Headlines: July 12, 2012

Headlines from the entertainment world today:

1. The Wed-Thurs ratings battle is still going strong as Ghost, Gaksital, and I Do I Do duke it out for the top spot.  Gaksital and Ghost both saw their highest ratings today with 16.3% and 14.2%, respectively (AGB Nielsen ratings).  I Do I Do, on the other hand, dropped to 8.9%.  Joo Won’s Gaksital has been holding the No. 1 spot since the three dramas started airing (all on the same day), but Ghost has slowly been inching closer the last few episodes.  I’ve been checking in sporadically over my mom’s shoulder (she watches all three) and can’t disagree too much with the ratings rankings.  I do feel though, for Kim Sun-ah… she deserves better than an 8.9%.


2. The four couples from A Gentleman’s Dignity are receiving explosive accolades and love these days, and people are debating all over the internet who the ‘best’ couple is.  Personally, I’m loving the Choi Yoon – Im Mae-ah-ri pair… just something about Yoonie’s quiet, repressed love is makin’ me dooozie.  Who’s your favorite?


3. Singer Lena Park (Park Jung-hyun) is enjoying quite the following these days after her popularity skyrocketed from singing show I Am a Singer.  She was recently on Jewelry House and her long-time friend Kim Deok-yoon revealed that he, Park, and actor Lee Byung-hun almost went on a shopping date together several years ago.  When asked if he wished to join them at Dong-dae-moon, Lee had replied “Are you crazy?”  (Dong-dae-moon is a veeery busy and popular shopping area and Lee would have been noticed right away.)  Who knows what could have developed if he’d joined them, eh?  Although I must say, my love for Lee Byung-hun tanked quite a bit after that Canadian girlfriend scandal a couple years ago… *sigh*  He’s still an aaawesome actor, though, and I’m really curious to see how G.I. Joe 2 turned out.


4. New comedy A Millionaire on the Run (Korean title literally $5 Million Man) held its VIP premiere today.  The film stars Park Jin-young (aka JYP) in his silver screen debut, Jo Sung-ha (Romance Town, Sungkyunkwan Scandal), and Min Hyo-rin (Sunny, Romance Town).  En route to delivering $5 million in lobbying funds, Choi Young-eun (JYP) survives a hit taken out on him by his boss (Jo Sung-ha).  Reeling from the betrayal, Choi goes on the run and embarks on revenge.  Hijinks, of course, ensue.  The movie hits theaters July 19.

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2 responses to “Headlines: July 12, 2012

  1. Loving the new look! Especially the sliding top thing! 🙂 I can’t believe Ghost is so close to Gaksital in ratings! I have to say despite my So Ji Sub addiction, Gaksital seems more exciting. Haahah

    • glad the slider gets your approval! 🙂 i think both gaksital and ghost have their merits and cringe-worthy moments xD hahahahhaaaa!!

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