An Angel’s Choice: Episode 102

Oh my GAWSH, this episode was… WOW.

I’m a sucker for previews and spoilers, and I’ve become preeetty decent at guessing what’ll happen using my drama sleuthing skills.  But An Angel’s Choice has gone waaay beyond my expectations several episodes in a row, already, and all I can say is WOWZAS.  Major props.

I ain’t a fan of clichés, though I have a ginormously maginormous tendency to use them.  So I’m gonna use one today.  Shows you just how logical I am.  Cliché of the day: a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Or in this case, screencaps are worth thirty minutes of An Angel’s Choice.


Episode 102

Eun-seok’s got Sang-ho right where he wants him: in the dark and waiting to get owned.

Poor Min-jae has reluctantly agreed to get engaged.  Or I guess, he has readily agreed to sacrifice his happiness for Eun-seol.  Sigh.  Cue engagement ceremony…

Buuut a glitch.  Eun-seol gets a package delivered to her home: the postcard and potted cactus from Episode 90-something-or-another where she and Min-jae wrote down their wishes at a cute café (right before she stomped on his heart).  Melodramatic music goes on full blast as Eun-seol goes running to cry at Min-jae from afar – totally made possible by the conveniently glass-paned doors.  Min-jae, using his hyperaware Eun-sol radar sees her aaaaand…

Goes chasing after her, leaving Soo-kyung at the not-quite-altar.  He eventually finds Eun-seol at the bakery where they used to volunteer together.  Smoochy smooch and back-hugs all around.  The ever-placid pinkblossom go beserk and the green-eyed monster makes its appearance.

But even more priceless than Soo-kyung crying and yelling at her dad and being annoying?  Sang-ho and Yoo-ran.  Man, I’ve said this before, but these two just make me CRACK UP.  They’re the BEST villains EVER.  For seriously.  Mr. Flipflop goes from delirious at the thought that Min-jae’s getting engaged, to ranting/depressed at the news that the fiancé-to-be ditched his fiancée-to-be.  Heee!

Preview for Episode 103:  Eun-seol continuing to be stupid, and Soo-kyung in the hospital.  Sigh.  Girlfriends – both of you! – are we really gonna go there?  Eun-seol, you need to get your act together.  And Soo-kyung, it sucks that you were ditched at your engagement ceremony, but nooo one falls for the hospitalization trick anymore.  You need to watch more Kdramas and come up with a better plan to snare your man who’s not – and never will be – your man.

Just some thoughts: I really can’t see a logical and believable way for Pops Wang to come around on the marriage issue, which means drastic measures may be needed…  And I mean something more than Min-jae getting plastered every day and running a 102o fever.  Usually in cases like this, the guy gets into an accident to save the girl… but since Eun-seol is the one in need of the approval, I say she hire someone to come gunning at Min-jae so she can push him out of the way and be dramatically tossed against the windshield.  She may need to practice a bit to minimize damage, but we’ve got an extra 20 episodes, so I’m sure she can make good use of her time.

Until tomorrooow~!!  Please share your thoughts below — I’d love to hear what you’re thinkin’/feelin’!! 😀



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