Answer Me 1997- Episode 7, 8

Ok, just some of my favorite parts and thoughts about them. Answer Me 1997 is so good on so many levels!

Favorite parts:

1. Yoo-jung is on a date with Hak-chan eating crab. She wants to break up because he eats his crab with 3 fingers on each hand and it’s dirty. Next date, she wants to break up with him because he’s wearing the same collar shaped clothes on his inside shirt and outside shirt. Another date, she wants to break up with him but leaves without telling him why. Hak-chan complains to the guys, and the guys agree she’s crazy. Then, we find out Hak-chan has forgotten her birthday. Uh-oh…the boys beat Hak-chan up for his noobiness.


2. Shi-won sits with Yoon-jae on a bench. Sung-jae comes over and says the teacher wants to see Yoon-jae. The teacher is furious since the schools #1 student (Yoon-jae) doesn’t want to go to Seoul University Med School but wants to go to pilot school. As Yoon-jae stands up, a younger girl student runs over and tries to give him the cake she made. She is basically telling him he likes her. He refuses her coldly and leaves. Shi-won runs up and apologizes for Yoon-jae, receiving the cake for him. Sung-jae and Shi-won revel over the beautiful cake. Shi-won wonders why Yoon-jae is so cold. Sung-jae says “You don’t know yet? Yoon-jae is only warm to you.” Shi-won hesitates but doesn’t seem to process as she is too concentrated on the cake.


Heartbreaking part:

Yoon-jae goes to great lengths to find a dog that looks exactly like himself to give to Shi-won after their final big High School to College exam. He plans to tell her he likes her and ask her to be his girlfriend. Tae-woong picks him up and drives him to school where Yoon-jae plans to meet Shi-won. They talk and Tae-woong reveals he is planning to meet with Shi-won after as well. Yoon-jae tells Tae-woong not to be too nice to Shi-won or else she will think Tae-woong likes her. Tae-woong tells Yoon-jae he does like Shi-won and plans to tell her when they meet. Yoon-jae stares at Taewoong. Yoon-jae had told Tae-woong earlier in the episode to that Tae-woong should live his own life now that Yoon-jae is an adult. Yoon-jae gets out and doesn’t enter the school gate. Shi-won waits inside for him getting impatient. Yoon-jae walks away. Yoon Jae voiceover: This was my life’s first D-Day. On D-Day, you can only win or lose. Although I prepared thoroughly for my D-Day, I lost terribly. The reason for my loss was that I failed to do recon. End episode.


Explanation: Episode 8 was all about D-Day. It was basically a huge day for all the characters. They are taking the biggest test of their life (plays a big part in determining which college they go to). And they all have important things to do after. Hak-chan and Yoo-jung have a date at his house (she thinks that he wants to have sex, but she got her period). Sung-jae drags Joon-hee to noraebang to pick up girls. Yoon-jae wants to confess his feelings to Shi-won. Tae-woong has quit his teaching job, bought a car, and wants to confess to Shi-won as well. This day could determine the rest of their lives! Watch it! πŸ™‚

Thoughts: What! Me= heart broken. Is Yoon-jae really going to leave and not tell Shi-won? Will he like Tae-woong swoop in and steal Shi-won? I can see why Yoon-jae would just leave and not tell Shi-won his feelings. He feels indebted to his brother and wants his brother to be happy. He is torn between his own happiness and that of his brother’s. Ahhh!

Conjecture: So here’s the break down of the clues in present day episode 7 and 8 as to whom might be the baby daddy.

Tae-woong = papa

1. Shi-won asks for Tae-woong to bring her jacket from his car.

2. Tae-woong introduces Shi-won as his loving…what she is to him is cut off for mystery’s sake.

3. Yoon-jae mentions that Tae-woong is married (but to whom?)

Yoon-jae = papa

1. Shi-won asks for Yoon-jae to take her cell phone case off.

2. They fight shamelessly in public.

Round 7,8= Tae-woong wins! Sigh 😦 Still hopelessly rooting for Yoon-jae + Shi-won ultimate ending. PLEASE DON’T BREAK MY HEART DRAMA!

3 responses to “Answer Me 1997- Episode 7, 8

  1. i’m waiting to watch this one after all the episodes are out — can’t deal with the weekly suspense and agony i have a feeling i’m gonna be experiencing x___x heeehehehee! i have a soft spot for song jong-ho (tae-woong), but i don’t know if i’ll like him here… oh noooes xDDD

    • aww do I have too many spoilers up? you MUST watch this when its all out though. It’s as addicting as BIG but SOOO MUCH BETTER. It’s one of the best things i have watched in a LONG TIME. ok…sorry too many caps. I am so crushing on seo in guk now. hes #2 after So Ji Sub

      • nooo, i need the spoilers!! heee! i can’t believe seo in-gook is making such a splash in dramaland — he’s definitely a successful case of singer-turned-actor ^^ so ji-sub better get his game on! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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