Big – My New Obsession

Dear Pinkblossom,

Since we can no longer see each other every week. Let me update you about my latest obession.

Previously I told you I love Big…but now I am now OBSESSED with Big and Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo has never looked hotter, regardless of him being Yoon Jae or Kyung Joon. I mean come on…look at this picture.

In episode 6, every time there was a slo-mo of Gong Yoo, my heart literally skipped a beat. He is so hot!!! I know you like the real Yoon Jae but you just need to keep watching to see what he’s really like. The drama hasn’t revealed much about him at all.

‘Big’ miss A’s Suzy Asks Lee Min Jung – ‘Money for Cab Fare’

But I do have to say, I’m not that crazy about Mari. She is just too unrealistic. Even though the Hong Sisters’ dramas have an element of fantasy, she is a bonafide robot. At 18 or 19, it’s hard to stay in love with a comatose boy. Even though it’s supposedly more out of loyalty, I find it hard to believe. And also the last part in episode 6, when she breaks the sliding door with a lawn chair, really? This bitch be crazy!

It’s sad every time Da Ran calls Kyung Joon a little kid, because you can see the hurt in his eyes. I am a hardcore Da Ran/Kyung Joon fan now. The way she looked at him at the coffee house. That was love. No denying it. At the end of the episode, it seems that Da Ran decided to help Kyung Joon. I really look forward to their future interaction, and Da Ran falling for Kyung Joon. But my heart’s going to break if Kyung Joon returns to his original body since it would be taboo for a teacher/student relationship. What I do want to see is Yoon Jae wake up in Kyung Joon’s body. I really want Yoon Jae to wake up and explain himself. There’s just too much that is still a mystery. It’s just killing me!

I have to say I cannot wait until the next episode! I can’t believe there weren’t any previews. Make me angry!


White Carrot

One response to “Big – My New Obsession

  1. AAAAAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! i LOVE the featured picture on the main page!! aaahahhahaaa!
    dearest whitecarrot, i have undergone a BIG transformation (har har) thanks to episodes 3-6, so look out for a slew of posts coming your way!! ❤

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