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Cyber-crime drama Ghost (or Phantom) came to an end today with its 20th episode and happiness all around – well, for the protagonists.  I didn’t follow this one from start to finish, but the few episodes I did catch along the way were interesting enough to propel me to watch the ending.  Yeah, I’m a spoilsport.

There have been quite a few articles about Ghost ending on a lower note ratings-wise, with a 12.2%, while Gaksital hit its highest yet with a 19.5%.  But the majority of reviews are praising Eom Ki-joon and So Ji-sub for anchoring this drama with their amazing performances.  Of course, being the Eom Ki-joon fan that I am, I couldn’t resist taking a stab at the final thirty minutes of Episode 20.  I am in no ways qualified to review this drama in its entirety, but I just wanted to comment on the bits and pieces I had the pleasure of watching.

The ending today saw the fall – literally – of its resident villain Cho Hyun-min, played by Eom Ki-joon, after he learned that Shin Hyo-jung had loved him and had been pregnant with his child before he pushed her to her death.  Yeah, that’s a mouthful.  But I touch upon this because Eom Ki-joon was just absitively posolutely fantastic.  He does the cold, nasty evil dude SO well, which is why he’s done quite a few supporting roles with this type of character.  But he’s also incredibly warm, which I wish I could see more.  There was a flashback today of Cho coming to see Shin after killing his uncle (yeah, not so nice), and the concern on his face, the love and cherishment he held for Shin, was so touching.  Yeah, he’s still a murderer, but you can’t deny the man loved his woman, and Eom Ki-joon was brilliant.  And if we wanna talk brilliant, we can’t forget the subtle shift in emotions, the shock and regret and agony that was Just. So. Brilliantly. Done. when he learned that Shin had been pregnant with his child.  No bawling, no crazy screams, no nothing to excess.  Everything’s in the eyes, in the face, in the body language.  That whole Phantom of the Opera track blasting in the background, I think, was a big big big mistake.  They should have let the acting do its own singing and talking.  It was more than enough.

I understand the writer’s intent in making Cho Hyun-min fall to his death in a mirroring of Shin Hyo-jung’s death.  It’s the closure to this show, which began with Shin’s fall to death.  We’ve come full circle.  I understand the narrative purpose.  But I reaaaally reaaaaalllly would have preferred, on a personal level, not to include a suicide.  This isn’t a pretty world we’re dealing with in Ghost, with all the hacking and lying and cheating and killing everywhere.  But suicide is something that’s a pretty big problem – especially amongst teens and celebrities – in Korea, and I physically flinch whenever it’s referenced or implied or portrayed or ANYTHING in dramas/movies/shows/music.  So Ji-sub had his own brush with it when his best friend Park Yong-ha ended his life several years ago.  It was a very difficult time for everyone, and So Ji-sub just hasn’t looked the same since.  He may smile and laugh, but there’s a shadow over his face.  I know gritty is popular, and I know hearts and rainbows don’t cut it in the entertainment industry, but it’s just my personal desire not to see such things portrayed so vividly in dramas or films.  Actor Cha In-pyo’s words really come to mind.  When on SBS’s talk show Healing Camp several few months ago, he said celebrities just shouldn’t discuss times when they had contemplated ending their lives.  It’s not that he is in any ways unsympathetic to the difficulties that may have pushed people to go so far.  But such thoughts and actions are not the answer to anything, and they are not something that should even be given thought.

All the darkness notwithstanding, I think Ghost made a very laudable stab at the cybercrime – and crime in general – genre.  It’s unfortunate that the show didn’t receive quite as much love as Sign, the procedural crime drama penned by Kim Eun-hee last year (starring Park Shin-yang and Kim Ah-joong), but I think Ghost is nothing to laugh at.  It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was well-done (with great attention to detail!), and I can wholeheartedly applaud all the hard work everyone put into it.


10 responses to “Ghost Finale

  1. Thank you very much for your review and thoughts on Ghost. I also enjoyed Eom Ki Joon’s acting a lot even though I only watched two series with him as the villain. Indeed his acting skill for this type of character is much more admirable and realistic. He is not completely or 100% bad guy and audience can still feel the pathetic feelings/sides in the villain. I admired him for that. I also agree with you on the suicide scene because I think it is not an appropriate act after all. I don’t know what is more suitable for Jo Hyun Min though.

    • hi, chi! welcome & thank you for joining us here at carrotblossom patch!! 😀 we truly appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with us — it makes the experience all the more special for everyone involved 🙂
      i definitely agree that eom ki-joon is all kinds of awesome! which dramas did you watch him in? and yes, i must admit there is no good way to give cho hyun-min a resolution… allowing him to get off scot-free is ridiculous, and sending him to jail is too ‘neat’ an ending, considering he’s practically controlled the law system~ sigh. i guess there’s no solution! xD
      thanks again for your comment, chi! we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us here at the patch!! 😀

      • Thanks for your welcome. I watched him in Hero firstly since my fav actor Lee Joon Gi was in there. And I realized that he brought the character to life with love and hatred. It is hard to find an actor who can act as a bad guy but you still sympathetic for him.

        About Ghost, I was waiting for Eom Ki Joon to appear at the beginning but had to wait until a few eps. Nevertheless, his acting is awesome once again. For some reasons, I prefer to play this kind of character more since not many actors can play bad guy well.

        • oooh lee joon-ki!! i fell hard for him in “my girl” and loved him in “time of the dog and wolf” ^^ i didn’t watch “hero”, unfortunately xD but i am excited for his new “arang and the magistrate”!! 😀
          and yes, defs agree that it’s hard to do a good” bad guy!! ^^

  2. Hello, again! How can you watch just parts of a drama?? I have to be fully invested – all or nothing.
    You summed up the finale very well. Eom Ki-joon did a fantastic job at portraying a character that you just can’t stand. His final scene where he demonstrated an array of emotions with just his eyes and body language was very impressive. I’m on the same page as you regarding the way they chose to get rid of him. I hate references to it in any way shape or form. Wish he could have been held accountable for his actions in a better way. And I believe you totally nailed it regarding the “shadow” over So Ji Sub’s face. I’ve noticed that for a while and it makes me a little sad for him when I see it.

    • it’s so good to see you here again, SakuraDreams! 🙂
      i used to be all or nothing, too… don’t know what happened! ^^ hahahaaa!!
      thank you for always leaving such wonderful comments 🙂 been enjoying your language series! 😀

      • Thanks so much! I’m working hard to turn it into something good!
        I watched the first episode of “Baby-faced Beauty” with Choi Daniel and I’m not sure if I will stick with it. I enjoy him a little more serious. As I’m sure it will show his sweet and warm side, I kinda prefer him as ‘Hades’.

        • keep it up! i’m learning new things every day thanks to you! 🙂
          “baby-faced beauty” was… okaaay xD i liked choi daniel in “highkick” even though he wasn’t cold/mean, but he and jang ja-ra in “baby” weren’t my cup of tea~ ryu-jin, though, was all kinds of awesome. i’m so glad he FINALLY got some serious attention with “baby” — high time he deserved it! ^^

          • Aww, thanks! That’s just the motivation I need to keep it moving! Okay, I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t quite care for the pairing in “Baby-faced Beauty”. I’ll definitely try “Highkick” and see how I feel about that one. Now that “Ghost” is finished, I need to find something new!

          • eeeeek just a big warning about “highkick” — i HATED the ending, as did a million bajillion other people x____x sad panda

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