Answer Me 1997- Ep 10

Ok….and then episode 10!

1. Everyone goes to a club. Eun Dokki’s BFF (I really don’t know her name) performs a solo on stage. Sung-jae is 100% mesmerized. Joon-hee performs as well. Shi-won and Yoo-jung go crazy! He is SOOOO COOL! I’m not into the 90’s dance type, but man Yoon-jae is one hot dancing boy. And that smile he flashes at Yoon-jae afterwards would make any girl melt. Heck if I were a guy, I would still melt. Anyway, Eun Dokki’s BFF tells Joon-hee to be her boyfriend and gives her BB call to him. Joon-hee turns it down, saying he has someone he likes. Sung-jae swoops in and gives his number to Eun Dokki’s BFF. She allows him to follow her.

2. Tae-woong shows his employees a picture of his girlfriend (Shi-won). They don’t really believe him, but tell their boss that she’s pretty (what can you say otherwise to you boss?).

3. After the club, everyone separates. The Sung-jae and Eun Dokki’s BFF and Yoo-jung and Hak-chan couples separately go watch the same late night movie starring Eun Ji-won (hahahaa). Shi-won runs off so Joon-hee can hang out with Yoon-jae alone. Joon-hee and Yoon-jae go eat at one of Joon-hee’s sister’s workplace. Yoon-jae asks Joon-hee why he has so many secrets. Joon-hee asks Yoon-jae why he didn’t give Yoon-jae puppy to Shi-won. Yoon-jae changes the subject and asks for soju. Yoon-Jae asks why Joon-hee doesn’t tell Shi-won that he likes her. Oh, Yoon Jae, you poor confused boy! Shi-won hangs out with Tae-woong. They have a cute lovey dovey convo and discuss Shi-won’s going to Seoul for an awards ceremony in which H.O.T. might performace.

4. The day of the music awards ceremoney. Sechskies and H.O.T. fans wait in the rain facing each other. They throw insults at each other and just when you think an epic battle will ensue, everyone is allowed to enter the concert. Both group of fans cheer like crazy for their oppas. But alas, neither group wins the award, and everyone is devastated.

5. The boys play basketball, but Sung-jae and Hak-chan leave when they know their girls have returned from the concert. Yoon-jae and Joon-hee chat. Joon-hee asks why Yoon-jae likes Shi-won. Isn’t it because Yoon-jae is so used to having her around and is so comfortable with her? No, Yoon-jae says, it’s because Shi-won is pretty, pretty in his eyes. Yoo-Jung asks Hak-chan why he likes her. He says because she is cute and pretty. Shi-won asks Tae-woong why he likes her. Isn’t it because she is like her older sister whom he loved? He says no, at first it was like that but now he realizes it’s because Shi-won is pretty. Eun-dokki’s BFF asks Sung-jae why he likes her. He answers because of your boobs. Smooth….and he is left alone in the dust.

6. Yoon-jae asks why Joon-hee likes Shi-won. Joon-hee says he doesn’t like Shi-won and that he likes Yoon-jae. Yoon-jae pauses in shock, but quickly laughs it off as a joke. Joon-hee lets the joke go on and laughs along with Yoon-jae. 😦

Thoughts: This episode is all about why you like someone. I don’t know, I’m still having a hard time buying that Tae-woong only liking Shi-won now because she’s pretty. It’s just not enough. But the main focus in this episode is really Yoon-jae/Joon-hee. Joon-hee finally confesses his feelings, only to have Yoon-jae laugh it off. I’ve been reading various interpretations online. My favorite one is that Yoon-jae believes Joon-hee is telling the truth, but for the sake of their friendship and social acceptance chooses to treat it as a joke. I can understand this. If you look at the screenshot above of Yoon-jae, he freezes up after Joon-hee’s declaration. Then stares at Joon-hee, and his eyes twirl around as if comprehending. But he makes a decision quickly and laughs it off. It really breaks my heart that Joon-hee and Yoon-jae can’t be. Every scene with both of them, Joon-hee only has eyes for Yoon-jae. His eyes never leave Yoon-jae.

In the ending voice-over, Joon-hee states: The reason I like you is because it’s you. That it is you. Besides this, is there any other reason? If I knew the reason then that would be great, then I can find a way not to like you.

There are some last lines that don’t make sense to me in the Chinese subs. It should be along the lines of “you only want that one person to stay besides you, comfortably being together”. If anyone understands it, please let me know his last words in the voice-over. Please and thank you!


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