An Angel’s Choice: Episode 103

Oh, what, there’s a story to this show?  You mean there’s something besides Mr. Hottie Wang Min-jae?

Episode 103

Min-jae lays his heart bare, telling Eun-seol he’s willing to give up anything and everything for her.  Stinky Eun-seol, apparently, hasn’t gotten my notice about needing to step up her game.  She continues on her path of self-destruction, which I wouldn’t have any problem with, if she weren’t taking Min-jae down with her.  Ugh.

Soft-hearted Ma Wang worries about Min-jae, regretting forcing him to attend the engagement.  I LOVE her: “I can live without you (hubby) but I can’t live without Min-jae!  If you kick out Min-jae, I’ll leave, too!”   Heee!

Yoo-ran hands out her ghost-written beauty book at home~  I can’t wait for everyone to find out that she didn’t pen the book herself.  Meanwhile, Sang-ho is hilariously still visibly upset that the engagement didn’t go through…

Min-jae tells Secretary/Chauffeur Dal-bong: “I thought getting engaged to Soo-kyung was what was best for Eun-seol, but now I feel that’ll just make all of us unhappy and miserable.”  Yeah, you’re just gonna be miserable all around.  Don’t do it!  He unfortunately gets a call from Ma that Soo-kyung has passed out from all the trauma and grief and shock and whatever other word Soo-kyung can come up with to guilt-trip the poor guy.  Min-jae goes to the hospital to meet with Soo-kyung…  Ugh.

Eun-seok successfully snares Sang-ho in his trap, and the oblivious Sang-ho asks Eun-seol to congratulate him and have dinner in celebration of his successful business venture.  Haahahaha!  Eun-seol declines the dinner invitation but gets him to agree to join her for her magazine interview – she wants his face out in the public and for him to talk about the Beauty Center.  As he’s giving the interview the next day, she says to herself, “The higher you climb, Park Sang-ho, the farther you’ll fall.”  Let the destruction begin!

Preview for Episode 103: OMGaawsh, Min-jae told his father he’d take responsibility for what happened with Soo-kyung.  The “R” word aka marriage?!?  Nooooo!  As for Sang-ho, the noose is starting to tighten around his neck…

Thoughts: I CAN’T BELIEVE Soo-kyung’s hospitalization tactic worked.  Come on, this show ain’t a throwback to the 90’s – we’ve moved past that trick!  Nooooo!!  I’m afraid that the romance is gonnna take a back burner to the revenge plot… which makes about zero sense in pinkblossom’s world, because ROMANCE is THE point to every drama ever.  Period.  *wails*



2 responses to “An Angel’s Choice: Episode 103

  1. I known I’m pretty late but…. Damn I really really want to watch this drama! I’m a big fan of Jung Yoon, but understand little Korean only….

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