Can’t Live Without You: Episodes 43-45

Can’t Live Without You took a two-week break during the Olympics, but it’s been back in full force and I can’t be happier.  I confessed earlier to cheating on CLWY with An Angel’s Choice, and a teensy part of it was due to the lack of forward progress in CLWY.  I can only squee so much at Hyun-tae’s kindness as long as In-hye’s still married to the scumbag Sang-do.  Yes, dailies usually take thrice as many episodes as primetime shows to get anywhere plot-wise, but CLWY was beginning to test the limits of my patience.

In any case, I was on the fence about sticking with CLWY, but Episode 54 did it for me like nothing ever could.  I’m just gonna bring us up to Episode 45 in this post then do 46-50 in the next post (as kindly requested by Xancy).  I’ll write the mini recaps for this week’s episodes once Episode 55 airs later today (Friday).

Episodes 43-45

For a very brief summary of Episodes 1-42, please refer to my earlier post.

Episode 43: The witch (and I’m using it as a euphemism for another rhyming word) comes to the Kim family home to return Mama Kim’s cell phone.  The unsuspecting Mama Kim invites Ga-young in for tea, and you can only imagine that doesn’t go over too well with In-hye.  Mom Min has a cry-fest the night before Ji-soo’s wedding and everyone gets in a good cry.  Meanwhile, Madame President is none too pleased after witnessing Hyun-tae adorably saying goodbye to Ki-chan and In-hye.  She’s still trying to get Hyun-tae and Ji-eun together.  Hyun-tae has no intention of getting back together with Ji-eun, nor working at the family company H.Farm.  Wedding Day dawns bright and clear, and Ji-soo is absolutely darling.  Unfortunately, the witch decides to make an appearance at the family affair.  Hyun-tae (who is Ji-soo’s cousin) fortunately spots the witch before everyone else and drags her out…


Episode 44: Sang-do leaves in the middle of the wedding to meet the witch and chastises her for coming.  In-hye goes in search for him and Hyun-tae follows to protect her, to spare her from seeing Sang-do and the witch together.  Cut to pinkblossom raging at the computer as the witch clings to Sang-do like a wet barnacle to a rock.  Despite Hyun-tae’s best efforts, In-hye sees the two sorry excuses for human beings leaving together and chases after them.  Hyun-tae, of course, follows, and they just miss Sang-do racing off in the car with the witch.  Awkwardness ensues as everyone waits for Sang-do and In-hye to show up for the family photo…  The newlyweds leave for their honeymoon, and In-hye gets an earful for disappearing like that.  Mom Min staggers home with the help of Uncle Kim, who’s getting’ cozy with Auntie Min.  Mama Kim rips on In-hye, and Pops Kim tries to stop his wife.  She’s having none of it, and asks In-hye what the heck is going on these days.  Is she having an affair?  And thus Pops Kim is forced to finally drop the bomb: It’s your son who’s cheating!


Episode 45: Kim family meltdown pretty much sums it up.  Mama Kim nearly passes out from the shock, Sang-do tramples through the flood of tears and says he wants to live with the witch, Chi-do begs Sang-do to reconsider (and the poor guy speaks from first-hand experience as the byproduct of an affair), and Sang-do ignores it all to pack his stuff and leave.  Good riddance, I say.  Madame President, meanwhile, has her panties in a wad after seeing her son with In-hye several times and decides to hold a press conference naming Hyun-tae as the new CEO and Ji-eun as some executive position or another.  Min-do and Ji-soo, enjoy their honeymoon~  Auntie Min and Uncle Kim get cozy as they share a bottle of wine…  Sang-do calls Hyun-tae to share drinks as the scumbag wallows in ‘misery,’ and Hyun-tae drops the loser off at a motel.  Ugh.  Hyun-tae, you need to ditch this guy and find a better friend.  In-hye overhears bratty Do-hee the next morning saying the Kim family needs to be careful not to lose custody of Ki-chan.  Girlfriend, you are just plain petty.



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