BIG Disappointment – Episode 16 Final [UPDATE]

Ok another short post. I have to admit. I fast forwarded a lot today through the episode. I felt like it was just a replay of everything. I was really hoping that the loose ends would be tied up. Like Da Ran/ Kyung Joon would tell their families about the body switch (not that their families would believe them). But I just wanted them to come out with the truth completely, not this KKJ mystery man stuff.


And again I have to say honestly, the ending really confused me. I thought that Yoon Jae had come back to see Da Ran at the end.  The editing was just so quick (which I guess was the point) but I was still pretty confused and had to watch it again. Essentially you are flashing between current time (rainy day/checkered shirt Kyung Jae) and one year ago (the goodbye scene between Da Ran and Kyung Jae/ sunny weather/ gray shirt Kyung Jae). I guess the show wanted to do a semi-open ending showing that Kyung Jae had come back and Da Ran was keeping her promise of holding on to him. But they NEVER show Kyung Jae’s face!!! I really wanted to see Kyung Jae’s face though. A girl needs visual confirmation. Why didn’t they let Kyung Jae act? Was it because his acting is totally stiff? Or just that they wanted to do mental tricks on the viewers?

I’m just really unsatisfied/confused about this ending. I waited 16 episodes and this is want the Hong Sisters come up with? 😦 I’m not big on over-analyzing dramas. So these are just my initial and superficial feelings/reactions to the last episode.

What do you guys think?


— UPDATE: July 29, 2012 —

pinkblossom’s thoughts

So, I initially didn’t write a review because… I just didn’t know what to say.  Well, I did have some things in mind but they weren’t pretty.  And I promised – on several occasions – that I wouldn’t poop on this Rollercoaster, so I needed some time to take a step back and reexamine this whole drama.  Minus the episodes I kinda skipped.  Uh, okay, so maybe I skipped more than a few.  Anyhoo, I thought a day would be enough time to cool off, but then the real world intruded and now it’s been nearly five days since BIG came to a close.  I still don’t know what to say, but I don’t think waiting any longer is gonna help me, so… here goes.

First and foremost, GONG YOO, you are just all kinds of awesome.  No, I’m not being shallow – okay, maybe I am lovin’ his hottie-ness – but for seriously, this man really shined in this unfortunately not-so-shiny drama.  I wrote about this in my first post about Big, but I had a lot of mixed feelings about this drama.  I was excited, but not, then yes, then no, and on and on.  It really was a big fat rollercoaster, pun intended.  Some episodes were quite squee-worthy, others (many others) were not so much.  But through it all, Gong Yoo was the constant factor.  He was the anchor for this poor little dinghy that got caught in a tempest, and he really reaaally shined.  No doubt he’s been on the ‘good’ end of the acting scale for quite some time if not forever, but he really showed he could act in this drama.  This went beyond the height or hot bod or charisma or onscreen presence, which he all has in bucketloads.  I’ve used the word “nuanced” so many times already, and I hate being redundant, but it really is the best word to describe how great he’s been throughout this drama.  I could wax lyrical forevs, so I’m just gonna sum it up with: you go in my precious ACTORS page.

Like whitecarrot, I’m not a big fan of super-analyzing dramas.  I know they’re works of art – or at least sooome try to be – and are written with intention.  But trying to decipher all the subtle hints and symbols and whatnot takes me back to high school English/Lit classes, and I don’t wanna particularly go there.  Plus, I always remember the story of Robert Frost and his famous poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”  (For those of you unfamiliar with the beautiful poem, you can find it here.)  The famous last lines “…I have… / …miles to go before I sleep” have been analyzed and discussed and taken apart for years.  According to one story I heard, a reporter/journalist/someone told Frost about all the different interpretations of his famous line and asked which was correct.  His answer?  He had simply stopped by the woods on a snowy evening, written about its beauty, and had literally had miles to go before he reached home.  *facepalm*   Yes, this story may merely be a tall tale, but that’s how I feel a lot of the time people super-analyze works of literature or film or whatnot.  You know what?  The author/screenwriter/artist may not have had a deeper hidden meaning.  So just enjoy the art and let me enjoy it, too – without commentary.

That being said, I won’t discuss all the symbolism the Hong Sisters clumsily tried to integrate or the morally SUPER sketch issues that were flirted with.  Or the awkwardly done ‘open ending’ forecasting a happy future for the couple, where Kyung-joon (yes, the original, not the Yoon-jae body) returns to Gil Da-ran but it’s obviously Gong Yoo’s body (you can’t hide that hotness under a lime green umbrella and fast-forward editing) and disguised voice trying to sound like a grown-up version of Shin Won-ho.  Yeah, suuuper we-ran-out-of-time-so-here-you-go and we’re-trying-to-be-savvy-with-the-past-and-present-overlap-but-we-can’t-quite-pull-it-off.  I said in my Speculations post that Lee Min-jung and Shin Won-ho just wouldn’t work in my book, and I guess the dram production staff ceded to my almighty wishes because it was Gong Yoo to the end.  Heck yes.  And thus I find myself back at square one: GONG YOO = AWESOME.

All in all, Big had its cute moments, but it just didn’t quite do it for me.  I think whitecarrot and I agree that “disappointment” is the word for this drama, sadly.  And yes, I’m very sad that I’m disappointed, because I really wanted to like this drama.  Okay, I’m gonna stop pooping on this Rollercoaster that has come to an end.  Let’s look forward to a better showing next time for the Hong Sisters, Gong Yoo, Lee Min-jung, and Baek Sung-hyun (yes, I still think he was one of the bright points of Big).  Thanks to all who stuck it through with us here at Carrotblossom Patch.  Please share with us your thoughts and feelings! 🙂

Until our next Rollercoaster, adios!



4 responses to “BIG Disappointment – Episode 16 Final [UPDATE]

  1. hahaha ‘mystery man’!! 😀 but omg for REALS i agree. i’m still debating whether or not to put up a post x___x

      • omg your post is NOT lame 😀 i don’t even know what i feel about the drama right now, so a post would be… lots of mumbo jumbo. you know what? i’ll just do it. ^^ addition to your post comin’ your way in a few hours ^^ hahahahaaa

  2. yay!!! updates from pinkblossom! 🙂 I was waiting for your take on this. sigh time to move forward onto bigger and better things! excited for arang and to the beautiful you! 🙂

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