BIG Frustrations… Episode 13

I need to stop trying to be punny with the drama title. But I am truly and completely frustrated with Big at the moment. Really Hong Sisters? You have to resort to the “girl loves guy but thinks she can protect him by lying to his face/ evil 2nd lead girl manipulates the situation” plot line? This plot device is so overused and overdone! I feel that there is enough angst in the Big story to sustain the remainder 4 episodes in this drama. By adding this part now they probably have to rush through the remainder of the story trying to tie up loose ends. At first, I was just really angry, but now I am just truly disappointed…


Plus how could Da Ran make Kyung Joon cry like this!!!


Da Ran…why you need to cry and be stupid enough to listen to this girl below!



pinkblossom’s thoughts

After last week’s Episode 12, I promised to just enjoy Big for what it was instead of lamenting over the loss of what it could have been.  I’m gonna try my best to keep that promise, but I can’t help but feel a keen sense of disappointment after today’s episode.  For the first several episodes of Big, I held back, unsure of whether I wanted to throw myself into the fray of riding the Big Rollercoaster.  But Episode 5 did the trick, and I even told whitecarrot that I felt this was the Hong Sisters’ best drama so far.  Less slapstick and a more tightly, thoughtfully written drama.  It wasn’t zany like their previous dramas, and I appreciated the breathing room.  But things kinda went south from there, ’til Episode 12.  I got back on board, excited and pumped up for the final stretch.  And what did I get in return?  Episode 13.

Perhaps you can sense my lack of energy, or zip, or any emotion at all, really.  If I still cared enough, I’d be angry about Ma-ri’s lies.  If I still cared enough, I’d continue my rant about The Evil Mom.  If I still cared enough, I would be up in arms about Da-ran’s constant flip-flopping.  But I just don’t care anymore.  And instead of being angry at the characters, I’m upset with the Hong Sisters.  When a writer pens a thoughtful story, whether it be a novel, drama, or movie, you both rant and rave about the thoughts and actions of the characters.  But when you stop seeing the characters – flawed or not – and instead see the manipulations of the writer, you’ve got a problem.  I don’t see Kyung-joon/jae or Da-ran or anyone else anymore.  All I see are marionette strings being jerked haphazardly.  And that, ultimately, is what breaks my heart.

I hate being a party pooper.  I really dislike pointing out flaws.  But I’m just SO disappointed with the Hong Sisters for taking the easy way out, for choosing the road way too many times travelled.  Maybe I wouldn’t feel this way if it were some other writer.  But I know these ladies can do better than this, that they have done better than this, and that’s what gets me.  The wounded second lead observing a lovey-dovey OTP from the shadows?  Said second lead perpetrating manipulative lies?  The unexplainable evilness and unreasonableness of parents?  The “I’m hurting you because I love you” tack?  I’ve used this word so many times already, but I’m gonna use it again because it best sums up how I feel today: disappointed.

Gong Yoo has been absitively posolutely amaztastically nuanced every step of the way.  And he deserves better than this.  But such is life.  So I’m gonna stop pooping this Rollercoaster and just watch Gong Yoo in all his earnest, bashful, playful, sweet, tortured (for sure comin’ tomorrow), ADORABLE glory.  You have been my highlight of the year.



7 responses to “BIG Frustrations… Episode 13

  1. i haven’t watched today’s yet, but from the spoilers i’ve read/watched… AGREEEE x100000000!!!! i don’t know if i can manage to watch today without smashing my lovely new tv… *takes deeeep breath* i’ll let you know what happens to my tv tonight xDDD heeee!

      • no, no, it did NOT ruin ANYTHING — i usually can’t stop myself from reading spoilers hehehehehee and plus we’re defs on the same wavelength here!

        • i just realized how similarly we felt about today’s episode! it didn’t hit me til i read your post again!! we are DEFS on the same wavelength 😀

  2. I am not sure if a girl like Da Ran exist in this world. I would never let go my man just like that. Furthermore using the over used phrase, “in order not to hurt you, I have to this”. Bullshit!! If you love him, you gotta do everything in your power to support him and lend your shoulder for him. Stupid Da ran. Not sure if she’s 26 or 27 years old in the drama. But the way I see it, she’s more like 14 or 15. No sane mind adult would behave such way.

    • hi, CN Blue! thank you so much for joining us here at Carrotblossom Patch and for sharing your thoughts!!! i defs agree with you about how da-ran is acting at this point. girl be crazy. but maybe we can jump into their world and snatch up ze man for ourselves now! ^^
      hope you continue your kdrama journey with us at Carrotblossom Patch! thanks again!! 😀

    • Totally concur with your opinion! Da Ran is such an airhead sometimes. Why would you listen to teenager/stalker Mari? You have your own brain…

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