Can’t Live Without You: Episode 56

The original plan was to write mini recaps at the end of each week after the week’s worth of episodes (5) aired.  But today’s episode was just too chock-full of In-hye + Hyun-tae moments for me to condense it into a super short summary — and for me to wait a whole week.  Depending on the quality of the rest of the week’s episodes, I’ll either do a day-by-day or an end-of-the-week mini recap. 🙂


Episode 56

The ever petty Do-hee tells Mama Kim that In-hye is supposedly Hyun-tae’s first love.  I love Mama Kim’s indignant response.  She’s fully on In-hye’s side, and her heart is just breaking in a million pieces.

Madame President asks Secretary Yoon to keep tabs on Hyun-tae and report to her about EVERYTHING.  Okay, lady, you’re just getting obsessed now.  He’s an adult, for cryin’ out loud.

Aaaack!!!  SO.  CUTE.  Hyun-tae takes Ki-chan out for ice cream.  Eeeee!  In-hye thanks Hyun-tae for always being so warm and kind… but the tense she’s using is kind of like “Thanks for everything ‘til now.  Bye!”  And he totally picks up on it.  He asks if she has decided to divorce, and when she doesn’t answer, he tells her he’ll help in any way he can if she does decide to get a divorce.  T_T  She tearfully tells him that no, she’s not going to get a divorce.  She asks herself all the time, “Why are you clinging onto him when he hates you, when he has another woman?”  But in the end, the answer is always Ki-chan.  If she gets divorced, Ki-chan will have to live with a stepmom.  “The day my agony ends is the day it starts for Ki-chan.”  Hyun-tae offers her his hankie…  Okay, dude, just ADMIT IT!  You wuuuub heeeer!!!!!  My heart breaks when he asks her, “You still love Sang-do, right?”  She answers that she just doesn’t know anymore.  When Hyun-tae offers her a ride home as usual, In-hye adamantly refuses to Hyun-tae’s confusion…

The scumbag gets plastered and the witch comes to pick him up.  But what does he mumble drunkenly?  “I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry, In-hye.  I’m a bas@#$*.  I’m so sorry, honey.”  Heeeee!  That’s right, witch!  (The term he uses for “honey” is what a wife and husband call each other.)

Ji-soo is upset that her Mom is so unhappy about the pregnancy.  She really wanted her mom’s blessings and congratulations…  Auntie hears from Uncle that In-hye left the house with Ki-chan and tells Min-do and Mom Min…

OMG Ji-eun is following In-hye and Ki-chan.  Girlfriend, get a grip!  Ki-chan says he’s sad he won’t be able to see Hyun-tae in the near future and says Hyun-tae is prolly sad, too.  Heeee!  Not in the way you’re thinkin’, Ki-chan, but so true!!  Aaah, I love it!  Ki-chan asks if Hyun-tae is Dad’s friend or Mom’s, and In-hye readily answers “Dad’s, of course.”  But then Ki-chan says, “Didn’t you work at the bank, too?  Then isn’t Hyun-tae your friend, too?”  Eeeee!  In-hye: “You’re right, Ki-chan!  I never thought about that before…”  EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Way to go, Ki-chan!  You’re getting In-hye to think about things she never considered before.

Do-hee comes to meet Madame President and ends up telling Hyun-tae that In-hye took Ki-chan and left the Kim home.  That sends Hyun-tae into all kinds of worry, and Do-hee asks that he stay out of the situation.  She confesses that Madame President is unhappy with his constant involvement with In-hye, which eventually leads to a HUGE confrontation between Hyun-tae and his mom.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SCENE.  Madame President threatens and pressures and promises all kinds of destruction, but Hyun-tae is absolutely unmoved.  He is steadfast in his will and warns his mother that if she touches ANYONE in the Kim family, he won’t idly watch.  AAACK!  A guy who can be respectful but unwavering in standing up to his mom.  I love it.

Papa Kim, too, is all kinds of worried about In-hye and Ki-chan.  Mama Kim tells him Do-hee told her Madame President said In-hye is Hyun-tae’s first love and to blame for Hyun-tae’s divorce and refusal to get back together with his ex.  Just like Mama Kim earlier, Papa Kim is enraged that the innocent In-hye is being slandered in such a way.  These parents are just…love.  Mama Kim, unfortunately, has another episode with her memory.  Oh noes, the drama’s really gonna go there.

Meanwhile, In-hye decides to search for a job.  Mama Kim sets out to drag Sang-do back home.  The scumbag in question wakes up with a hangover and the witch adds to it: “I’m through.  I want to break up with you.”



I couldn’t care less whether the scumbag and witch get together or not.  But if this causes the scumbag to come crawling back to In-hye, then that is gonna be a problem.  There isn’t a particularly good way of solving such a development…  In another favorite daily, Indomitable Daughters-in-law, the cheating hubby ended up dying in a car accident.  (Flirty Uncle here in CLWY played the cheating hubby.  Heee!)  Maybe the scumbag will get the same ending?  It was one of my speculations in my intro to this drama…

As for our lovely OTP that will come true, even if I have to go over there and finish off Sang-do myself: In-hye prolly did love Sang-do and that’s why she endured so much opposition to marry him.  But I don’t think you can say she chose him over Hyun-tae.  I think Hyun-tae was never given a chance, if that makes any sense.  In-hye prolly never thought she could marry him (because of his social standing), and thus she prolly never saw him as a potential love interest.  That’s also prolly why she never picked up on all the hearts shooting out of his eyes 24/7.  Madame President may be unreasonably set against Hyun-tae + In-hye, but she’s not dumb, especially where her son’s concerned.  When Hyun-tae said, “I want my friends to be happy.  That is my honest desire,” Madame President replied, “That honest desire is what is scarier.  For it to be mere caring for a friend, the feeling runs too deep.”  Eeeee!  Hyun-tae loves In-hye so much that he would try to save her marriage to another man if that’s what makes her happy.  Aaack, it’s killing me.  Please, please, pretty please, let’s get things rolling! 😀


6 responses to “Can’t Live Without You: Episode 56

  1. hahah you couldnt wait until the end of the week to recap. so funny. hope in-hye can be a strong woman on her own first before she falls into hyun-taes arms. mauhaha

    • AHAHAHAHAHAA fall into his arms indeed! i think i need to hire in-hye, then work her like crazy, and then call hyun-tae RIGHT before she passes out. heeee! and yes, *sheepish expression* i couldn’t wait to squeee ^^

  2. Your blog is fantastic! I’m really enjoying this daily drama and, instead of bogging and sinking in the middle eps, we will have a new subplot
    of In Hye and Hyun Tae. They have had 10 years as friends; a few more months will allow their true feeling to emerge in the next 20+ eps.
    I hope the scumbag and the witch at least live together to wind up as
    miserable the main couple in “The Person I Love”.

    • hi, luvcostums! welcome & thanks for joining us here at carrotblossom patch! 🙂
      i’m SO excited for in-hye + hyun-tae to REALLY develop and get under way!! i know realistically it’s gonna take quite a few eps, but i’m just so impatient! ^^

  3. Fighting In-Hye! of course Hyun Tae u hv to work hard to get In Hye in your arms, dont give up for your 1stlove! hehe 😉

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