Happy Squee Times – “Christmas Time” (Jellyfish Entertainment)

Thanks to the Answer Me 1997 fever I’ve caught, Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji’s remake of “All For You” has been filtering through my home — a refined way of saying “blasting from the speakers” — since yesterday.  The cuties are just adorbs and have done a wonderful job with the remake.  Eee!

As I was watching/listening, I was suddenly reminded of another song Seo In-guk had sung that had tickled me happy: “Christmas Time,” a super sweet song to spread the Christmas cheer, sung by the artists of Jellyfish Entertainment in 2010.  I was enchanted then and am still enchanted today, though it’s boiling hot these days and nowhere near Christmas.  But as I always say, it’s never too early to start celebrating Christmas!  Enjoy!!

The artists who contributed to this song:

  • Sung Shi-kyung
  • Park Hyo-shin
  • Brian Joo
  • Lisa
  • Park Hak-ki
  • Kim Hyung-joong
  • Kyun-woo
  • And the baby of the group: our Seo In-guk ^^

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