A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 19

Ack ack ack ack aaack!!!  Giggle giggle giggle.  Sniffle sniffle.  Hee hee hee hee heeeee!!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up how Episode 19 went down.  Why bother with grammar and syntax and sentences and paragraphs and flow when you’ve got such wonderful onomatopoeias to express everything you ever think or feel?  I mean, cavemen communicated just fine with grunts.  I say we go back to the good ol’ days, eh?  The ratings for today’s episode dropped a whopping 6.3% to manage 18.1% (Episode 18 hit 24.4%) nation-wide.  My predictions weren’t too far off~


Episode 19 Thoughts

Prologue: HILARIOUS, as usual!  I love that the F44 so perfectly captured the double standards of men: any kind of skin showing from their women = a big no no.  Can’t stand it.  Sends them into a jealous tizzy even though no other men are present.  But any other woman?  The more showing the merrier!

Do-jin + Yi-soo: I’ve said it so many times, but really, these two are just ADORBS.  The majority of this drama was spent following their ups and down to finding happiness, so these last couple of episodes have just been fanservice, really.  There ain’t no conflict left – or at least I certainly hope not – for these two, since they’ve been wrung out in pretty much every possible shape and form.  They’ve already gotten their happily ever after, and though I dooon’t think we’ll see a wedding in tomorrow’s episode for this couple, we can be certain they’ll continue to enjoy their lives together.

Tae-san + Se-ra: Like DJ+YS, these two have worked through their major – and I mean major – issues.  The previews show Se-ra passing out tomorrow, and I dare to wonder if she’s…pregnant!  That would be a nice little way to cap off their story, with Se-ra accepting the fact that she doesn’t have to be a huge golf star in order to be worthy of love.  Who knows, maybe she’ll come back as an even better golfer once she becomes a wife and mother!

Yoon + Mae-ah-ri: I’ve really rooted for this couple for a long time, and I’ve been on cloud nine these last few episodes as the two made BIG steps forward.  As I mentioned before, it was only a matter of time before Tae-san acknowledged that Yoon and Mae-ah-ri were meant to be.  And as I also said before, Tae-san is not unjustified in his opposition.  Nonetheless, he did consciously make the decision to give in to the inevitable, and in what a grand fashion – giving his blessings to their marriage.  I’m super dee duper excited for the wedding I’m assuming we’ll see in tomorrow’s episode!!

Jung-rok + Min-sook: And I’ve saved the best for last.  Yes, after much thought and deliberation, I think this couple has to be my favorite.  They’re so wacked in the best sort of way, and their arguments are just all kinds of cute.  Does that make me weird?  Well, I’m embracin’ it, then.  But for seriously, underneath all the bluster of Min-sook is a sweet heart of gold.  And underneath the rakishness of Jung-rok is a steadfast, forever kind of love.  The saying that “Reformed rakes make the best husbands” doesn’t even factor in here, because Jung-rok’s not a real rake.  He’s just a wannabe.  But I do think he will be the best of husbands.  Dare I say, the best of the F44?

Hope you all enjoyed the penultimate episode of A Gentleman’s Dignity.  Can’t wait to see how everything is neatly tied together – with a bow, no less! – tomorrow.  Oh, and of course, how that HILARIOUS club scene’s gonna pan out.  Hee!



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