A look at popular drama quotes – Part 1: Test your knowledge

Many a phrase or saying can be traced back to a film or TV.  Some can be chilling: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” (The Godfather); others bitter: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” (Gone With the Wind)  And some are just plain cheesy: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” (Love Story)

Now is the chance for you to gauge your level of Korean drama love/addiction/obsession.  Can you correctly identify the dramas that gave birth to the following phrases?  (Note: I have tried my best to retain as much of the intended meaning as possible, but translations are always a bit tricky, and much has predictably been lost in translation.)

[Highlight the hidden text following “From: ” to see the answers.]

“Am I trembling (in fear)?”  | “나 지금 떨고 있니?”

From: The Hourglass (aka The Sandglass)  <모래시계>


“How much do you want?” (“How much will it cost?”) | “얼마면 돼?”

From: Autumn Fairy Tale (aka Autumn in My Heart) <가을동화>


“Are you in pain? …  I am hurting, too.” | “아프냐? …  나도 아프다.”

From: Damo <다모>


“Mmm, it’s delicious.” | “음~ 맛있구나.”

From: Daejanggeum (aka Jewel in the Palace) <대장금>


“Love comes back (returns).” | “사랑은 돌아오는 거야.”

From: Stairway to Heaven <천국의 계단>


“Let’s go, baby.” + “You are in here.” | “애기야, 가쟈.” + “이 안에 너 있다.”

From: Lovers in Paris <파리의 연인>


“You will be blessed!” | “복 받으실 거예요!”

From: My Girl <마이걸>


“How pathetic.” | “꼬라지하고는.”

From: Fantastic Couple (aka Couple or Trouble) <환상의 커플>


“A. Piece. Of. Shit.” | “똥.떵.어.리.” (*Please excuse the French)

From: Beethoven Virus <베토벤 바이러스>


“Butthole!” (“Bbang-kku-ddong-kku!”) | “빵꾸똥꾸!”

From: Highkick Through the Roof! <지붕 뚫고 하이킼!>


“Is this your best?  Are you sure?” + “You’ve got a text!”| “이게 최선입니까?  확실해요?”
+ “문자 왔숑!”

From: Secret Garden <시크릿 가든>


“Ding-dong!” + “(Re)chaaaarge.” | “띵똥!” + “충전~”

From: Best Love (aka Greatest Love) <최고의 사랑>


Number Correct: Status

0-2: New to town

3-5: I know my way around

6-8: This is my turf

9-12: My bones rest here


Part 2 coming soon!



2 responses to “A look at popular drama quotes – Part 1: Test your knowledge

  1. Unfortunately I don’t know most of these quotes since they are mostly from the dramas before my time (meaning before I got into dramas), but I know Hong sisters’ dramas. And who could forget “munja wasssyong!”, which I should totally use as my text message ringtone.
    But thanks to watching Shinhwa Broadcast (Episode 34, where they learned villainous acting and did it by using romantic drama quotes. Hilarious.), Damo’s ” apeunya ? nado apeuda…” is forever ruined for me.

    • yeeeee shinhwa changjo!!! 😀 yes, a lot of these are from the earlier hallyu — i think pre-boys over flowers? lol! and hahahaa yesss shinhwa broadcast is the bestestest!! 😀 😀

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