Rich Man Poor Woman Ep 1-4

So I had been trying not to watch this drama until more episodes came out so I could marathon it. Alas, I was too weak and ended up watching the first 4 episodes yesterday. And I LOVE IT!

When I first looked at the wikidrama synopsis and picture, I was totally not interested. I mean come on. the drama is called Rich Man Poor Woman. Seriously? Can’t get any more obvious?

But a lot of people seemed to love it. So I thought I’d give it a try. There’s so much more to this drama, and the title just doesn’t do it any justice.

Synopsis: Hyuga Toru (Oguri Shun) is the genius CEO of a sucessful startup company Next Innovation. He is the Japanese version of Steve Jobs/ Mark Zuckerberg. But he is also blunt, sarcastic, stubborn, and disregards all manners and rules. Natsui Makoto (Ishihara Satomi) is a Tokyo University student who struggles to find a job before graduation. She is the opposite of Hyuga in that she is a stickler for rules, strict memorization. Essentially she is another face in the mass populous. However, Makoto attends the Next Innovation new hire interview process and catches Hyuga’s attention by introducing herself as Sawaki Chihiro. And the story starts here!

What I love about this drama:

1. Oguri Shun: This man is HOT. I loved him in Hana Yori Dango and Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. But his recent dramas have really not appealed to me. I’m really excited to have new drama with Oguri Shun that I can get excited about.

2. Ishihara Satomi: She’s adorable! I watched her in Puzzle. Although I don’t remember much about the drama, I remember she was great! She’s cute and beautiful, but not overly beautiful to the point that a regular girl can’t relate to her.

3. Storyline: This story is so much more than a simple love story. Perhaps it uses a lot of plot devices we have seen before like the son with mommy issues, the hardworking girl, free spirited 2nd female lead, and a 2nd male lead that works in the shadows. But it presents these issues together in a fresh new way. The characters aren’t one sided and flat, but multifaceted with hidden feelings. For example, Makoto’s real name isn’t revealed until the 4th episode. We know she is the smart yet naive heroine. Usually this character is honest and pure, yet the writers allow her to lie about her identity in order to get a job. This is so much more realistic than a lot of the characters we see in dramas.

4. Pace. There is one thing I have always loved about the pace of Japanese Dramas. THEY DON’T DRAG! Because the dramas average only 11 episodes, the plot must move on along. Chug chug. So secrets are revealed quickly, and misunderstandings do not get prolonged. This keeps watchers like me on edge and waiting for the next episode!!!



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