Random Wuxia Chinese Dramas

So recently I have been watching some wuxia drama adaptation from Jin Yong’s books. For those of you who aren’t familiar wuxia is a genre of martial arts which encompasses themes of fantasy, love, patriotism, and heavy Chinese history. One of the two most famous wuxia authors include Jin Yong and Gu Long. Jin Yong is a particular favorite of my mother’s. He is an extremely prolific writer and has numerous series out. Each series is 2 to 5 books long. I believe Hong Kong started the earliest drama/movie adaptations in the 70s? But don’t take my word for it. Nowadays China is remaking all of the novels often only waiting 2 years in between remakes (a little to close if you ask me). However, China is beautiful and this is show in all the breathtaking natural scenery. But don’t count on the special effects being realistic. Low budget you know.

I just finished Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龙记) 2009 adaptation which was pretty exciting. I loved certain parts of the story line especially since the main character Zhang Wu Ji probably has the best martial arts of all of Jin Yong’s male characters. However, he is just about the most indecisive man ever. At one point, he has four ladies all liking him and fighting over him. And he cannot make up his mind to who he actually loves and is afraid to anger any of them. This makes me frustrated since its hard to find a OTP to root for. I love Ady An (Taiwanese actress on bottom left of photo) so that’s an added bonus.


Currently started The Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 adaptation. This is actually the only series I’ve read in Chinese so I really love the story. However, I couldn’t get through this adaptation at all for some reason when I tried to watch it a few years back. Crystal Liu (below) is absolutely gorgeous. She plays Xiao Long Nuu (literally Little Dragon Girl) who is beautiful and highly skilled at martial arts.

But anyway. Just wanted to write a little bit about this since this is one of my favorite genres. 🙂


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