An Angel’s Choice: Episode 101

Oh.  My.  Gaaawsh.  This episode was a majillion bajillion kinds of awesome – waaay more than I could have ever expected!

News: An Angel’s Choice has received an extension so it’ll wrap up with 140 episodes.  I’m happy to be seein’ my Min-jae for 20 more episodes, but I fear that it’s just gonna take that much longer for our OTP to get their happily ever after… -__-  Maaaybe, they’ll just have more episodes to be SQUEEE together!!!  *fingers crossed*  Here’s hoping.

To be quite frank, I don’t have a whole lot of that elusive thingymajiggerbobbers called “time,” so I can’t do a scene-by-scene, dialogue-by-dialogue recap of these episodes.  We’re talking about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 100+ episodes…

Today’s recap is a bit longer than I’d expected, but I’ll prolly be soon presenting to you The Episode as Seen in Pictures.


Episode 101

Eun-seol meets up with Sang-ho for drinks and gets a-workin’ on her Mission: Sink My Claws Into Sang-ho.  Sang-ho, naturally, falls for it hook, line, and sinker.  Did I ever mention how much I love the comic timing and acting of Yoon Hee-suk (Sang-ho)?!?  Love it.

Eun-seol returns to the office and goes into Min-jae’s room, recalling happy times:

She tearfully says goodbye in the empty room, wishing Min-jae a happy life.  And voila!  Guess who overheard her?!?

Aaaaah!!  No explanations needed:

Poor Min-jae comes home pissing drunk.

Eun-seok poses as the Japanese businessman and Sang-ho gleefully believes himself to have pulled off a coup.

Eun-seol heads on over to Sang-ho’s home for the next stage of Mission: Sink My Claws Into Sang-ho – getting’ cozy with his mom.  The key?  Beauty spa passes.  She deliberately spills OJ all over herself – then sprays more on for good measure – so that she can “borrow” one of Yoo-ran’s dresses.

Yoo-ran, of course, goes nuts when she comes home to see Eun-seol coming out of her and Sang-ho’s bedroom wearing her (Yoo-ran’s) clothes.

The ever coy Eun-seol.

Heh heh heh.

But bad news awaits: Pops and Ma Wang go to the Choi home to give them plane tickets to America.  Why does every K-Cinderella ever have to come to America?!?  .

Anyhoo, Pops Wang’s chauffeur/secretary gives Min-jae the heads-up, and Mr. Hottie comes racing to the Choi house.

Ensue shouting match between father and son, and finally – sob! – Min-jae says he’ll get engaged to Soo-kyung.  Eun-seol has to right all the wrongs done to her, so he can’t allow her to be sent off to America.  He gets on his knees and begs his father to let her stay in Korea.  Aaaack!

Oh man, what is it about guys on their knees that gets me every single time?!

Wang family comes home…

All the light/life has gone out of his face.  Girlfriend – I mean you, Oh Soo-kyung! – you really wanna marry this guy that you dragged to the altar?!

Looks so saaad!  And Ma Wang, she has such a soft heart.

Girlfriend — and this time, I’m talking to you, Choi Eun-seol! — you deserve to cry a little for putting the poor man through all that heartbreak.

Mom Park suffering after learning she was scammed of bajillions.

The story of these cheaters’ lives: Yoo-ran feeling paranoid and upset,Sang-ho just annoyed by all the nagging.  She’s worse than a fishwife.

Eun-seok poses again as the Japanese businessman and meets with Sang-ho.


Previews for Episode 102 show:




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