Big Revelations – Episode 14

Today’s episode was way better! Let’s just say Big has kind of redeemed itself for yesterday’s egregious plot contrivances. Although nothing groundbreaking went down (except the point about being twins!), there were some good points that were made this episode. The whole point being that Gong Yoo is the sole motivation to watch this drama…but anyway.

1. Da Ran finally grow some balls telling Kyung Jae her true feelings (again). So that he doesn’t run away and die alone in LA.

2. Kyung Jae’s inner emotional turmoil. This was good because there was more Gong Yoo screen time (which is why I watch Big in the first place). Plus Gong Yoo/Kyung Joon made me want to cry. Believe me, it’s hard to make me want to cry! Here’s the scene when Kyung Joon imagines Da Ran is with him. His eyes never leave her face. If I were Da Ran I would have melted into a puddle at his feet.


And some Kyung/Gil Panda action. No screenshot can accurately capture the disappointment in Kyung Joon’s eyes when he realizes Da Ran isn’t there.




Then here’s the Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran “last meal” before surgery. They are crying and trying to hide their tears from each other after Kyung Joon tells Da Ran he might not remember anything when he wakes up in his own body (part of the Miracle book destiny). So they have to pretend nothing ever happened.


I actually really look forward to the Big reveal next week. Are Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae both going to wake up? In their own bodies? And will they remember anything? What Da Ran going to do?



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