Namoo Actors Family Goes on Vacation

All of the stars of Namoo Actors enjoyed a fun outing Tuesday and Wednesday at the waterside in Kyung-ki-do.  The managment agency is seriously star-studded, and you’ll probably recognize many – if not all – of the faces.  It is home to the likes of Moon Geun-young (Cinderella’s Sister, Autumn Fairy Tale), Han Hye-jin (Healing Camp, Jumong), Kim Ah-joong (200 Pound Beauty), Kim So-yeon (Prosecutor Princess, IRIS), Lee Yoon-ji (The King 2 Hearts, Dream High), Yoo Joon-sang (You Who Rolled into My Life), Lee Kyu-han (If Tomorrow Comes, Can You Hear My Heart), and maaaaany more.

It’s so nice to see the actors and actresses just enjoy themselves and have a fun, relaxing time.  Enjoy the pretty pics!


Via Namoo Actors Facebook

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