Rich Man, Poor Woman – Episode 7

Nothing happened this episode. I was disappointed…

Ok well some stuff happened, but there was absolutely no progress made between the OTP. Really getting frustrated. Here is the extremely bare bones summary.

1. Hyuga tells Makoto to take the research job at the pharmaceutical company. He essentially rejects her when she begs to stay with Next Innovation. They both tear up. Awwww.

2. Hyuga decides to sell his own remaining stocks to compensate the people whose personal information was lost by Next Innovation. Next Innovation has regained the publics trust, and stock price is rising.

3. Yoko finds out Asahina plotted against Hyuga, but cannot bear to tell Hyuga this.

4. The board of directors takes up the personal file project again after Hyuga’s honest/heartfelt speech. However, Asahina’s plotting allows the board to vote off Hyuga as the CEO, and the CEO position is given to Asahina.

5. Hyuga quits Next Innovation!

I think this shot is so good! Hyuga is hunched over facing so many reporters. He’s staggering under the shock and burden. It’s Hyuga against the world. 😦 Makoto come rescue him!

But anyway this episode had no romantic progress! I don’t like this at all!!! Next Innovation/Asahina drama is seriously not interesting enough to carry this drama. Sigh. Β May next week be better.

Credit: Natnatvip for awesome videos/subs.


6 responses to “Rich Man, Poor Woman – Episode 7

  1. awww, too bad about the lack of progress in the romance dept. i mean, what’s the point of every drama ever?! ROMANCE!! even if it’s not intended to be~ heehehee!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. it so sad to watch hyuga let go his baby “next innovation”
    hope hyuga can accept his feeling for makoto…why he must denied his feeling for her??
    waiting for next ep hopefully it gona be brighter than this sad 2 last episode (i’v began feel sad since episode6)

    • I totally agree. the episode was flowing so well and so on beat for the first 5 episodes. then these last two just plodded along.

      But yah hyuga needs to face his obvious feelings!!!

  3. You already know, without the Romance – who cares about the Makjang lol I am not sure how many eps this show is slotted for but my JDorama guess they only have about two to four hours left. Make it worthwhile – writers

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