A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 18

Episode 18

Sometimes silence really is golden, so I’m not going to say much (or at least try to) about today’s episode.  It was a beautiful episode, on every level, and I don’t think I have the words to adequately give Episode 18 its due.

Do-jin + Yi-soo: These two are adorbs, truly, and they’re a breath of fresh air in their world, which is going through all the final conflicts before coming to a lovely resolution next week.  And yes, I’m 100% certain that we’re going to have a beautiful ending for all of these couples.

Jung-rok + Min-sook: Oh my gawsh, these two made me cry.  I mentioned yesterday that they’re one of my favs, and today’s episode showed just why that is the case.  Jung-rok is silly and immature in so many ways, but he truly loves his wife.  And I don’t think even he realized just how much he loves her.  Jung-rok is finally realizing the seriousness of the situation, and Lee Jong-hyuk did a wonderful job expressing that with the legs-turning-to-jello touch.  And oh my goodness, Kim Jung-nan’s performance in that heart-wrenching scene.  I’ve always loved her roles and screen presence, but today she was just magnificent.

Tae-san + Se-ra: I’m so glad to see Se-ra stepping things up, and I’m happy for Tae-san’s sake that he has her to lean on during this difficult time.  I know some of you may think he’s being close-minded and liken him to the stereotypical mothers-in-law of Kdramaland, but his motivations are justified in every respect.  And that’s why Yoon can only say he’s sorry.  There’s really no way around this but for Tae-san to cede to Mae-ah-ri’s wishes.  But that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy or pretty.  Kim Soo-ro’s amazingly understated performance today was even better than yesterday’s.  The quietness of his anger and anguish is much more frightening and potent than any yelling or ruckus can be.  I LOVE it.

Yoon + Mae-ah-ri: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.  I didn’t expect Yoon to actually give voice to his feelings, and in such a direct way, too.  Not that I’m complaining.  It was SO good to see Yoon be decisive and take charge in the relationship.  I LOVED these two today, even more than yesterday.  And that gorgeously-shot scene at the end?  Yoon Jin-yi expressed Mae-ah-ri’s shyness/bashfulness perfectly, and Kim Min-jong did a wonderful job of filling his face with light and joy.  I’m so excited for these two to do something besides “chase and push away”.  Yay!

My highlight of this week’s episodes, though, was the friendship between Yoon and Tae-san.  It’s so palpable, and my heart hurt in the best way when Yoon today told Do-jin to be on Tae-san’s ‘side,’ in a mirroring of Tae-san’s request yesterday that the guys be on Yoon’s side.  It’s really what I love most about this drama.  Yes, I would feel bereft without the romance, but I would have no drama to watch without the friendship.  Because without the friendship of the F44, this drama would be nothing.


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