Lucky Seven – Japanese Drama Review

Lucky Seven is about seven detectives who work in the Lucky Detective Agency. Starring Matsumoto Jun as Tokita Shuntaro as a freeter (Japanese term for people ages 15-34 who are unemployed and live aimlessly) who gets mixed up in one of the cases that the Lucky Detective Agency is investigating, and through a series of mishaps gets hired on as a freshman detective. He has a tendency of being too emotionally committed in his cases and getting into trouble. I feel like I’ve seen Matsumoto Jun playing this character so many times before. The same guy who pretends he doesn’t care but ends up caring too much.

The other main male character is played Eita. Eita, why are you so hot? I have always had a special place in my heart for this guy. Allow me to fangirl for a moment. He was awesome in Unfair with his character was so well played and interesting. Also in Last Friends, I just fell in love with him by seeing his faithful love for Ueno Juri, who did not love him back. But anyway, Eita plays Nitta Teru, an almost expressionless senior detective. He always butts heads with Shuntaro and is probably the sole reason I watched the whole drama. His character is very mysterious and skilled at martial arts.

Nanako Matsushima plays the Detective Agency Owner who opened the agency as a way to solve her father’s mysterious death. She is beautiful and has a mean round house kick. She’s so gorgeous as always. I don’t know how she’s the 38-year-old mother of two kids.

Riisa Naka plays Mizuno Asaka. I found her part to be the cute sort who adds comedy to the situation. At times, her voice was too grating and high. She was pretty but not really a character who makes an impression. Asaka also has probably the worst outfits ever for a detective. She wears neon colors and outrageous patterns which completely fail to camouflage her in situations in which she has follow people. She is also probably the most fail detective ever when it comes to tailing suspects as she is so obviously running around corners with her flailing arms.


My review: Overall the detective comedy drama got off to a great start, but had a lull in the middle once Nitta (Eita) took a hiatus (he was supposedly undercover) from the show. The ratings for this drama were high averaging 15.6. But it was not one of the best dramas I’ve seen, and certainly not a thriller/suspense. I usually love Japanese detective shows but the cases they solve were really honestly boring. I would recommend it if you were a rabid fan of Eita or Jun, but otherwise you can skip this one.


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