BIG Complaints- Episode 15

I really should be studying but I just wanted to post a short rant about today’s episode. It truly sucked. It was a classic draggy filler episode in order to lead to a final ta-da in the last episode. They pulled some sort of inane ploy and the whole episode was more Kyung Joon martyrdom-ish than anything. And then Da Ran and Kyung Joon fight and then cry (haven’t you done enough of that?).


But anyways the last 5 minutes were great! Because Da Ran finally admits she love KKJ to her family and Yoon Jae’s family. Woohoo! So tomorrow’s episode better be damn good. Or else…

Sorry for lack of pics! No time!

Extra: Gong Yoo Sings! omg!



4 responses to “BIG Complaints- Episode 15

  1. i heard it wasn’t so hot today so i’ve been dragging my feet about watching it… eeeek. maybe i should wait til tomorroooow so i can watch it all at once~~ xDDD happy studying!! ❤

    • i dont even think you need to watch it. Just skip the first like 40 min then watch the ending and onward to episode 16! ahahha

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