Headlines: July 13, 2012

Headlines from the entertainment land today:

1. Hyo-yeon (Girls’ Generation, or SNSD) and Choi Yeo-jin (I Need Romance, Dream High 2) will face off for the mirror ball on Dancing with the Stars Season 2.  Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t know if the Korean DWTS gives away a mirror ball or not…  Anyhoo, Hyo-yeon, Choi Yeo-jin, and Yeh Ji-won competed today in the semifinal round with the jive and the rumba.  For the rumba, all three contestants danced to a live performance by a famous singer.  Luna of f(x) sang for Hyo-yeon, Ok Joo-hyun for Choi Yeo-jin (oh man, I miss Fin.K.L!!!), and Kim Jo-han for Yeh Ji-won (I’m so jelly – my parents were at his friend’s wedding, where he sang the congratulatory song).  I loved both of Hyo-yeon’s dances today and the rumbas for Choi and Yeh.  Tune in next Friday for the finale!


2. There are rumors floating around that soccer player Park Ji-sung (newly part of Queens Park Rangers) and Bae Doo-na (Gloria, The God of Studying) met up in London…for a date?  Oooh la laa!  Someone posted online that s/he saw the two sharing an umbrella, and Bae Doo-na’s latest minihompy (kinda like a blog) had a pic of a London newspaper detailing Park’s move.  Update: Bae Doo-na’s agency just refuted the claims, claiming the two do not even know each other.  She’s currently in London with a photographer who looks similar to Park, which is where they assume the misunderstanding happened.  Hmmm, I don’t know ‘bout that one~  Sounds too convenient.  Only time will tell!


3. Singer Solbi is making her bows as an artist.  She shared a picture on Twitter today of one of her paintings and expressed both nerves and excitement for her first exhibition.  I loved her and Andy (Shinhwa) on reality show We Got Married – wish they could have made something out of their pairing.  I remember Andy saying during an interview that he started developing feelings for Solbi so he decided to treat her like a younger sister because he didn’t want to get involved.  Now THAT is what I call a party pooper.  Sorry, Andy, I love you, but you two were pretty darned cute.


4. Im Mae-ah-ri’s brain has been dissected by the netizens!  Korean netizens (a mash-up of interNET and citizen) looove doing these ‘brain analyses’ for whoever tickles their fancy.  Mae-ah-ri’s brain, not surprisingly, is pretty much filled with nothin’ but Choi Yoon (Kim Min-jong) and anything to do with him.  Netizens also dissected Yoon’s brain, and he, too, has a sizeable Mae-ah-ri chunk.  YAAAAY AAAAWWWW these two are ADORBS.  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m setting a double standard here being uncomfortable with the age gap between Kyung-Joon + Da-ran but being okay with that between Yoon + Mae-ah-ri (which is waaay bigger), but I can’t help it.  I just wuuub Gong Yoo too much.  (I just can’t imagine Lee Min-jung + Shin Won-ho!)  Plus, Yoon isn’t Mae-ah-ri’s teaaaacher~~  Be sure to catch Episode 15 of A Gentleman’s Dignity tomorrow!


A few more pictures from today’s episode of DWTS Season 2:

Choi Yeo-jin


Yeh Ji-won

Via reviewstar, kookje, hankooki, hankyung



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