Taiwan: SETTV’s Daily Mon-Fri Dramas Overall Review

So Taiwan’s Sanli Entertainment Television (SETTV) has started doing daily dramas from Monday to Friday since last December. As far as I know, this is a markedly different formula than the previous Sunday only dramas that SETTV is known for. SETTV has produced some ratings records with Sunday dramas like The Prince Who Turns into the Frog and Fated to Love You.

I would say this dramas are classic Taiwanese. Formula= Poor Girl + Rich Guy. They weren’t deep or spectacular but the characters were winning and the leading couple chemistry is explosive. However, with the daily dramas recently, I just feel like the plot line is laggy, draggy, and so meandering that I don’t even know what is going on at all. The first twenty episodes are always great. But then things start getting ridiculous.

Let’s talk about Inborn Pair. First, the title is horrible. These people need to look up their English in a dictionary first. Although inborn means “existing from birth,” it is also used to describe things such as an “inborn defect.” The connotation just is awkward and weird. I know this is a direct translation of a couple that is promised to each other at birth but it just sounds bad! Either way, I was very addicted at the beginning to the main couple at first but the prolonged presence of super-hot male lead Chris Wu just showed me how much more chemistry Chris Wu had with the leading lady. That just really took away from the story. Also the side plots just got really ridiculous. For example, lead male’s bro has an illegitimate son and chases daughter of mafia head.

And currently airing, Ti Amo Chocolate has become a disaster. I am a Vanness fan but I can’t even watch it anymore. Vanness and Joanne Zeng have zero chemistry and are extremely stiff. The second girl lead is annoying and cries all the time. Vanness breaks up with Joanne and goes with second lead girl out of guilt (unforgivable in my drama opinion). Either way, the only saving grace is for me for the first 30 episodes is Yao Yao and her love interest (some ex-mafia guy). But I have completely given up on this daily and have dropped it from my watch list.

Anyway, I truly believe daily dramas lower the quality of writing and overall plot line. I think I’m going to have to stick to the weekly Taiwanese dramas from now on. Sorry SETTV!

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