Won Bin to come back to Dramaland?!?

OH MY GAWSH, oh my gawsh, oh my gawsh, PLEASE let this come to fruition.  Wait for it, wait for it… Actor Won Bin aka Mr. pinkblossom is in talks for a drama comeback.  AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

Won Bin’s reps announced today that Da Man is looking to make his comeback with the well-respected writer Noh Hee-kyung, who has penned Padam Padam, The World They Live In, Goodbye Solo, and many other critically acclaimed works.  Some sources are reporting that the work will be a remake of the Japanese drama Don’t Need Love, Summer, which has already been remade in Korea as Don’t Need Love (headlined by Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuk).  The PD will be Kim Kyu-tae, who has directed Padam Padam and The World They Live In with Noh, as well as IRIS and A Love to Kill.

Won Bin is an actor, in the truest sense of the word, and you can see his love for the art in his project choices (especially post-military service).  His characters in Mother and Ajusshi (A Man from Nowhere) were masterfully portrayed, and many critics agree that his comeback drama needs to be penned by someone of at least Noh’s caliber.  We can definitely expect a deep, artistic, beauuutiful work from Won Bin + Noh + Kim, and I’m JUST.  SO.  EXCITED.

Speculations are running rampant about who the lucky leading lady will be, and just about anyone who’s anybody is being considered, dissected, and judged by the critics and netizens.  Kim Tae-hee’s name has come up because of her ties with PD Kim (they did IRIS together), and already the netizens are bashing on her unworthiness.  I LOVE her, really I do, but I have to agree that she may not be the best choice.  It’s been my dream to have them do a drama or movie together, or even get married (yes!), because they are two of my favorite celebrities.  But her acting prowess is not where you want it to be for a Noh work or as Won Bin’s lady…  But everyone needs somewhere to practice and learn and grow, so… umm… I don’t know!  Aaack, this is SO.  Hard.  Not that I have any say in any of this~  Wait, I take that back.  Of course I have say in the show business!  My fervent prayers are what are bringin’ Won Bin back to the small screen where I can see him EVERY WEEK!!!

An interesting side story: writer Kim Eun-sook – of A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air, and the Lovers series – had been sending love calls to Won Bin for quite some time.  Heh heh.  Looks like she’ll have to snag another actor.

If Won Bin decides to do this drama, we’ll be able to see him grace our television sets (or computer screens) next year.  I know, it’s FOREVER to wait, but we’ve waited 12 years already so what’s a few more months, eh?  I still can’t believe he hasn’t done a drama since Autumn Fairy Tale… wowsers.  Oh my gawsh, let’s hope this happens.  *all ten fingers AND toes crossed*

Via nocutnews


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2 responses to “Won Bin to come back to Dramaland?!?

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! now you got me all excited!!! He better do a drama. of course obligatory shirtless scene is mandatory!

    • heeeeeeeeeee!!!!! i agreeeee!!! i’m for SERIOUSLY hoping this pulls through. oh my gaaaawsh i still can’t believe it!!!

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