Answer Me 1997- Preview 11,12


Ok so waiting for Chinese subs is killing me. I just watched the raw episodes 9, 10, which made little sense as I don’t understand Korean at all. Sigh, times I really wish I knew Korean….

But this is keeping me ridiculously stoked!

Translation (for people like me):

Tae-Woong (to Siwon): Between lovers, there is a deep meaning. I want to have you.

Yoon-Jae (to Siwon): I like you. I like you. What should I do? What do you want me to do?

Siwon (to Tae-woong): Oppa, I have something to tell you.

Thoughts: God please, Siwon, PLEASE tell Tae-Woong you are not into him. And tell Yoon-Jae, you are actually crazy about him! Or else my heart might break into a million tiny pieces….

Credit: Kpopfan411 for translations


3 responses to “Answer Me 1997- Preview 11,12

  1. Wowsers… Yes! I truly hope that her relationship with Tae-Wong never reaches that climatic part where you just can undo bad decisions. For us to feel comfortable, with her moving from brother to brother. A realization has to take place and I think its that Shiwon, needs to understand whole-heartedly that she is not playing house. That this is for REAL, that she has made a choice – will she follow that choice or make a new one before it is to late. OMO, I cannot wait for ep 11-12. I am on YoonJae/Shiwon persuasion, I believe that the way they are acting in 2012 is modeling their “parental role models” Shiwons parents. EXCITEMENT!

    • ah! totally agree with you. Shiwon told Taewoong in episode 9 that she has grown up. But i don’t think that’s really true yet. She is definitely still playing house haha. She’s just enjoying all the nice things that come with Taewoong’s money

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