Sexy, Free & Single

Lookin’ good.

Super Junior is back with their 6th album “Sexy, Free & Single”.  They’re teasing us with their claim to being sexy, free, and single, but we ain’t got no way to catch these men.  Sigh.

Formed in 2005 by SM Entertainment, Super Junior has had its fair share of ‘scandals’ and difficulties, which I won’t delve into today.  But just as a refresher for those who need it, I’ve listed the names of the members who begin singing at the following points in the music video.

  • 0:21 — Si-won (largely considered the ‘face’ of SJ, or the best-looking)
  • 0:28 — Dong-hae (all-around great dancer and singer)
  • 0:37 — Kyu-hyun (part of Super Junior KRY, the vocally strong subunit of SJ)
  • 0:46 — Sung-min (another all-around great dancer and singer)
  • 0:54 — Ryeo-wook (part of Super Junior KRY)
  • 1:01 — Eun-hyuk (the dancer of SJ)
  • 1:10 — Lee-teuk (the leader of SJ)
  • 1:43 — Ye-sung (part of Super Junior KRY)
  • 2:00 — Kang-in (welcome back from military service!)
  • 2:34 — Shin-dong (also one of the best dancers of SJ) [he doesn’t really get a clear singing solo, so in case you miss him, he’s the one dancing in the center at 2:41 as well]

The boys at their press conference today.

Enjoy and share your thoughts on the boys and/or their comeback!


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