A Gentleman’s Dignity Ready to Wrap Up

We’ve been without many of our fixes these past two weeks thanks to the 2012 London Olympics.  There have been a few episodes here and there from Gaksital, Ghost, and others, and Haeundae Lovers made its debut this week.  But for the most part, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the real world to get under way again.  Yeah, that’s right, Dramaland is the real world!  Anyhoo, the F44 Rollercoaster is ready to bow out this weekend with Episodes 19 and 20, and a few spoiler pics have been released to whet our appetites.  The show unfortunately lost quite a bit of steam due to the Olympic break, and we all know what happens ratings- and interest-wise when shows lose steam, especially right before the finale.  The Moon that Embraces the Sun, anyone?

Episode 19 will feature a confrontation between Yoon and Tae-san, and the written preview says the four men will start off the episode covering up their sexily clad ladies with napkins.  Ha!  Episode 20 will feature our F44-turned-F18, as well as the four ladies getting caught while attempting to book the VIP room at a nightclub.  Double ha!

I’ve enjoyed this Rollercoaster quite a bit and now am feeling quite sorry to see it go.  It’s better I’m reluctant to say goodbye rather than desperately pushing it out the door, but bittersweet is still bittersweet.  Can’t wait for this weekend to come.



One response to “A Gentleman’s Dignity Ready to Wrap Up

  1. super excited for your thoughts on the last two episodes. I haven’t watched this drama at all but some of the characters seem so lovable! 🙂

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