Rich Man, Poor Woman- Episode 6

This episode went by super fast. I’m still reeling at all the things that happened. However, strangely it feels like nothing happened at all.

Short Summary: The episode takes us through the time right up until the personal private information is leaked. We see Hyuga take Yoko home. Yoko wants to go to his house but he says he has other business. Makoto ends up at a goukon (a group date) and Hyuga ends up at the same restaurant by chance. Makoto tells Hyuga that he can call her at anytime to share his troubles.


The next day, we see Makoto drive Asahina home in his car since his foot is broken. Asahina teases Makoto the whole time for her crappy driving. As they get out of the car in the parking lot, Asahina sees Tono (bad guy, ex-employee whom Asahina is working with to bring down Hyuga) so Asahina quickly grabs Makoto in a hug preventing her from seeing Tono and connecting the dots. Makoto laughs the hug off and runs away.

We are brought back to the present day information leak and Next Innovation’s stock crashing. Hyuga holds a investors meetings in which angry investors scream that they want their money back. A woman throws food at Hyuga in anger.

Back in the office, Asahina thoroughly yells at Hyuga telling him he is too naive in his goals and too stubborn in his pursuits. Makoto stands outside and listens. She goes in after and tries to give Hyuga a towel to wipe his clothes. However, Hyuga sends her away with Asahina to deal with some business with the investors.

When Makoto returns with Asahina, the office is empty and dark. They get to work quickly, although Makoto continues to worry about Hyuga.

Hyuga broods at his home but things of Makoto and smiles. He calls her, but she is in another room talking to Asahina. Asahina says hugging her the other day was not a joke. He asks Makoto why she cannot take her eyes off Hyuga for a bit and notice him (Asahina).

Hyuga throws his phone down and calls Makoto a liar. His doorbell rings. He goes to answer it (smiling as if expecting Makoto, at least this is what I think). But it is Yoko, who asks if she can come in. He lets her in, and they drink. Hyuga’s phone rings, and Yoko stops him from picking it up. She kisses him again. This time he returns her kiss.

Thoughts: WTF! No more YOKO. I’m tired of this girl. She is way too desperate for Hyuga meat! I believe the person calling Hyuga at the end scene is Makoto although I can’t read Japanese. It wasn’t translated with the Chinese subs i was watching, so I guess I’ll have to look for confirmation. Also does Asahina like Makoto for real? Or is this just another way of getting back at Hyuga. I am thoroughly confused at this point at Asahina’s intentions with Makoto. I guess we will just have to watch and see. Need next episode….dying…

Credit: for having awesome Chinese Subbed videos

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