Answer me 1997- Episode 5, 6

This drama is perfection in every sense. It makes me want to cry, laugh, and love all within a short hour (2 episodes).

Favorite part:

Yoon Jae is staying at the hospital since he broke his arm. Shi Won comes in and makes Yoon Jae sleep on the cot so she to sleep on his bed since her parents are staying overnight at the hospital for their physicals. Yoon Jae can’t sleep all night and stays up just looking at Shi Won. He remembers the day he fell for Shi Won (his first love). It’s the first day of high school and Shi Won sheds her nerdy glasses for contacts. As Yoon Jae walks into her room to get her, he is dazed by how beautiful Shi Won is (note Yoon Jae’s slack-jawed look of awe). He looks down at Shi Won sleeping on his hospital bed, takes off her glasses, puts her hair gently behind her ear, and kisses her cheek. EEEEEK! So squeal worthy! This just drives me crazy!!!Image

Thoughts: SPOILER ALERT. So we know in present time who the couple is (Hak Chan and Yoo Jung). The couple have their own ridiculously cute moment in 1997 since Hak Chan steps it up and stops acting like a complete noob. But more mysteries are revealed in present day. Shi Won is preggers! Gasp! But who is the father? There 3 possible fathers: Yoon Jae, Tae Woong, and Joon Hee. I’m going to rule Joon Hee out since he has a crush on Yoon Jae. I really don’t think he is going to turn bisexual, that’s just too fan fiction-like and he just doesn’t seem to be sexually confused at all. Also don’t like Tae Woong as the baby daddy. That’s just wrong on so many levels! He was Shi Won’s dead older sister’s fiance. Plus how can you marry your younger brother’s first love. That’s just wrong!!! Too twisted. So you probably know, I am rooting for Yoon Jae 100%. I don’t believe that first love has to be the last love in real life. But this is a drama, PLEASE, drama give me the ending that I want!!!

Don’t break my heart! or Yoon Jae’s.

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