Ia Ia I Do (愛啊哎呀,我願意)- Taiwanese Drama Review

So I’ve been watching Ia Ia I Do. It is currently airing in Taiwan on CTV Sundays. It’s probably 4 episodes in. But I’ve been watching the Mainland Version. Dubbed and cut a little differently I believe.

I was pretty addicted 10 episodes in. But then it started getting old.


As I said previously, the premise is that there’s a poor girl Qin Ai Ya (Chen Yi Rong) who works super hard trying to save money. She is an orphan who grew up on a poor but beautiful island. She sets a new goal to marry a rich man. However, in her quest to win over a rich man, she get entangled with and angers super rich Ji Xiang En (Dylan Kuo). 2nd Girl lead is rich/actress Tong Hua who gre up with Xiang En. And 2nd Male lead is another billionaire Wu Wei who wants to get revenge on Xiang En for some past misunderstandings in college.

What is refreshing about the drama is that Ai Ya doesn’t act super saintly or prideful. She’s just a naive girl who wants to make as much money as she can for the sick old granny who took her in and raised her. She doesn’t deny that she isn’t out to land a rich man. She’s blunt and forthright. I thought I would really have a problem with with Chen Yi Rong, as I find that she looks a little too old to be the main actress in these idol dramas. But Chen Yi Rong was surprisingly spritely. I judged her wrongly, although I still find her a little aged.

BEWARE SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH…What is old about this drama is the love story line aspect. Xiang En keeps denying his love for Ai Ya. He keeps being noble and tries to sacrifice himself for Ai Ya. If you love her so much, just hold onto her dammit. Oyah and the classic leading man gets disease towards the end. Don’t get me started about the ending.


Also, I’m not a big fan of Tong Hua (Re Zi Zha). I don’t know if her character is just that annoying or if it’s just her. She is a stuck up bratty actress. I can understand she needs to be the proud actress and privileged daughter. Its just hard to relate to her. However, her undying love for Wu Wei is pretty admirable, since he essentially tricked her and used her to get back at Xiang En.

Oh and Wu Wei is really not believable as the CEO of a company. I keep thinking of him as a constipated high schooler. But he is strangely good-looking at times.

Overall, this drama is good for passing time. But if you don’t have time, you should pass this drama.

One response to “Ia Ia I Do (愛啊哎呀,我願意)- Taiwanese Drama Review

  1. sorry i still haven’t posted ’bout BIG — the real world intrudes xDDD
    i think this is for seriously the first time i’ve seen (well, i guess i didn’t actually watch it, so uh… heard? read?) a GUY get sick! omgee, i think korea needs to get on this, stat. ahahahhaaa!! and LOOOOL hottie constipated highschooler 😀 😀 😀

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