Answer Me 1997- Ep 9

These two episodes weren’t so heavy on Shi-won/Yoon-jae action but more on Shi-won/Tae-woong and Yoon-jae/Joon-hee! But I decided to split the two episodes in two posts since this was longer than expected…

Very summarized recap:

Episode 9

1. This episode has intermittent flashbacks on how Shi-won papa met Shi-won mama. Originally Shi-won mama was trying to give love letters from her friend (Yoon-jae mama) to a guy (Yoon-jae papa). But due to a error, Shi-won mama ends up giving all the letters to Shi-won papa. Shi-won papa falls for Shi-won mama and ends up giving her a love letter. In the end Yoon-jae mama and Yoon-jae papa still end up together. Cute anecdote!

2. Yoon-jae gives fuzzy Yoon-jae pup to Joon-hee after not telling his feelings to Shi-won. Boo-hoo. Some little girl lost her pup which looks just like Yoon-jae pup. She constantly goes to Joon-hee to play with Yoon-jae pup. Joon-hee’s heart is too soft and decides to give the Yoon-jae pup to little girl. It ends up that little girl’s lost pup was actually found by Shi-won and Shi-won papa. Shi-won papa tells Yoon-jae they are keeping lost pup, and Shi-won named the pup Yoon-jae and hugs it even when she sleeps. Heartbreak…  Later on, both puppies are in a clearing in the park. The little girl comes and grabs a puppy, while Shi-won comes and grabs the other.

4. Tae-woong started a sucessful online teaching business and is now one of Busan’s wealthiest people. Tae-woong takes Shi-won on expensive KBBQ date, plays games, and goes to buy cell phones with her. Shi-won doesn’t seem to show direct romantic interest in Tae-woong but basks in his niceness and his taking care of her. Tae-woong gives her a cell phone (he had bought couple cell phones) and says he put in his number as speed dial 1. He asks her to be his girlfriend. Shi-won looks confused and troubled and asks for some time to think about it. Tae-woong agrees.

5. Shi-won acts the same as usual with Yoon-jae. She jumps on his back, asks him what will she do without him and tells him that she likes him (all in jest). Yoon-jae becomes increasingly annoyed with her antics and throws her off, telling her Tae-woong won’t like this. Shi-won is confused at his extreme reactions.

6. Present day 2012: Eun Dokki (Eun Ji-won fan aka Shi-won’s arch enemy) comes to the reunion with her minion and both their husbands in tow. Playful banter ensues. The Eun Dokki couple is absolutely sickeningly mushy…

Thoughts: Yoon-jae’s voiceover this episode says that everyone is born with a red string tied to their pinky finger which connects them to the true love/other half. The string becomes tangled and often it becomes hard to find this other half. This imagery is mimicked in the puppy exchange. I would like to think that Shi-won grabs the puppy Yoon-jae originally bought for her. This is also mirrored in the parents relationship. There is some confusion but the right people ended up together. (Hopefully I’m interpreting this correctly). I really really hope this indicates that Shi-won will eventually find her way to Yoon-jae. Yes, I am die-hard for this first love to happen as the end all. Otherwise , this episode was really focused on Tae-woong revealing his feelings to Shi-won.  I’m not really getting the Eun Dokki business but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

5 responses to “Answer Me 1997- Ep 9

  1. OMO! I watched EP 9 Raw, living each moment through body language. I am with you on the SW/YJ ship – and I trust that just like the puppy and her parents. Everyone will find their rightful place – its really unbelievable that Shiwon would fall in love with her sisters fiancee its only been six years to her death. I truly believe since she is young she hasnt realized the implication of her decision/choices. Just with her bouts of confusion of what does this all mean, Seriously her first kiss was YoonJae not so long ago and she kicked the poor guy in the shins lol is this a person that is truly ready for an intimate relationship with another person – especially an older one. On the other hand, isnt Mr Taewong supposedly running for presidency. I cant really see Ms Shiwon as the first lady of a country – it really is a far stretch of the imagination. I can’t wait for the resolution & hopefully my expectations will be met.

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