Whitecarrot’s take on Asian dramas

I love to watch dramas from Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. I like to break down each country’s style in this way.


Taiwan tends to have hardworking poor girl versus the rich spoiled playboy plotline. These dramas tend to lag with stalling plotlines in the middle and end due to the dramas with high ratings getting extensions. But since I am Taiwanese, I have a soft spot for these shows.  They also have the best kiss scenes but Korean dramas are catching up thanks to Miss Yoon Eun Hye. The classics are Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Prince Turns to Frog, and It Started with a Kiss. Some super popular ones are Fated to Love You, My Queen, Black and White, The Fierce Wife, and Office Girls. I will elaborate on these in some further posts.


As for Korean dramas, I have a long list of favorites.  To me, there are two types of Korean dramas: Rom-Com and Melos.  I personally do not enjoy the melos (except for my all-time-favorite Sorry I Love You). But I love those romantic comedies to no end. The Korean Dramas that I watch usually air 2 days a week on the weekdays. They range from 16-20 episodes. Pink Blossom will expand on this portion. I don’t think I need to recommend any dramas since Korean Dramas are so popular nowadays. But classics include the 4 seasons dramas (well more like Winter Sonata and Autumn Tale), Dae Jang Geum, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon etc. My personal favorites are My Girl, Coffee Prince, and Secret Garden.


Now Japan is a hit or a miss. I believe Japanese dramas are the most innovative in plotlines as well as the most eccentric/eclectic.  Half of these dramas are wacky and based on manga. They usually range from 10 to 12 episodes making for a short and sweet drama. The romance aspect is lacking in a lot of these dramas. As for kissing scenes, Japan is by far the worst. If you’re lucky the main characters will peck each other in the last episode as the camera zooms out or spins around the couple.  However, a lot of the times, I feel like I gain the most from watching these dramas. They usually have a moral or thoughtful message which leaves me feeling like I got something more substantial from watching the drama. When a Korean or Taiwanese drama ends, I often get this empty feeling akin to depression and deep despair that my fluffy/romantic/addicting drama is over. But when I finish watching a Japanese Drama, I might feel extremely inspired or filled with a warm cuddly feeling of familial lover or something like that. Recommended dramas include Hana Yori Dango, Boss, Liar Game,  Nodame Cantabile, and almost any KimuTaku (Kimura Takuya, only the hottest Japanese Man alive even though he is getting old) drama.


2 responses to “Whitecarrot’s take on Asian dramas

  1. We have the same favourites in Korean dramas! My current Taiwanese drama fav is Hi My Sweetheart. I think Rainie Yang and Show Lo were so cute together. His geek hair? I die… I’m all about the romance and Japanese dramas lack that, so I don’t watch a lot of it. Will check out the other ones you mentioned though.

    • I never watched the whole Hi My Sweetheart. I think i only watched parts of it. Show Lo is always good looking and I love Rainie :)))

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