No more BIG Dilemma

Call me flighty.  Call me easy.  Because this ship just pulled up its anchor and set sail for wub-land!!  I’m back on the Big ship, and I ain’t ashamed to admit it’s ALL because of those last 70 seconds of Episode 12.  I don’t care no more if it’s Kyung-Joon or Yoon-jae.  Okay, fine, my heart is shattered and can’t be put back together because of poor Yoon-jae (well, at least until another hottie comes along!).

There are so many if-only’s with this show… I just wish it could have done a better job of using what it has in abundance.  Gong Yoo has proven himself to be a wonderfully nuanced actor, and he can create serious sparks with any lady.  The camera has given us endlessly beautiful shots, and I’ve been loving all the color.  Lee Min-jung deserves a better character.  Baek Sung-hyun has been pulling out all the stops.  But there’s no end down that road of if-only, so I’m gonna love this show for what it is.  In the meantime, I’m pretending that Shin Won-ho doesn’t exist.  It’s all Gong Yoo.  So I’m gonna enjoy myself ‘til the very end, two-timing with Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon-in-Yoon-jae.  GIDDYUP y’all, it’s gonna be a blast!


Another picture set because I know you can’t get enough of it:


And another set… because I can:



2 responses to “No more BIG Dilemma

  1. I was going to post about big! but you got to it first. I’m being swallowed by my class. quiz or test everyday. But I totally agree with you. the last two weeks of Big felt like NOTHING happened. until episode 12!!!

    • hahahaaaa we’re defs on the same wavelengths! ^^ but you should for realsies still post — i wanna know what you’re thinkin’!!! 😀
      awww, sounds like class has been hard 😦 it’s ok, you can dooo iiittt! ajaha ajah hwaeetiiiing~!!!! hope all else is well ❤

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