Vogue- 12 Leading Actors + My Interpretations

So next month’s Vogue includes photos of some of Korea’s top actors. Twelve of them! This photo shoot seems quite eclectic so in order to honor these actors I have chosen to tack on my own commentary of these photos. Please don’t let my comments offend you or take away from your enjoyment of these actors’ hotness. This is all in jest.

Yoo Ji Tae- I’m flying, I’m flying! Wait…No, I’m just falling off my stool. AHHHHH! Well at least I have cute sandals.

Kim Sang Kyung- Oh I’m just walking my stiff stuffed dog in my stylish skin tight suit and mismatching shoes. No big deal. Walk stuffed dog. Dammit WALK!

Joo Jin Mo- I’m the hottest snake charmer you will ever meet. If I wrinkle my forehead anymore this harmless garter snake will fall asleep. O wait…it’s a plastic snake…

Yoo Joon Sang- I think I’m supposed to be a cat. Loving my salt and pepper crazy wig and the twirly whiskers growing out of my nose!

Ryu Seung-ryong- I’m too cool for school. Check out my bejeweled skull. (I actually really like this photo…am I weird?)

Oh Dal Soo- Peter Pan or Pirates of the Caribbean or School teacher? I don’t know what I want to be!

Lee Beom Soo- If I raise my eyebrows any higher, you would think botox, right? But hold on lemme get a picture first!

Yoo Seung Ho- I’m the hottest of them all. But lemme pretend I’m 30 years old for this shoot.


Ahn Sung Ki- Peekaboo! I see you!

Kim Kang Woo- Wow my fish net tank look super good on me. But the stylist wants to cover it with this jacket. WTF

Baek Yoon Shik- The King is ready to go on his hunting trip. NOW! Where’s my crown?

Credit: Vogue

2 responses to “Vogue- 12 Leading Actors + My Interpretations

  1. OH MY GAAAAAAAWSH I LOOOOOOVEEE!!!!!!! *hyperventilating* WHY does yoo seung-ho look so hot?!? i feel like a perv! and jung woo-sung lookin’ mighty fine and joo jin-mo hotness overload and kim sang-kyung’s spazzworthy outfit and why yoo ji-tae so cute and ryu seung-ryong so fiiine and an sung-ki’s understated power and kim kang-woo bad boooy and baek yoon-shik so classic and lee bum-soo so wacky with a niiice camera and yoo joon-sang so whimsically wacky and oh dal-soo so adorbs… AAAACKKKKK!!!!! did i miss anyone? AAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!!!!

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