To the Beautiful You – Vogue Girl Photoshoot

So it’s been all over everywhere. So I’m posting about this kind of late. But there’s nice Vogue shoot photos to go with it! Korean version of Hana Kimi is being made. It will be called To the Beautiful You. I really enjoyed the 1st Japanese Hana Kimi. The Taiwanese version and the 2nd Japanese version were mehhhhhh.

I’m really excited about the Korean version though. The girl is Sulli from f(x) (how do people pronounce this in Korea anyway: function? or literally FX?) and the guy is Min-ho from SHINee. I don’t follow either group but I do think they go really well together. Cute and handsome. So that’s good enough for me.

The story is your typical unbelievable manga story line. Girl disguises herself as boy in order to chase after boy, who is her idol. Hijinks ensue. I mean none of the girls ever truly look like boys. Except maybe Ella (Taiwan version) cause she looked like a boy in the first place, although she has been much more feminine since her marriage (I digress). But its one of those things you watch half-believing anyway. It will air on SBS in August!

Vogue Girl Sulli Minho

Not into the yellow blush. But she’s gorgeous regardless.

Credit: Vogue Girl

2 responses to “To the Beautiful You – Vogue Girl Photoshoot

  1. pretty and more pretty for suuures! and hahaha yes, it’s just pronounced “eff-ex” — i laughed like no other when they first debuted. honestly? f(x)? xD but they’re super cute and i love me some shinee! can i guess that acting prowess is gonna take the back burner on this one? i’ll tune in if you recommend it! ^^

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