouldn’t be able to do that for his Hyung-soo-nim.  Nopity nope nope nope!

8. Episode 9: Sonogram!  Joon-hee says the baby’s eyes clearly tell you who his/her Daddy is.  The phrase he uses is used to describe people with long, slitted eyes.  Aka Seo In-guk.  Song Jong-ho has slightly up-tilted eyes as well, but nowhere near Seo In-guk’s.  Plus, the crew had always marveled at Teacher Tae-woong’s good looks, never seeing the similarity between him and Yoon-jae.  And the final nail in the coffin?  When Yoon-jae was puppy-shopping, a person had noted, “I think this [he slants up his eyes] is the focal point.”  Hahahahaa.  I’m not gonna try to guess whose hand it is that picks up the sonogram, but Yoon-jae’s huge grin and smiley smiles were just ADORBS.

9. Episode 11: As already noted in the recaps, Shi-won orders an iced caramel mocha with LOTS of whipped cream, which is what Yoon-jae orders at the end of Episode 12.  Tae-woong picks out the same drink from among four choices, but I feel like the writers are just pulling our leg on this one.  Regardless, it’s too difficult to conclude anything off the rings and coffee based on the meager scraps of screen time we were given, and Shi-won is “comfortable” with both Tae-woong and Yoon-jae.  Sooo, evidence from Episodes 11-12 may not stand up in court.  But we all know in our hearts what’s going down here.

Yoon Yoon-jae, GIVE IT UP!!!


24 responses to “Answer Me 1997: The Case for Baby Daddy Yoon Yoon-jae

  1. OMO! Yes, Yes, YES! Thank you for clearly defining the whirlwind of thoughts running through my head. So eloquent, doll and genius to boot. I am team Yoonjae all the way. I to also feel that it is a last ditch effort to confuse us with the hands, rings, and coffee – everyone knows or is aware that there is no way that it could be Taewong. =) See ya at EP 13-14 =)

  2. 🙂 YAY PINKBLOSSOM FTW! ehehhe Agree with YCHASE007 I think we all know its him now. if it’s not, I think the writers and PD’s are gonna be in a lot of danger. (this is not blackmail!)

  3. I honestly think the scene with SW telling TW, “Oppa, I have something to tell you…” tells me that she wants to clear it up with TW that she never had feelings for him, but that she has feelings for YJ. It’s always a cliche when couples talk and when someone says, “Let’s talk,” or “I have something to say,” that it usually means something bad or sad.

  4. Excellent points from pinkblossom!! There are just too many points for than against Yoon-jae being the end-all.

    To Judge Yoon Yoon-jae we can all say: And we rest our case!

  5. you are rockin’ ms “pinkblossom”..everything you pointed out makes sense..and me for YJ all the way to the end. CASE closed!!

  6. “Me Tarzan, You Jane = my woman” that is the best line ever!! Hahahaha. You should be a writer!!

    • hahahha awww, you’re too kind! thank YOU for reading our crazy musings and sharing your thoughts with us! 😀

  7. Thanks for piecing together the clues! I also hope it’s YJ. This is the most obssessed I’ve ever been with any drama – rewatched many parts of various episodes countless times!

  8. All points are clearly pointing to yOon jae as the husband !!!😊

    Plus I can’t remember which ep Shi won grabbed yoon jae’s hands and ask for massage…😃no way he won’t massage his sister in law 🌻

  9. Lovely post, made me want to re watch the whole thing over again. Yea like I don’t do that every time I have a chance. Indeed that smirky smile is smexy and the way he looked at her, his mind was in the gutter for sure.

  10. Thank you clearing all my obsession and thoughts, this site has the best srticles on this drama and numerous amounts of them (: i want more teehee. Love yunjae so much and shi won, both seo inguk and eunji and so talented <333333 and ofc HOYA. Hope they have some scenes of them during uni :') love junhee

  11. T__T help~ I’m halfway through my exams and half dead but i keep coming back here, hoping for more of answer me 1997! I’m constantly hogging over my phone and laptop in the middle of the night. And i’m glad to know that out there somewhere is someone as obsessed as me! 😀 please o please~ i need to know who the baby’s daddy is… and by that i mean I want to see that it is Yoon Jae. cause if it’s not, i might set fire to something!

    • Ditto on the sentiment… this story has been amazing. Its going to be sad to see it go but at the same time – I sense a great relief will come as well.

  12. I’m gonna be a wet blanket and put this here:

    The cardigan in his car? Really? Afaik she went to the reunion in a taxi and its pretty unusual and weird to have a cardigan of your sister in law’s in your car for a long time? Just as weird as what you’ve listed as weird.

    At episode one, they did speak like that didn’t see each other for a long time and yoonjae commented she’s fat, normally you do this teasing when your good friends AND have not seen each other for a long time. They fulfill category one as good friends but as husband and wife, shouldn’t you have been living together especially if she’s preggers in the first place(lol) and needs to be taken care of?

    That being said, I’ll point out what you missed in yoonshi couple, when told that taewoong earns 1.1b krw annually, shiwon goes wtf :O i’d like to think that as a wife or if she is taewoong’s, shouldnt she, as first lady to be knows something? That being said we know that she’s very down to earth except for anything regarding tony(she’s really mature in a pink as well ❤ her as my ideal type), she may just draw a line between career and love life.

    All in all, evidence points towards nowhere as there is sufficient on either sides. Its too early to put the verdict, but kr dramas are mostly predictable, especially cable drama where happy endings r always preferred(see flowerboyramyunshop, queeninhyunman etc) and taewoong not featured as main cast, I think it won't break that tradition lest people rage unsubscribe LOL.

    I do however commend the scriptwriters awesome style of flashback dramas with the plot building up on flashbacks that are more important than current timeframe. Its really something new to look forward to and it shows the forgotten side of slower paced life back in the 90s, which I really like. Kudos to TvN, long live cable TV!

    PS: In all honesty Eun Ji should end up with me 😛

    • I love it! Don’t mind becoming a wet blanket to much agreement is not conducive to discussion boards. Its good to open our thoughts to other theories =). That she came by herself – she did come from spending time with her parents. Yoonjae was at a funeral with the other male friend members lol and the President to be was with Staff. – That everyone is busy, is stated quite well. Now the cardigan – I am going to chalk it up to coffee & rings. Their attempts at confusion. I have just rewatched all the episodes and I tried (I tried to watch without Yoonjae & Shiwon influence) but it was hard. The good thing is that my sister was with me and she hasnt watched any of the episodes due to Gakstial obsession and she was like its so obvious its the bff – their timing was just off and then she screamed at me HOW COULD YOU LET ME WATCH THIS KNOWING THEIR IS STILL TWO WEEKS. How dare you? Now Im going to look like you at work, crawling the web for 411 – LOL…. So let see – we can go with formula or we can go with instinct. TWO eps to Go and Im anxious.

  13. From the beginning of this mystery I have never doubted that it was Yoon Jae for the simple reason that TvN dramas always get their OTP together. ALWAYS, sometimes to my chagrin. For me the although I liked the use of the ‘mystery’ as a plot device, it has been more about Shiwom reaching that point where finally her and Yoon Jae are in a ‘moment’ together. As he pointed out in the second episode their timing has been off but I think the separation would have developed BOTH the characters to a point where finally they can share a moment.

    Still, I don’t know the future and TvN can chose to change their gameplay at any moment BUT I think their recent programming has shown that they know their target audience well and they know what they want. So for me, though it is inevitable (happily so) I am curious about the journey rather than the destination.

    Thanks for an interesting post.

    • hhahaah this show has seriously got more mystery than shows specifically catered to that genre! & you’re very welcome — glad to have been of service to a fellow spazz-friend!! 😀

  14. One question…in the first episode, Shi Won is having a conversation on the phone, and she asks that person if she can call him “abeoji.” I was assuming she was talking to her father-in-law. But… Yoon Jae and Tae Woong are orphans. Can you call someone other than your father or father-in-law abeoji?

    I swear, if Shi Won is married to a third mystery person and not to Yoon Jae, I’m going to call the writers of the show non-stop for weeks! 🙂

    • hi hi jports! ^^ i have no idea what these writers have up their sleeves with regards to the ending, but this particular scene is not a red flag 🙂 shi-won is talking business in this scene, and she’s asking to call the person “abeoji” — it’s her way of brown-nosing and being cute! ^^ as you may know, it’s standard in korea to call your friends’ parents “mother” and “father” and random ladies at restaurants “auntie”~ ^^ so here eun-ji’s sweet-talking up the man, asking him to let her use his home for her broadcast. also, you usually call your father-in-law and friends’ dad “abeonim” not “abeoji” so she’s REALLY laying it on thick here since she’s asking a favor 🙂 hope that answered your question and put to rest at least one worry! 😀

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