Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 51-55

Episode 51: In-hye asks for custody in return for signing the divorce papers.  Sang-do refuses.  In-hye says she’ll sue, then, saying he’s the one who cheated.  Surely the law will be on her side, right?  His answer?  “You don’t have evidence that I cheated.”  O.  M.  G.  And then on top of that?  “You’re an orphan without family.  You won’t get custody.”  Somebody get me a gun.  The witch goes shopping for Ki-chan’s stuff.  Never mind.  Somebody get me a shotgun.

Mama Kim tells Ji-soo and Min-do to stay at Ji-soo’s place for a few days.  (Traditionally, newlyweds usually stay with the wife’s family for a bit before permanently coming to the husband’s.  Ji-soo chose to just come to Min-do’s, so Mama Kim is sending her back to spend time with Mom Min.  Mama Kim also would prefer not to have Ji-soo at home with all the nastiness going on.)  Mama Kim sends pricey oysters with Ji-soo and Min-do, then goes into the kitchen and looks for the oysters.  Just stressed from all the crazies that Sang-do’s pulling or…?  She got off at the wrong bus stop a few episodes ago, and now they’re playing creepy music in the background to this…

Auntie+Uncle, meanwhile, are attempting to rectify whatever it is they did last night – which they don’t remember.  Hahahahaa.

Hyun-tae has resigned himself to working at H.Farm and starts moving stuff into his new office.  Ji-eun, of course, clings like a barnacle on a wet rock.

Uh, girlfriend, body language, dear, body language.  He’s backing away from you and has a distinctly unhappy look on his face.  Time to back off and let In-hye have him!!  Eee!

Mama Kim talks to Chi-do and he pretty much sums it up: there’s no hard evidence of Sang-do’s affair, and In-hye will prolly lose custody because she’s not economically able to care for Ki-Chan.  *wail*

Ji-soo and Min-do go to Ji-soo’s place and are absolutely adorbs.  There’s a slight hiccup when the nausea comes on during dinner, but the newlyweds manage to cover it up…  Auntie attempts to sneak in home after a wild night out.

And then, the BEST.  SCENE.  EVER.  Aaaahhh!!  Ji-eun wheedles Hyun-tae into taking her out for lunch, and they just sit down when dun dun duuun the scumbag comes in with the witch and Ki-chan.  In-hye had seen the poopheads take Ki-chan from his preschool so she followed them to the restaurant.  She attempts to take Ki-chan with her, but Sang-do grabs her and tries to forcibly drag her out of the restaurant.  Cue Knight in Shining Armor to the rescue!!!

Girlfriend, that wrist-grab ain’t gonna do nothin’.

Man oh man, I just love it!  Hyun-tae to Sang-do: “Let In-hye go.”  Eeeee!  (In case the super blurry picture makes absolutely no sense: Sang-do’s yanking on In-hye’s wrist, and Hyun-tae (he’s wearing the watch) is holding onto Sang-do’s arm.)

All the commotion shocks poor little Ki-chan into wetting his pants T_T  Hyun-tae wraps his jacket around Ki-chan and offers to take him home.  SUCH a big difference from Sang-do, who just scolds the child.

Now if that doesn’t look like a couple, I don’t know what does.  Sang-do, just let the poor baby go.  You don’t even care about him, and the witch certainly doesn’t.

Awww, poor mom and son.  And poor Hyun-tae, whose heart is being torn asunder.


Episode 52: The episode opens with the last few minutes of Episode 51, but with a few additional details.  When Ki-chan wets his pants, Ga-young visibly recoils and scolds him…  In-hye and Hyun-tae leave the restaurant together with Ki-chan, and along the way Hyun-tae buys medicine for Ki-chan and a bandage for In-hye.  Now THAT is what I’m talking about.  Even buying medicine for Ki-chan shows the depth of his thoughtfulness, but to get something for In-hye’s wrist because she had been wresting it away from Sang-do?!?  Oh my golly, can a guy get any more perfect?

Ga-young complains that she can’t even try becoming friendly with Ki-chan and that she’s never been so humiliated in her life.  Uh, girlfriend, you expected any less for being a crazy scheming home-wrecking witch?!?!!!

Auntie is trying to be nonchalant in front of her sister, and Uncle fails miserably trying to sneak into the Kim home.  Ji-soo is feelin’ the flightiness of the pregnancy palate and wants to eat steamed buns in the middle of the night.  Min-do finally gives in after she adorably pouts.

Hyun-tae breaks the news to Mama and Papa Kim that Sang-do prolly isn’t gonna change his mind…  He’s such a sweetie, apologizing to Mama and Papa Kim for not having stopped Sang-do from getting to this point.  You don’t need to apologize for nothin’, Hyun-tae!

Do-hee just fans the flames by saying In-hye is at fault, too, and that everything will be dandy if she leaves the Kim home – minus Ki-chan.  In-hye overhears…

Min-do sneaks into the Min home but Mom Min was just coming out of her room then in her negligee…  Hahahaaa!

Awwwww, the longing in his face… T_T

Madame President wants her son to get back together with Ji-eun… He’s such a good son, but on this he won’t budge.

The scumbag comes home and says he’s gonna divorce In-hye and marry the witch.  Poor In-hye then has to hear him straight-up say he’s unhappy being married to her…


Episode 53: OMG, Sang-do straight-up tells In-hye he doesn’t love her and tells her to leave the house because he wants to come back to his family.  Where’s that shotgun I asked for?!  He leaves and In-hye follows him out barefoot, begging him not to do this…  *wail*

Ji-eun rails at Hyun-tae, demanding to know why he’s so involved in In-hye+Sang-do’s problems.  Hyun-tae says he’ll answer truthfully:

You’re right.  It’s not just sympathy.  I used to like her.  A lot.  But that’s all in the past, and I won’t ever have those feelings in the future, either.

Aaaack, this is the first time he’s ever given voice to his long-ago feelings!  But ugh, she’s so happy to hear he has no remaining feelings…  Girlfriend, you need to get over yourself.  And Hyun-tae, just admit that you still love her… at least to yourself, please?  Pretty please?

Min-do unwraps the buns he finally found after looking everywhere:

And there goes the appetite for steamed buns.

Mama Kim forgot she put stuff on the stove…  Creepy music…  She’s defs losing her memory.  This is thrice in a row already.

Madame President calls in Do-hee first thing in the morning after having heard Hyun-tae’s discussion with Ji-eun the night before.  She straight-up asks if Do-hee knew that Hyun-tae’s first love is In-hye.  SHOCKER shocker shocker…  Now the petty Do-hee’s really gonna want In-hye to leave the Kim home.  Ugh, President Min wants Do-hee to tell In-hye not to meet Hyun-tae anymore.  Aaauuuggghhhh.

After staying up the whole night thinking and thinking, In-hye decides to leave…  Ki-chan says he wants to go with his mom, so the two sneak downstairs…


Episode 54: How much do I love that Mama Kim’s heart is breaking because In-hye is leaving?  She’s not angry that In-hye tried to take Ki-chan and sneak out of the house.  She doesn’t want In-hye to leave her…

Okay.  Until now, I’ve been angry for In-hye, I’ve been upset for In-hye, I’ve even been a teeeensy bit sad for In-hye.  But I straight up cried today.  Papa Kim:

This is your home.  Where are you trying to go, leaving your parents behind?

*wail* In-hye promises to come back.  She’s leaving in order to not get divorced.  She wants to protect Ki-chan from the ugliness of divorce, wants to keep his family for him.  She’s afraid she’ll sign the divorce papers if she stays and allows Sang-do to keep wearing her down.  In-hye tells Mama and Papa Kim: “Even if we do get divorced, I will come back.”

These are the faces of two parents, not parents-in-law.  Mama Kim: “Do you know how scary, how lonely, how difficult it is for a woman alone out in the world?”  I love that they’re fully on In-hye’s side.  Family gets to me Every.  Single.  Time.

After a tearful goodbye, In-hye and Ki-chan head out.  Mama Kim goes running out of the house barefoot to give In-hye her savings and hastily takes off her wedding ring, because that’s all she has.

You’ve promised, me, okay?  You’re going to come back to me.

Okay, this episode is officially Mama Kim’s.  Hands down.  Did I mention how much I LOVE Kim Hae-sook?!?

Auntie+Uncle continue their flirtatious courtship, while Hyun-tae continues to stonewall any attempts at getting him and Ji-eun back together.

Ji-soo and Min-do see the first pictures of their baby and are all-around adorable.  They’re the happy virus of this drama.  They get into a little spat when Min-do stays mum about the Sang-do business, but he eventually caves and they return to their cute selves.

The scumbag waits for In-hye and learns from Mama Kim that In-hye and Ki-chan have left.  In-hye has taken Ki-chan to her hometown…


Episode 55: In-hye goes back to her hometown and is looking for a place to live when her old landlord recognizes her and offers her her old place.  Awww and Oh noes: the place holds so many memories.  Even back then, Hyun-tae was the one helping In-hye while Sang-do was blaaah.

Blow-up of major proportions when Mama Kim tells Sang-do In-hye took Ki-chan and left.  Let’s just say the words spoken aren’t ones to be shared.  The loser-butt goes in search of his wife and son.

Ji-soo had to stuff the ultrasound picture in the trash when Mom Min suddenly came into the newlyweds’ room.  She and Min-do finally find the picture after digging through the trash, but Mom and Auntie end up seeing it.  Hahahaa LOVE the two women’s reactions: Auntie wink-wink congratulates Min-do while Mom wails that she is not ready to be an old grandma.  Ha!

In-hye finds Hyun-tae’s jacket among the clothes she brought with her (from the time he wrapped it around Ki-chan after he peed in the restaurant).  She gets it dry-cleaned and calls Hyun-tae to return it to him.  They meet up, and Hyun-tae offers to take Ki-chan out to dinner.  Ji-eun, though, is stalking them…



My heart is breaking, not because of what Sang-do did but because of In-hye and Mama Kim.  Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships usually aren’t the greatest in Kdramaland, as you prolly know already, but these two women are special.  One of the most memorable moments in this drama came early on when In-hye told Mama Kim:

I married Sang-do because I loved him, but I came into your home [another term for marriage] because of you, Mother.

In-hye has no parents – and hasn’t for quite some time – so the Kim family was truly like her own family.  And though Mama Kim would scold In-hye, there was always an underlying love.  It was like a mom scolding her own daughter.

My guess: Mama Kim really does have Alzheimer’s or some other memory impairment, and In-hye’s gonna come back to care for her.  It may take some time for this storyline to develop, but I’m pretty sure that’s what we’ll see down the line.  Meanwhile, Do-hee’s gonna warn off In-hye from Hyun-tae, which will knock off a few more episodes here and there~  But I still think there’s a good chance In-hye’s gonna enter H.Farm (the company Hyun-tae’s family owns), perhaps even with the help of Ji-eun.  Ji-eun may want In-hye close by so she can watch her, but Madame President will not be pleased if this possibility pans out.  Speaking of Madame President, it’s gonna be a MAJOR uphill battle for In-hye + Hyun-tae.  I was a bit surprised that Madame President asked Do-hee to tell In-hye to back off… but it’s just a sign that the In-hye + Hyun-tae line is now taking center stage.  I’m SUPER excited to finally see this OTP’s storyline get under way – HAPPY DAYS are soon to follow!



4 responses to “Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 51-55

  1. dude i have to say im getting confused between the two dailies. ahahhaa but i love this mama story line. I hope In-hye will be back and mama kim will remember her. If not i think my heart will die…

    • hahahahhaaha you wouldn’t get confused if you waaaatched theeeem~~~ heehheheehee!! ^^
      i totes didn’t even think of mama kim not remembering in-hye… oh my gawsh, don’t jinx it!

  2. oh my gosh heart-breaking between mama Kim&In-Hye’ conversation.
    finally i can undertsand wht they talked along t’story

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